'Agimat Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla', The Collection of Origins!

Our Primetime Saturday nights today became extra-ordinary! As these four young men were given with unusual extra-ordinary powers coming from the one legendary Agimat King, they dominate our nights with their powers! Not just being a top-rater in all the TV ratings game, these four became the new TV series craze where everybody got hooked!

But do you wonder how the original Tiyagong Akyat, Pepeng Agimat, Tonyong Bayawak, and Elias Paniki look like in their original classic movie version?!

Well for now, I just compiled these four hit Agimat movies of Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. to let you see and compare one from the other, then compare and contrast the modern from the classic afterward. So let's take a look at them:

"Tiyagong Akyat"

"Pepeng Agimat"

"Tonyong Bayawak"

"Elias Paniki"

Passing the amulet now to the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson, the modernTiyagong Akyat climbed higher than expected! Gerald further proves his title as the new Action-Drama Prince! The story was originally came from the movie "Hulihin Si Tiyagong Akyat"!

Then the grandson Jolo Revilla took the second power of the Amulet. Fighting aswangs, "Pepeng Agimat" proves the 'Agimat Power' of the Revilla clan from the grandfather up to the grandson. Story was taken from the movie of the same title!

Then the sexy-hunk Prince of Indie Film Coco Martin received the third Agimat! Being the modern day "Tonyong Bayawak", Coco Martin proves her great acting stunt in the field of Action-Drama-Fantasy capturing all the viewers in different genre! He is now a well-known and in-demand leading man! Still "Tonyong BayawaK" was taken from the movie of the same title!

Then this Saturday, here comes the fourth modern day 'tagapagmana ng Agimat'! Another breakthrough to the hunk commercial model actor Jake Cuenca being the new "Elias Paniki"! With all the roles he successfully played (drama, action, sexy), here comes a fantasy-adventure that will make him a more promising leading man! "Elias Paniki" originally came from the movie "Ang Mahiwagang Mundo ni Elias Paniki"!

Well, did you already watched these classic movies from Sen. Revilla? Which of the four you loved the most?! Which do you like best, the classic Ramon Revilla Sr. movies or the modern TV series revivals of these four hot guys?! C",)

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