Bok In Jail!

After the tragic murder of Elizabeth (Ms. Helen Gamboa's character) in the No. 1 Primetime TV Series, "Tayong Dalawa", the lead star, JR was sentenced for the life imprisonment! He was also suspended from his position in Navy.

Yup, he was pinpointed or better to say that he was framed-up for this tragic crime done by Stanley (Audrey's father). His twin brother Dave as well as Ingrid was too angry with him. He was accused both of Dave and Audrey since they were the two who first saw him holding the deadly weapon.

Now, your favorite Bok was in jail! He was joined together with the different notorious criminals such as Manuel and the terrorist character of Efren Reyes. He also encountered there many troubles!

Will he able to find the true justice? Will they able to look for Stan (Jiro Manio) who holds the key of truth and justice (note that Jiro Manio is already terminated on this TV series as well as from his Star Magic home)? How long will the marriage of Dave and Audrey last?

Well, the story gets more and more exciting and really breath-taking! It gets more deeper and more suspense were awaiting! So catch this up every night on your favorite Primetime Bida! c",)

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