BOFF: 'Boys Over Flowers Forever'!

It was two weeks ago when the hit Korean F4 made their final farewell on TV. But still, the 'heat' was still on-going!

Yup, the craze for this new F4 is still alive. Not only on TV, but on the roads, Internet, magazine shops, and even radio, their were on a very hot item!

Have you ever watched their final episode?

Just like the "Meteor Garden", "Boys Over Flowers" made a light romantic ending. Jhun Pyo and Jan Di made their final vow just like Dao Ming Si and San Sai!

And also like the "Meteor Garden" before, the last week of BOF was alloted for their behind the scenes and bloopers! Cool and crazy ending for all their fanatic televiewers!

Well, for all of you, I allot this page for BOF fanatics. Hope you enjoy their souvenir pictures above! Get crazy over them! c",)

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