Get to Know the Two 'Rubi'!

Termed as "Ang Bidang Kontrabida", the story of "Rubi" just started this night! But since she was still child in the pilot episode, we still know that the Pinay Rubi is no other than Ms. Angelica Panganiban!

But did you still remember who played "Rubi" in the original Mexican version?

Take a glance on the two Rubis below! Try to compare and contrast them! =)

Angelica Panganiban - "The Pinay Rubi"

Barbara Mori - "The Original Mexican Rubi"

Yup, the original Rubi was portrayed by the sexy-Latina actress Barbara Mori! Did you still remember her? Yup, she was already seen in the different Hollywood movies and already posted in the different Magazines!

Still giving you more trivia on "Rubi" , the original version was aired in ABS-CBN back I think in 2005 or 2006 in their morning block, 11:30am before the noontime show "Wowowee"! For the length of almost a year on TV, "Rubi" was consistently on top of the TV rating race! Well, that may be the other reason (beside the good story plot) why ABs-CBN chose this one to make a remake!

Now after you had seen both the two Rubis (the original and our very own), can you compare and contrast them?! Kukontra ka pa ba?!

Well, "wala nang kokontra" since Rubi now is the "bida" of our Primetime Bida nights!!! c",)

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