TV Series Craze Awards

This is the compilation of the winners of our annual TV Series Craze Awards.

The winners were based on your votes! Voting were conducted via our online poll survey located in this website and through our official Facebook Fan Page. We tally the votes obtained through this site and through our fan page.

Of course, the one who got the most number of votes emerge as the winner!

Let's get to know the official list of winners here in our very our TV Series Craze Awards. Here they go in chronological order:

The 2011  TV Series Craze Awards Winners!

2011 is another great year for the world of TV series. Different teleseryes of different genres were introduced this year. And inline with this, different new teleserye stars emerged!

For the second year of our very own TV Series Craze Awards, the titles were now increased to 13. Yup, 13 awards were given based on your online votes here in this website and from our Facebook Fan Page. And after months of voting, we finally tabulated the official results.

So ladies and gentlemen, here are the 2011 TV Series Craze Awards winners:

"My Binondo Girl"
Overall Best TV Series of 2011

Angel Locsin
Leading Lady of the Year

Xian Lim
Leading Man of the Year

Jhong Hilario
Kontrabida of the Year

Kathryn Bernardo
Most Promising Female New Face

Daniel Padilla
Most Promising Male New Face

Xyriel Ann Manabat
Child Wonder of the Year

"Pure Love"
Asianovela of the Year

"Sino Ako"
Best TV Series Theme Song

"My Binondo Girl"
2011 Best Primetime TV Series

2011 Best Daytime TV Series

"Mara Clara"
Best TV Series Remake of 2011

"Growing Up"
2011 Best Youth-Oriented Series

For this year, the Primetime Bida hit TV series "My Binondo Girl" is a big winner! Majority of the titles were got by the said teleserye including the "Best Primetime TV Series," "Best TV Series Theme Song," "Leading Man of the Year" (Xian Lim), and "Overall Best TV Series of 2011!"

"My Binondo Girl" fought in a neck to neck battle with last year's Best TV Series awardee, "Imortal!" The overall total votes got by "My Binondo Girl" was really closer to the final votes got by "Imortal." The said vampire-werewolf fantasy series grabbed the second spot!

Kim Chiu, the lead star of "My Binondo Girl" failed to snatch the "Leading Lady of the Year" title! She lose from Imortal's leading lady Angel Locsin! Angel was once more chosen by the people to be the "2011 Leading Lady of the Year" because of her remarkable character as the she-wolf Lia Ortega. This is the second time around of Ms. Angel Locsin to be hailed as the "Leading Lady of the Year!" Cool!

Newest in the field of leading in a Primetime soap, Xian Lim vested the other veteran leading men as he grabbed the "Leading Man of the Year" title!

"Mara Clara" is the second huge winner for this year! Three awards were got by this teleserye including the "Best TV Series Remake," "Kontrabida of the Year" award for Jhong Hilario, and "Most Promising Female New Face" for Kathryn Bernardo! Kathryn's leading man in "Growing Up" who is Daniel Padilla took the "Most Promising Male New Face" award. And of course their weekend teen-oriented drama series "Growing Up" got the "Best Youth-Oriented Series" award!

This is also the year wherein we let the viewers choose their bet "Asianovela of the Year" award. And the ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida Koreanovela "Pure Love" also known as "49 Days" got the title!

Congratulations and a well-round of applause to our 13 TV Series Craze Awards 2011 winners! Two thumbs to all of you! 'Till next year! c",)


The 2010  TV Series Craze Awards Winners!

Finally here is now your much awaited result of the very first TV Series Craze Awards obtained through poll survey!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners of our very own 2010 TV Series Craze Awards:

Best TV Series of 2010

Angel Locsin
Leading Lady of the Year

John Lloyd Cruz
Leading Man of the Year

Angel Aquino
Kontrabida of the Year

Xyriel Ann Manabat
Most Promising Female New Face

Matteo Guidicelli
Most Promising Male New Face

For almost two months, we have conducted this grand poll survey that will give recognition to the different personalities and TV series that really stand out this 2010. This is the very first TV Series Craze Awards and it will be an annual grand poll survey every end of each year.

On this very first installation, avid viewers, readers, and fans of the nominees really exercised their right in choosing and voting the deserving stars and TV series to be recognized as the best and the brightest for 2010.

Six major awards were competed by the top nominees. The hit phenomenal fantasy series of ABS-CBN called "Imortal" seems grabbed the three out of six awards. This TV series itself was emerged as the "Best TV Series of 2010". Of course, its two leading stars Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz also took the "Leading Lady and the Leading Man of the Year" awards respectively! Wow! Once more, it only proves that "Imortal" is really the best, the phenomenal, and the hit TV series which taken the country by storm!

Meanwhile two angels were crown for this year's award. The first one is Ms. Angel Locsin while the other one is Ms. Angel Aquino who was best recognized for this year as the "Kontrabida of the Year"! Nice!

And of course aside from "Imortal", the other fantasy series of ABS-CBN that proves its dominance is "Agua Bendita". Two stars who were launched by this soap grabbed the last two awards. The hunk heartthrob Mr. Matteo Guidiceili took the "Most Promising Male New Face" of 2010 while the child star Xyriel Ann Manabat was crowned as the "Most Promising Female New Face" for this year! Great!

Congratulations to all the winners! People really voted for you! That awards were given by people who view your shows, read this blog site, and support you being your avid fans and followers!

On my next succeeding posts, I will share with you their individual feature article showing the complete tally of poll results!

Thank you very much for supporting this very first TV Series Craze Awards! 'Till next year! C",)

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