'Boys Over Primetime'...Boys Now Lead TV Series!

We used to watch leading ladies or female actresses portraying the leading roles in the different TV series. Darna, Marimar, Marina, Esperanza, Flor De Luna, Rosalinda, Ysabella, etc. were some of the known female characters in the TV series that we used to love.

But now, look who's dominating our TV screen:


JR and Dave


Hot shots

Totoy Bato

Bud Brothers

Boys Town

It's "boy power" on TV. They are now hitting our TV screens. Yup, they are dominating our primetime and even the weekdays and weekend TV series!They were all known all over the nation specially to the TV series-lover!

Well, it's such a good sign that men are now given a chance to take the main role on TV series. Not like before, if it said TV series or soap opera, it is only for a girl character. Men before were just only for team-up for the lead female stars! But now, men have a slot and leads your favorite teleserye! And they were creating a remarkable characters on TV.

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