An Article Attacks 'Imortal'!

"Imortal: A Lazy Imitation of Twilight"! This is according to an article published in the entertainment section of Philippine Daily Inquirer. A snapshot of the said article is published above! You may want to read it, just click on the said image to enlarge.

Since "Imortal" is today's toip-rated TV series and everybody's favorite, it seems that black proganda were scattered to destroy its good image on TV.

We may note that Philippine Daily Inquirer is connected with GMA-7. Looking back in history, we may recall that there were reports and allegations that GMA7 was paying showbiz journalists to release black propaganda against ABS-CBN stars. Kris Aquino, Piolo Pascual, and Sandara Park were some of the stars who became victims of this said allegation! the rival network really behind this attack?!

If I were to ask, though "Imortal" is similar to "Twilight", it is not an imitation of this said vampire movie! "Imortal" which is a sequel of "Lobo" is original! "Lobo" is the first werewolf TV series on TV. It was even shown first before "Twilight"! "Lobo" was conceptualized in 2007 and aired on TV in 2008. "Twilight" was first seen on movies just recently in 2009!

Why did they keep on attacking this said TV series?! Aren't they're not happy that our fellow Filipino is creating another great mark in the history of Philippine Television which will be recognized by the other countries later on?! Well, as they always say, "ang punong hitik sa bunga pilit na binabato..."!

This is just one article which attacks "Imortal"! Still many good reviews were got by this phenomenal TV series! For me and for many viewers, "Imortal" is really the best! Even votes in our poll survey, "Imortal" consistently received many votes and supports!

Keep on rising "Imortal"! This is only a black propaganda of an insecure rival! You're still the best! C",)

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