Miracle Boy Meets Super Inggo!

Back to back 'boy wonders' this week! It's the "Miracle Boy", Santino and 'Super Inggo'!

Yeah! This week is the return on TV of Super Inggo. But this time, he has no super powers. He was just an ordinary fisherboy. A poor child which only fishing his source of income.

Makisig Morales will be the next guest star in the No. 1 Primetime TV series this week. After the big stars, now another boy wonder will be touched by Santino.

Hmmm...looks like this little boy has a big challenge or conflict to face! How will Santino help this boy?

Well, looks like another exciting story this week! Two little boys, one big hit! Now that the Super Power of Super Inggo will merge with the Miracle Power of Santino, catch up what will happen!

So don't be left behind! Catch them up these nights on the undisputed Primetime Bida! c",)

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