Angel Locsin Takes a Real Life Role

Alwynna, Darna, Sabina, Gabriela, and Lyka! All of us were familiar with those names. Yup, there is only one person who owns them. And that is Ms. Angel Locsin!

Starting from "Mulawin", then "Darna", "Majika", "Asian Treasure", and "Lobo", we all see Angel having a superhuman power. She involved with different fight scenes and flying up, up in the air! And besides those fights, a romantic "fantasy" love story embraced us all! But after all those fantastic scenes and telefantasyas, you could also see Angel with another love story.

And this love story and even her role now is far from the ones she made before! Yup, Angel Locsin now take a real life role. A role of human having no special powers! A simple girl surrounding with a real-life story, falling in love in a real world! Now, we will know Angel as Jilian, the girl who dream to be a professional chef in korean restaurant. Via this hit koreanovela revival, "Only You", we can see a different image of Angel Locsin. A new image that surely changed our TV screen from a fantaserye superhero now to a real-life chef girl.

At first, we doubt Angel for this role. Baka daw kasi hindi matanggap ng mga tao kasi nga sanay na sila sa image ni Angel na lumilipad or di kaya nagbabago ng anyo. Pero pinatunayan ng "Only You" na kayang-kaya ni Angel. Sa taas na Nationwide Tv ratings na tinatamo ngayon ng "Only You", aba, gustong-gusto talaga ng mga tao si Angel Locsin. That only means, anum,ang role ang ibigay sa kanya, kayang-kaya niyang gampanan kahit na ba walang 'special powers' na involved! This then also showed that Angel Locsin is such a very versatile actress! Grabe, nakakatuwa sya sa "Only You", galing niya umaarte! c",)

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