New Poll: The Two 'Gimik 2010' Hotties!

"Gimik 2010", today's hottest youth-oriented TV series every Sunday afternoon is really getting hotter and hotter! More 'kilig' and romance really fills the air. But still rivalry arises. Two hunks fight for the love of one gorgeous girl! Who would you prefer?!

A new love triangle of a younger generation was now born. Jessy Mendiola, Lance Christopher, and Franco Daza is now one of the hottest love triangle on TV which is now avidly watched by many televiewers of all ages! Franco and Lance fight for the heart of Jessy!

In the story of "Gimik 2010", Franco Daza is the former boyfriend of Jessy Mendiola. Before, they were really loving each other. They even printed their respective names via tattoo on their bodies. But the parents of Jessy specifically his father didn't want Franco for Jessy. He even threatened Franco. The boy they moved away from Jessy breaking their relationship.

On the other hand, a boy next door named Lance Christopher met Jessy. Lance was very supportive to Jessy. He was always on the side of the girl. Through ups and down, he takes care and protects Jessy. Recently, he admitted his true feelings to Jessy. That he really falling inlove with the girl!

But on the same time, Franco wants to get back Jessy. He apologizes to all the things he had done. He even proves his good intention to Jessy!

Now let us take the poll of the people. Who will you chose, Franco or Lance?! With our new poll survey that goes: "Which of these two newbie hunks of 'Gimik 2010' you love most and your bet to be Jessy's partner? " Will you choose the ultra hot hunk with a sexy body Franco? Or will you prefer a cute boy-next door type Lance? Which of the two do you love most? And which of them you will chose to be Jessy's partner?

Well, it's now time to hear your voice! Voting is officially open! Which love team will you support: Franco-Jessy or Lance-Jessy?! Pick your favorite guy! C",)

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