Separated Lives for 'Kambal Sa Uma'!

It's now time to say farewell to your favorite afternoon soap termed as "ang nangungunang teleserye sa hapon"!

Just recently we were all amazed, captured our hearts, really inspired with this two twins named Era and Vira. But then since all things has an ending, today, friday afternoon, we will witnessed the ending of "Kambal Sa Uma"!
As I introduced to you before, "Kambal Sa Uma" is a revival from the movie of the same title. The original movie version was first starred by Ms. Rio Locsin. It's glad to see Ms. Rio Locsin now backed in this TV series but now as the mother of the two twins.

The lead roles, the two twins were now played by two of the hottest young stars today, Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks. Of course, they were paired with their corresponding hot young leading men Matt Evans and Jayson Abalos. Hmmmm...Jayson Abalos is too in-demand nowadays in TV series. After "Eva Fonda", then comes "Kambal Sa Uma" , then every Saturday in "Tiagong Akyat" , afterwards next week he will be back in "Nagsimula Sa Puso" which will replace "Kambal Sa Uma"!

In terms of acting, all of them showed their best! Gina Alejar first time in the TV series played a Kontrabida role!

The story runs well. Hate, anger, greediness, revenge, love, and forgiveness well all in the story. We will all see how it create a remarkable ending in our TV this afternoon!

I also like to congrats this TV series for being a consistent Topnotcher in the Nationwide TV rating game! Good job Kapamilya! Very-well done! c",)

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