'Melason In Love', the First-Ever Realiserye on TV!

After being the hit housemate loveteam in PBB Double-Up, Melissa Contiveros and Jayson Francisco or better known as the "Melason" will once again put fun and craze in our TV screen as they will topbill in the first-ever realiserye on TV, the "Melason In Love" which will start today @ 10am in ABS-CBN's Prime Tanghali Block!

How far will their love story go? How did their so-called realiserye runs? How did the couple deal with fame, busy schedules, and true-to-life love story in the outside world?!

Well, their show is just like the The Truman Show! Jason and Melai will be placed in a controlled environment where all the people they will meet are accomplices. They are aware of the cameras following them, but they do not know that they are being covered for the show “Melason in Love.” Because of this, we will see Melason’s candid and spontaneous reactions to different situations. And by the end of the season, we will find out if their love is true or not.

In this first-ever realiserye, we will find out how true the love of Jayson and Melai with each other. This will also test how far their love go!

This said show will be hosted by Ms. Bianca Gonzales. This is now the new line-up of ABS-CBN's Primetime Tanghali: "Melason In Love", "Showtime", then "Wowowee"! But then, there is also a telecast of it every Saturdays @ 10pm. And for all that wouldn't catch the show, we may watch the replays at 6:30pm weekdays on Studio 23. C",)

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