Sharon and Gabby Reunites for the Very First Time!

We failed to see them reunites in a movie or in a TV series. Even in the different events, they can't be together! But just this Sunday, the most favorite and the most controversial couple reunites via one mega musical talk show!

Full of joys, full of shouts, and full of support from their loving fans, the Sharon episode last Sunday was truly a memorable, remarkable, and historical one. This was the time that the long time separated couple, Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta and the ageless heartthrob Mr. Gabby Concepcion reunited for the first time!

And they were not only the two of them that reunited. Actually, the three of them! It seems that they were one big happy family as Gabby, Sharon, and KC joined together as one! Great!

People really love to see them three. And all of them were really happy! No bitterness, no anger and no ilangan portion, Gabby and Sharon talked happily like they were just met! Gabby even cracked jokes to his former wife! A very beautiful scene in the television history!

And it's not the last since next Sunday, the part two episode will be seen. This time Jericho Rosales joined them! Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla was also with the Gabby-Sharon-KC reunion last Sunday! It's indeed a very beautiful, happy, and inspiring moment that night was...!!! C",)

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