The Final Fate of 'Katorse'!

What will be the final fate of Nene (Erich Gonzales' character) this coming Friday as the top-rated pre-Primetime Bida hit "Katorse" comes on its ending? Will she finally marry Jojo (Enchong Dee's role) or she will give her last "I do" to her first love Gabby (Ejay Falcon's character)?

Well, it's such an intriguing questions to watch out this coming Friday. This week is the last week of airing of this hit TV series of ABS-CBN. As expected, more and more controversies were unwrapped!

At first, we didn't thought that this TV series revival from the 80's movie of Ms. Dina Bonnevie and Gabby Concepcion will became such a great hit on TV. Some even guess that this show will not last on air! But all these perceptions failed!

This teleserye really created a mark on our TV. From the rating race, it is consistently on top! Even different jokes and impersonations such as "Katursi" or "Nobenta" putting the different faces of our comedians to Nene, "Katorse" is always the talk of the town! It is also the first major project of Erich Gonzales to her home network putting her to stardom! Because of it, Erich now became one of the promising stars today! Even her leading men Ejay Falcon, Enchong Dee, and Xian Lim were also rose to stardom because of this TV series.

Now on their final episodes, we will gonna witness another breath-taking scenes from our beloved trio! What will be their destiny at the end?! So, let's all see how this hit series be concluded this coming Friday!!! c",)

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  1. jojo and nene woohoo!! i thought they would not end up together.. ü