The Last Day of 'The Last Prince'!

Tonight will be the last episode of the fantasy series that tells all the fairy tales we used to love before! This will be the last day for the "The Last Prince"!

Will Prince Almiro (Aljur Abrenica) who is now the newly crowned King of Paladino defeated the evil Bawana?!

On the recent episodes of this GMA-7's Telebabad fantaserye, Bawana (Bianca King) transformed to a more powerful fire-emitting dragon. Almiro fights thoroughly with his wedded-wife Bawana to save Paladino and his true love Lara (Kris Bernal).

But in the midst of fighting, Lara's wedded husband (played by Carl Guevarra) was shot to death. Before he dies, he returned Lara to her true love Prince Almiro!

Now Lara, her child, Almiro, and the whole palace were all facing danger in the killing arms of Bawana. Total war was set between good and evil!

Now, will Almiro wins victory over Bawana? Will his love for Lara prevail 'till the end?! Will there be a second chance to their love story?! And of course, is the finale of "The Last Prince" a 'happy-ending' just like in the fairy tales?!

Well we gonna see it on all tonight on Telebabad! In the real life battle, with this fantaserye finally defeat its rival "Agua Bendita" on its last round?! C",)

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  1. Oh ang sarap sarap mo Aljur!!!

  2. Soooo yummy! Ang sarap mong tikman at i-kama!