Shaina Magdayao is 'Alyna'!

Shaina Magdayao will finally star in her own soap. After the Primetime Philippine adaptation of the Mexiconovela "Rubi", Shaina will have her first starring role.

Shaina Magdayao is "Alyna", another installation of the hit Precious Hearts Romances Presents mini series.

"Alyna" is another creation of the famous pocketbook author Ms. Martha Cecilia!

This is about the story of the girl named Alyna who got confused in choosing who's to love. She is currently committed to her boyfriend but eventually, she will fall in love with the brother of her boyfriend!

Now her lovelife will become complicated! She's about to choose between two men. Will she choose the one she used to loved before or will she prefer the other one she is loving now!

The teaser of this new TV series is somewhat controversial. Shaina is shown pregnant in their quick teaser! The story then seems so exciting!

"Alyna" is said to replace the soon to be ended "Impostor" which is now on its second to the last week! A new Precious Hearts Romances Presents will replace another hit PHR! Everybody is really excited for this new Hapontastic soap! Nice! C",)

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