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Poll Result: Kathryn Bernardo Wins in a Tight Fight From Julia Montes!

The success of the phenomenal hit teleserye remake "Mara Clara" paved the way for the rise of the new teen superstars. ABS-CBN once more gave us two brightest teen names in the industry. They are Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes!

Kathryn and Julia create a very successful tandem! Since "Mara Clara" wherein they played two opposing roles, in real life they were even compared!

Because of the comparison between Kathryn and Julia, we recently opened a TV Series Craze online poll survey comparing Kathryn and Julia!

Who's your bet between these two teen superstars?! The result below:

Wow! They were in a very stiff fight! The result shows a very little difference between Kathryn and Julia!

Based on the result, Kathryn Bernardo won over Julia Montes! Of the overall total votes of 1,448, Kathryn garnered 805 total votes or 55%.

Julia on the other hand received 643 votes or 44% in percentage! A very little gap!

Though Kathryn won over Julia, the result only shows that both of them were really loved by many people!

Both Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes started as child star members of the hit gag show "Goin' Bulilit." In October 2010, they were given a big break as they led the hit TV series remake of "Mara Clara." Kathryn played the kindhearted Mara while Julia portrayed the antagonist Clara!

In August 2011, Kathryn and Julia starred in their very first Star Cinema movie "Way Back Home" pairing them with the two hot young heartthrobs Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil. The movie was also a box-office hit!

In the later part of the said month, the two teen superstars led the Sunday afternoon teen-oriented show "Growing Up!" The said youth TV series is now today's favorite teen show! Cool!

Well, if you're to ask, is Kathryn Bernardo your bet rather than Julia Montes?! Or do you love them both?! Congratulations Mara and Clara or Ella and Tammy! Good job! More blessings to come for the two of you! 


Poll Result: The Original Version of 'Mula Sa Puso' is Still Better than Its Remake!

After having a remake of "Mara Clara" which truly became a huge phenomenal hit, the Kapamilya network also had a remake of their other hit 90's soap "Mula Sa Puso."

Just like "Mara Clara," viewers keep on comparing the original from its remake. And with that comparison, we conducted an online poll survey comparing the original 90's "Mula Sa Puso" version with the 2011 remake.

And here is the result:
Based on our online poll survey, the original version of "Mula Sa Puso" is still better than its remake! People still love and like the original version against its remake.

Of the overall total votes of 1,213, the original version got a whooping 770 total votes or 63%. The remake only got 443 votes or only 36%.

The original version of "Mula Sa Puso" stars Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, and Rico Yan. Lauren Young, Enrique Gil, and JM De Guzman reprise their roles.
The original "Mula Sa Puso" aired for almost two years. It hit our TV screens from 1997 to 1999.

Since the latest trend in TV series today is too short, the remake of "Mula Sa Puso" only lasted for five months. According to its director Mr. Wenn Deramas, he compressed the original two-year length story to a couple of months in the remake.

The original "Mula Sa Puso" launched the career of Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan, and Ms. Princess Punzalan as a top teleserye villain! Now in the remake, it seems that Lauren Young didn't shine so bright just like Claudine before. But JM De Guzman instantly rose in fame!

In your own opinion, do you convince that the original version of "Mula Sa Puso" is far better than its remake?!


Poll Result: 'Good Vibes' is the Most Favorite Youth-Oriented Show!

This year is the battle of the different youth-oriented shows. Three rival networks give us three rival youth-oriented shows every Sunday afternoon.

GMA-7 gives us "Tween Hearts", TV5 brings us the remake of "Bagets" while ABS-CBN moves and groves with "Good Vibes."

With these three youth-oriented show, we conducted an online poll survey. And this is the official result:
"Good Vibes" emerges as the winner. This teen-oriented show of the Kapamilya network is today's most favorite youth-oriented show defeating "Tween Hearts" and "Bagets".

"Good Vibes" got a whooping landslide votes of 66%! Nice!

Meanwhile the Kapuso teen show "Tween Hearts" places second to "Good Vibes" as it got 26% total votes. "Bagets" received a very low 6% votes taking the third spot!
"Good Vibes" stars two of today's hottest young heartthrobs namely Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil. They play the rival brothers in the said show.

"Good Vibes" not only brought us drama and teen life stories. It even makes us dances with the coolest grooves!

"Good Vibes" even ended with a high notes in terms of the TV rating race. Now it is replaced by another hit youth-oriented mini series "Growing Up" now starring Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes who were the respective partners of Sam and Enrique in the blockbuster movie "Way Back Home!" 


Poll Result:Albie Casiño Won Over Jake Vargas!

Young heartthrob Albie Casiño is currently the center of showbiz news and intrigues. He is facing right now different controversies and issues.

But though many negative issues were thrown against him, still Albie Casiño made it on our online poll survey.

Months ago, we have conducted an online poll survey comparing the two rising young actors from rival networks namely Albie Casiño and Jake Vargas. And here is the final official result of the said poll:

With the poll survey question that goes, "Who between these two young heartthrobs is your type and love more?!", Albie won a landslide votes over Jake.

Albie Casiño got a whooping overall total votes of 1,325 or 69% out of the overall votes of 1,911 garnered by this poll.

Jake Vargas on the other hand received only 586 votes or 30%.

Though negative issues were wrecking the career of this young actor, people still love him based on the result of our poll!

Albie Casño rose in fame after reprising the character of Christian Toralba in the phenomenal hit TV series remake "Mara Clara." His tandem with the young actress Kathryn Bernardo is today's favorite. Their love team is even named by supporting fans as Katbie or Martians!

But before "Mara Clara," Albie first appeared in the Sunday afternoon youth-oriented show "Gimik 2010."

Today, Albie is being suspected as the real father of former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann. His name is also dragged in the negative issues of smoking and drinking.

Because of the negatives issues, Albie was removed in his supposed to be TV series and movie projects which will reunite him with onscreen partner Kathryn Bernardo.

Hayz...hope that this is not the end of Albie Casiño's career in showbiz! Everybody is still looking forward on him! Hope that he will surpass all these challenges and trials in his life! Good luck Albie! Hope to see you soon on TV and movies! c",)


Poll Result:Heart Evangelista Wins Over Marian Rivera!

The people speak up! They finally judge the recent feud between the two Kapuso actress Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista!

Just recently during the promotion of their movie "Temptation Island," Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista got a fight! It all started when Heart was supposed to do a TV series project with Marian's boyfriend Dingdong Dantes! Marian got jealous which ignited the battle between these two stars!

With the heat of their battle, the TV Series Craze online poll has been conducted. And this is the result:

Heart Evangelista wins a landslide vote between Marian Rivera! People favored Heart over Marian! Heart gets more the attention of many rather than Marian!

Of the overall total votes, Heart receives a landslide votes of 223 or 74%. Her rival Marian only got a very low 78 votes or 25%!
Right now, as of this writing, there is no closure between the said feud of Marian and Heart. Heart was said filed a case against Marian regarding the bad words she received from Marian including a threat to her! But the said case until now has no more updates!

Do you think Marian and Heart already in good hands?! Did their fight already ended?! Or all were all gimmicks to promote their movie?! After the promo of their movie "Temptation Island," it seems that their issue was forgotten! Hmmm...what do you think?! c",)


Poll Result:'Mutya' Emerged as the Favorite Fantaserye Mermaid!

"Mutya," the recently concluded fantasy TV series in ABS-CBN was emerged as the most loved and favorite fantaserye mermaid!

In the world of Philippine TV series, three fantaserye mermaids hit our TV screens. The first of them was "Marina" in 2004 starring the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto which also marked the rise of fantaserye in the history of Philippine teleserye! The second was the TV series remake of "Dyesebel" played by Marian Rivera in 2008. And the third one was "Mutya" which aired on TV just this first quarter of 2011.

Here is the official result of the said online survey:

As you can see, "Mutya" led the poll as it garnered 1054 overall total votes or 52%. The first ever fantaserye on TV "Marina" took the second spot as it got 576 total votes or 28%. "Dyesebel" then placed third with 367 total votes or 18%.

"Mutya" even put the newest child star Mutya Orquia on stardom as her first starring TV series dominated the Primetime rating race! The pilot episode and the finale of this said fantaserye even conquered the different rating race! Great! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)


Poll Result:Xyriel Ann Manabat is the Most Wonderful Child Wonder!

Xyriel Anne Manabat proves that she is the most wonderful child wonder of this generation! The "100 Days to Heaven" child star makes it on our online poll!

Xyriel beats the four other child superstars of today. With our online poll survey that goes: "Which among these child wonders is the most wonderful?", Xyriel got the top spot!

Here is the poll voting result:

Of the overall total votes of 1,737, Xyriel received 578 votes or 33%.

Meanwhile, her male counterpart Zaijan Jaranilla took the second spot as he got 364 votes or 20%.

Mutya Orquia placed third as she garnered an overall total votes of 286 or 16%. Her votes received was not too far from Bugoy Carino and Jillian Ward who took the fourth and fifth places respectively. Bugoy got 263 votes or 15% while the only Kapuso child star Jillian received 246 or 14%.

Xyriel's great acting skill was first noticed when she played the young Agua and Bendita in the 2010 phenomenal hit fantasy series "Agua Bendita."

After that hit soap, Xyriel was given a leading teleserye which is "Momay."

Xyriel and Zaijan were termed as today's female and male child wonders. They were combined in another hit fantaserye "Noah" with the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual. These two superkids even starred in the hit comedy film "Pak, Pak My Dr. Kwak" with Bossing Vic Sotto.

Today, Xyriel leads the No. 1 hit inspirational TV series "100 Days to Heaven." Ms. Coney Reyes, her co-lead star in the said soap was even impressed with this female child superstar!

Congrats Xyriel! Keep up the good work! You're really one of the hottest childstars today! Thumbs up! c",)


Poll Result:Today's 'Mara Clara' Version is Better and Well-Loved!

Then and now, the two versions of "Mara Clara" are among the hit and the favorite TV series of many us. They truly embark marks in the history of Philippine TV series. That's why this is called "Ina ng Pinoy Teleserye!"

1992 is when the original version of it aired on TV. Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Gladys Reyes portrayed the original characters of Mara and Clara. And this first version is the longest teleserye of all time since it lasted for five straight years.

In October 2010, a remake of it started. This time, it's Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes who reprise the new Mara and Clara. And just like the original version, it becomes a phenomenal hit!

With regards to this two versions of "Mara Clara", we conducted an online poll survey comparing these two. And here's the final result:

With the poll question that goes: "which do you think is better and your favorite Mara Clara version" , this generation's "Mara Clara" emerged as the winner!

Of the 1,537 overall total votes garnered by this poll, the 2010 "Mara Clara" remake got an overall total online votes of 996 or 64% in percentage.

Meanwhile, the 90's original version only got an overall total votes of 541 or 35%.

Both the two versions of this said TV series became the favorite of the million Filipinos. Both the two shows were very successful and even gave rise to the stars like Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes for the original version and to Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes now for the remake!

Though it's a remake, the current version of "Mara Clara" is very much different from the original. Today it is more action-packed. The setting is also modernized and the phasing of every scenes were fast! Though airs on TV for almost 8 months compared with the original who lasted for 5 years, the content of the story of this new "Mara Clara" is still full of twists! Well, maybe these are just some of the reasons why it won over the classic version.

Today is the last week of "Mara Clara". Each episode now is on their highest peak. All are truly avidly watching it. Every scenes were breath-taking!

If you're to ask, are convinced with the result of this poll?! Which do you prefer, the classic version or the new remake?! It's your choice! Congratulations to both the two versions! Thumbs up to "Mara Clara!" c",)


Poll Result:Gerald Anderson Proves the 'Primetime Action Prince' Title, Coco Martin on Stiff Fight!

Kapamilya hunk actor Mr. Gerald Anderson once more proves that he is really the "Primetime Action Prince" of this generation. The result of our recently concluded online poll survey reveals the title of Gerald!

Our recent online poll asked the visitors if who among our hottest young action stars given deserves to be called as the "Primetime Action Prince". Richard Gutierrez, Jericho Rosales, Coco Martin, and Gerald Anderson were on the choices since all of them already showed their acting stints on TV and already led the different action-themed teleseryes.

Among the four chosen young action stars, Gerald Anderson grabbed the title! But actually, Gerald is in a tight fight between Coco Martin!

If you look at the percentage result, both Gerald and Coco got the same percentage of votes. Both Gerald and Coco got a 38% votes in percentage!

But in terms of their actual number of votes, Gerald Anderson won over Coco Martin. The overall total number of votes garnered by this poll is 1145. Of this overall total votes. Gerald got 443 total votes while Coco only received 437 votes.

Only 6 votes is the difference between Gerald and Coco therefore in percentage, they were tie! But 6 votes is still a significant number therefore with this number, the website decided to choose Gerald Anderson to grab the title of being the "Primetime Action Prince"! If both of them received an exactly the same number of votes in total and in percentage, then we can declare both of them as tie winners!

Here is the actual number of votes received by these two hot hunks:

Kapuso hunk Richard Gutierrez placed third to Coco and Gerald as he received 169 total votes or a percentage of 14%.

Meanwhile Jericho Rosales got only 96 votes or 8% in percentage of the overall total votes.

Both Gerald Anderson and Coco Martin were launched as an action star in the hit Primetime TV series "Tayong Dalawa" last 2009. In this TV series, Gerald played a military police while Coco is his half brother who headed a syndicate group.

After "Tayong Dalawa" Gerald and Coco both led the "Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla"" action-fantasy series. Gerald was "Tiagong Akyat" while Coco is "Tonyong Bayawak".

After "Agimat", Coco and Gerald were reunited in another action-drama Primetime TV series "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" in 2010! In this soap, Gerald and Coco again were rival. Gerald is an NBI agent while Coco is the grandson of a syndicate lord.

This 2011, Gerald and Coco were given two successful action-themed TV series projects. Coco Martin is the lead star of the top-rating action-drama TV series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin". Here, Coco played the dual role of the military soldier Alexander and the rebel army Javier.

Gerald Anderson on the other hand led the recently concluded top-rating action-fantasy TV series "Buhawi Jack". After this very successful series, Gerald is set to do another action-fantasy TV series "Bagwis"!

Since Gerald successfully portrayed action roles and being a successful action superstar, he was tagged as the country's "Action=Drama Prince" ! And Gerald was able to defend this title here in our online poll survey!

Well, do you think Gerald Anderson deserves winning in our poll?! Or do you want Coco Martin rather than him?!

Good job Gerald Anderson! Keep up the good work! More power to your career! Two thumbs up! c",)


Poll Result:'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin' is the Most Exciting New TV Series for the First Quarter of 2011!

The so-called 'ang teleseryeng hindi mo uurungan' is chosen by the people to be the most favorite and the most exciting new TV series this first quarter of 2011!

Every quarter, the different TV stations launched their different new TV series to offer for the quarter. In the first quarter of 2011, the three giant networks offered their most exciting list of newest TV series for the said quarter.

Since almost all of their very own-made teleseryes seem very exciting, as we always do, we open a new poll survey getting the pulse of the viewers if which of their list is the most exciting and worth awaiting. And from this poll, the ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida teleserye "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" emerged as the people's choice.

Here is the complete voting result of the said poll:

As you can see in the result, out of the overall total votes of 1341, "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" got 37% or 500 total votes.

Following "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" taking the No. 2 spot is the mermaid fantaserye "Mutya" which got an overall total votes of 418 or 31%.

Next to "Mutya" is the Philippine adaptation of "Green Rose" in the Top 3 garnering 24% or 335 votes total.

"Binondo Girl" and "Buhawi Jack" took the 4th and 5th spots respectively!

Aside from this poll survey, "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" truly proves that it is really the favorite and the much-awaited TV series for the first quarter of 2011. This said teleserye is a consistent top-rater in Mega Manila and in the nationwide TV rating game! If "Mara Clara" is the No. 1 Primetime TV show, "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" then either took the No. 2 or No. 3 spots! Nice!

"Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" is the first starring role of the hunk actor Coco Martin. He plays a dual role in this TV series portraying the opposing characters of Javier and Alexander.

"Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" also combines the hottest stars of the country from three different generations. It's a star-studded cast composing of Lorna Tolentino, Amy Austria, John Estrada, Tonton Gutierrez, Ronaldo Valdez, Boots Anson-Roa, Maja Salvador, Andi Eigenmann, Martin Del Rosario, and Coco Martin with the special participation of Kim Chiu, Erich Gonzales, Agot Isidro, Albert Martinez, and Angel Aquino!

Great one "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"! Congrats and more power! Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work! c",)


Poll Result: Lee Min Ho Won Over Jerry Yan!

The battle between the two hottest Asianovela heartthrobs is over! The "King of Asianovela" versus the "Asianovela Superstar", who's your bet?! People finally speak!

The Korean F4 Leader Lee Min Ho won over the Taiwanese F4 Leader Jerry Yan! Jun Pyo emerged victorious against Dao Ming Shi!

Here is the complete poll survey result of these two hotties:

As you can see, from the 1,450 overall total votes garnered by this poll, Lee Min Ho got a landslide victory over Jerry with an overall total votes of 1,013 or 69%!

On the other hand, Jerry Yan only receives 437 total votes or 30%!

It's interesting to know that in the first days of this poll survey, Jerry Yan leads over Lee Min Ho. But on the later part, the fans and fanatics of Lee Min Ho didn't let their idol fall They fully supported Lee Min Ho until the heartthrob got the sweetest landslide victory over Jerry! Nice!

The comparison between Jerry Yan and Lee Min H0 started last 2009 when the Korean version of "Meteor Garden" called "Boys Over Flowers" aired and became a huge hit! Fans of the two actors keep on comparing Jun Pyo to Dao Ming Shi who were both leaders of the powerful and richest group, F4!

The Korean F4 leader eventually got the attention of many! From "Boys Over Flowers", Lee Min Ho got other more TV series and movie projects! He even endorses different products! His latest Primetime Koreanovela was "Perfect Match" wherein he played the character of a man pretending to be a gay Gino! Viewers really love the said show and keep on downloading their theme song!

The fame now got by Lee Min Ho was first received by Jerry Yan way back in 2003 during the heat of their Chinovela "Meteor Garden". He also bagged different endorsements, new movies, and other more interesting TV series!

On this poll survey Lee Min Ho got the victory! Well, if I were to ask you, do you think Lee Min Ho deserves to win over Jerry Yan?!

Well, let's all congratulates Lee Min Ho! People, fans, viewers, and friends out there were really loving this Asianovela heartthrob superstar! Great! Two thumbs up for your success! Gu Jun Pyo! c",)


Poll Result: Rafnise is the Most Loved Pair in 'Kristine' Series!

The loveteam of the hunk actor Rafael Rosell and the sexy singer Denise Laurel or better-known now as 'Rafnise' emerges as the favorite, most loved, and most 'kilig' pair in the "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" series!

On the book 1 of the said TV series, two love teams namely 'Zantine' or Zanjoe Marudo-Kristine Reyes and 'Rafnise' or Rafael Rosell-Denise Laurel were launched. Both the two pairs were very hot. They easily captured the attention of many viewers. But in the end, the love team of Rafael and Denise emerged on top.

Here is the complete poll result of our survey:

As you can see, Rafnise lead over Zantine! Of the overall votes of 1,471 garnered by this poll, Rafnise got 838 total votes or 56%.

On the other hand, Zantine is not that far as they got 633 total votes or 43%.

Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel were previously paired in the different "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" episodes. But their tandem and chemistry become popular when they both starred in "Midnight Phantom" which is also another PHR episode. Right after "Midnight Phantom", they also became two of the four main casts in "Kristine" Series Book 1 wherein they were hailed as the most-watched and most favorite love team!

On Book 2 of the said TV series, Denise was already removed because of variety of issues and controversies pertaining to the young actress. But her leading man Rafael Rosell remains and paired with another sexy actress Iya Villania! Iya then replaces Denise until the end of the Book 2 of "Kristine"!

The removal of Denise Laurel in "Kristine" or the separation of the Marco De Silva - Emerald Fortalejo romance in the story made their fans and viewers really mad. They got angry with the soap since their idol tandem was not anymore seen! All is truly missing Rafnise!

Well, we all hope that in next projects either in another TV series or movie, Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel will be paired! We would also like to congrats Rafnise for winning this poll survey! Keep up the good work and more power to the two of you! Happy Valentines then to this pair! c",)


Poll Result 'Lobo' Hails as the Best Pinoy TV Series of All Time!

The first ever-teamup of Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual and the very first TV series project of Ms. Angel Locsin in the Kapamilya network called "Lobo" emerged as the Best Pinoy TV Series of All Time based on the result of our poll survey!

The year 2010 is also the year of the 60TH celebration of Pinoy Soap Opera. In line with this precious celebration, TV Series Craze conducted a poll survey. Top-rating, phenomenal, and remarkable TV series were named and vie for the poll survey that goes:

In the 60 years of Pinop Soap Opera, which of the following is the best Pinoy TV Series of all time?

And below is the complete result:

The fantasy series of ABS-CBN "Lobo" lead. It is closely followed by the Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson's drama series "Tayong Dalawa"!

Here is the Top 5 leading teleseryes of all time:

1. Lobo - 578 Votes (37%)

2. Tayong Dalawa - 557 Votes (35%)

3. Mara Clara - 397 Votes (25%)

4. May Bukas Pa - 331 Votes (21%)

5. Pangako Sa'Yo - 291 Votes (18%)

Of the 1551 overall total votes garnered by this poll, "Lobo" received 578 total votes or 37%! "Tayong Dalawa" which placed second got 557 votes or 35%!

The Judy Ann Santos-Gladys Reyes "Mara Clara", Zaijan Jaranilla's "May Bukas Pa", and the first teamup of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa in "Pangako Sa'yo" placed third, fourth, and fifth respectively! The Angel Locsin's "Darna" in GMA-7 placed sixth!

Well, do you agree with the result?! Do they deserve in their respective places?

Once again Angel Locsin's teleserye proves its dominance. It seems that all of the TV series done by our young female action superstar is a certified hit! From "Mulawin" to "Imortal", Angel's TV series were the best and worth-watching! Nice!

"Lobo" is the first TV series project of Angel Locsin when she transferred to ABS-CBN. This is also her first teamup with the ultimate heartthrob and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual! It aired on Primetime Bida last 2008. This is the very first werewolf fantasy series in the history of Philippine TV series!

This year's hottest phenomenal TV series "Imortal" is the sequel of "Lobo"! The domination further continues!

Congratulations to "Lobo" including its lead stars Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. Piolo Pascual, and the rest of its cast and crews! Great! Two thumbs up! C",)


Poll Result Angel Locsin is Better and Well-Loved By Many Than Marian Rivera!

The rivalry between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera is once more sizzles by our poll survey. This is one of the hottest and most participated poll survey we have conducted!

Angel Locsin or Marian Rivera?! Marian Rivera or Angel Locsin?! The result is now here! Your votes and your decisions now speak up!

With our poll survey that goes:

"Who between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera is truly the brightest, more beautiful, sexier and you really love the most?", Ms.Angel Locsin got the crown!

Here is the complete voting result:

Ms. Angel Locsin once again is a certified 'major major' winner against Marian Rivera! Angel got a landslide vote! See how Angel defeated Marian in this poll:

1. Angel Locsin - 1460 Votes (86%)

2. Marian Rivera - 219 Votes (13%)

With an overall total of 1679 votes garnered by this poll, Angel Locsin got a landslide victory of 1460 overall total votes or 86%. Marian Rivera only got 219 votes total or 13% which didn't even reach 1/4 or 1/8 of the overall total!

In any other parameters, Angel Locsin is really leading over Marian Rivera! Nice!

Since 2007 after Angel left her home network for ABS-CBN, the Kapuso station built Marian Rivera to pitted their former queen Angel Locsin. We may recall that Angel refused the role of being the Pinay "Marimar" and decided to transfer to the Kapamilya station. Kapuso then gave the role to the starting star Marian Rivera. When this Philippine adaptation of the hit Mexiconovela "Marimar" became successful, they put the crown left by Angel to Marian as their new queen!

The rivalry even intensified last 2009 when GMA-7 decided to remake "Darna" which was previously played by Angel and gave the said role to Marian! Simultaneous comparisons happened! We even conducted our own poll survey between Angel and Marian's "Darna" versions. But still Angel won! Angel still reigns as the Best Darna of this present generation!

Even the battle for the sexiest Pinay in the famous FHM magazine heated more between Angel and Marian. But still Ms. Angel Locsin hailed as the Sexiest Pinay leaving Marian only on the third or fourth spot!

Even the title of being the Female Action Superstar which is already owned by Angel Locsin is trying to give to Marian Rivera when the latter was given different action projects like "Darna" before and the upcoming "Amaya" next year. But according to many audiences and critics, Angel Locsin still owns the title and no one can ever steal it from her! Great!

This poll survey covers all the parameters that really compare and contrast Marian and Angel. And still Angel Locsin proves that she is truly the best and better than Marian Rivera! Angel is loved by many while Marian has many haters! Marian has many bad attitudes exposed in public and really has a negative image! Angel on the other hand has no negative traits reported rather has many good deeds appreciated by people!

With the result of this poll survey and with her great accomplishments, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you Ms. Angel Locsin! You're simply the best and the brightest! Keep up the good work! God bless and more power! Two thumbs up Ms. Angel Locsin! c",)


Poll Result ABS-CBN is this Year's Best TV Station!

The Kapamilya Station, ABS-CBN is still No. 1! It further more proves its supremacy and dominance worldwide!

Based on the result of our current poll survey for the year that goes, "What Is The Best TV Station for You?", ABS-CBN got a landslide victory!

Here is the result of our poll survey:

As you can see, majority of the votes favored ABS-CBN. It's rival network, GMA-7 got a very low votes. It didn't even reached 1/4 or 1/8 of the overall total votes.

Below is their ranking:

1. ABS-CBN 2 ("Kapamilya") - 1325 Votes (90%)

2. GMA-7 ("Kapuso") - 146 Votes (9%)

The Kapamilya station receives a landslide victory of 1,325 overall total votes or 90% while the Kapuso network only got a 146 total votes or 9%.

For this year, ABS-CBN won the people's heart. Majority of its TV programs were top-rating both in Nationwide and in Mega Manila TV rating race. Viewers were really getting hooked over the Kapamilya network!

Even Filipinos abroad were captured by the different programs of ABS-CBN. They were getting hooked on them. Many were really subscribing to TFC! In fact, people keep on searching infos and news updates regarding their favorite Kapamilya programs! Nice!

In 2011, do think the Kapamilya network can maintain its lead now that they were already three giant networks fighting one another?! Did the upcoming TV show lineup of ABS-CBN for 2011 seems more interesting and exciting than its rival networks?!

We'll wait and see! Right now, let's congratulate the Kapamilya network for being this year's No. 1 TV network! Keep up the good work! Continue giving us quality TV programs and phenomenal hit TV series! God bless and more power Kapamilya! Two thumbs up! C",)


Poll Result Primetime Bida is the Most-Watched Primetime Block!

The ABS-CBN's Primetime block called Primetime Bida is this year's most favorite and most watched television's primetime block!

Between GMA-7's Telebabad and ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida, the later got the victory! Nice!

With our poll survey that goes:


the result below:

Primetime Bida shows a great lead over Telebabad! Here is their overall total votes got:

1. Primetime Bida - 1322 Votes (91%)

2. Telebabad - 129 Votes (8%)

As you can see, Primetime Bida got a landslide vote! Of the overall total votes of 1451 garnered by this poll, the Kapamilya Primetime Bida earned a whooping winning overall votes of 1322 or 91%! Wow! It's almost 100%!

The Kapuso's Telebabad only got an overall total of 129 votes or 8%! It didn't even reach the 1/4 or the 1/8 of the total votes!
This poll survey only proves that Primetime Bida is really dominating! The TV ratings of the Primetime Bida TV series were really leading in the Nationwide and in the Mega Manila TV rating race! These TV ratings were further proven by our poll survey!

People worldwide such as the TFC subscribers also love the different Kapamilya TV series. They were really an avid viewers of many ABS-CBN's TV series. In fact, they even gather news updates regarding their favorite Kapamilya TV series! Wow!

"Agua Bendita", "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", "Rubi", "Kristine", "Tanging Yaman", "Magkaribal", "Noah", "Mara Clara", "Imortal", and the ending of "May Bukas Pa" were some of the TV shows in Primetime Bida this year that make this block a 'major major' winner this year! Even the reformatted "TV Patrol" is also the leading news program worldwide!

Congratulations Primetime Bida! Next year we will expect more! The 2011 new TV series lineup of the Kapamilya network looks very exciting! It's a combination of action, drama, fantasy, comedy, and Philippine adaptations! We really can't wait for these! Great job Kapamilya and Primetime Bida! Two thumbs up! You're truly Bida Best! C",)


Poll Result Enchong Dee is the Most Promising New 'Agimat' Superhero!

If the hunk action drama prince actor Gerald Anderson emerged as the most-loved "Agimat" superhero in our recent poll survey from the first batch of the so-called "mga tagapagmana ng agimat" when he portrayed the character of "Tiagong Akyat", this time it's Enchong Dee's turn!

The hunk athletic actor Enchong Dee grabbed the victory as the most promising and the most exciting this generation's 'Agimat' superhero of the second batch.

With our poll survey that goes:


Here are the result:

Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon, and Jason Abalos were the soon to be launched new "Agimat" superheroes after Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin, Jolo Revilla, and Jake Cuenca. Among these three new young actors, Enchong lead in our poll. Below is their ranking:

1. Enchong Dee - 793 Votes (66%)

2. Jason Abalos - 229 Votes (19%)

3. Ejay Falcon - 177 Votes (14%)

With the overall total votes of 1199 garnered by this poll, Enchong Dee got the most number of votes! Enchong grabbed a total of 793 votes or 66%.

Jason Abalos placed second to Enchong as he received 229 votes or 19%. Ejay Falcon took the third spot with 177 votes or 14%!

Enchong Dee, Jason Abalos, and Ejay Falcon together with Jolo Revilla are set to do the second batch of "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla"! Enchong Dee will portray the character of "Boy Putik", Jason Abalos will be "Bianong Bulag", Ejay Falcon is "Pepeng Kuryente", and Jolo Revilla will play "Kapitan Inggo"!

The playdates of these new said "Agimat" superheroes were not yet announced. Before, they were set to immediately follow the first batch. But since "Wansapanataym" took the timeslot of the first batch of "Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla", the exact playdates were now unclear! Do you think this second batch will be aired this coming 2011?!

But then, everybody is really, really excited for Enchong Dee to portray "Boy Putik". He is really the most promising next batch of "Agimat" superheroes! Actually all the new teleseryes of Enchong Dee is very much awaited and appreciated! Nice!

Before "Boy Putik", let's first enjoy seeing Enchong Dee playing the character of Luis Fernando in the upcoming "Maria La Del Barrio" Philippine adaptation. Of course with his onscreen partner Ms. Erich Gonzales! Congratulations Enchong Dee! Keep it up! More power! C",)


Poll Result Gerald Anderson as 'Tiagong Akyat' is the Most Loved 'Agimat' Hero of this Generation!

Last year 'til this year, the first batch of 'Agimat' heroes or the so called "Mga Tagapagmana ng Agimat" was launched! And four hunky young man received it!

Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin, Jolo Revilla, and Jake Cuenca were the first chosen young men! Then portrayed "Tiagong Akyak", "Tonyong Bayawak", "Pepeng Agimat", and "Elias Paniki" respectively! And inline with this, we conducted a poll survey!

And here how our poll survey goes:


And here is the result:

Yup, the Golden Boy and the Primetime Prince of Action Drama Mr. Gerald Anderson won in our poll!

Here is their ranking with the corresponding total votes and percentage equivalent:

1. Gerald Anderson ("Tiagong Akyat") - 457 Votes (45%)

2. Coco Martin ("Tonyong Bayawak") - 391 Votes (38%)

3. Jake Cuenca ("Elias Paniki") - 102 Votes (10%)

4. Jolo Revilla ("Pepeng Agimat") - 59 Votes (5%)

Of the overall total votes of 1009 garnered by this poll, Gerald Anderson who portrayed the character of "Tiagong Akyat" in ABS-CBN fantasy TV series "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" got a victorious 457 total votes or 45%! Great!

The Indie Prince Coco Martin who played the character of "Tonyong Bayawak" placed second to Gerald with 391 total votes or 38%!

Jake Cuenca who portrayed "Elias Paniki" and Jolo Revilla who played "Pepeng Agimat" took the third and the fourth spot respectively! Jake got 102 votes or 10% while Jolo garnered 59 votes or 5%!

Congratulations Mr. Gerald Anderson! A job well-done in portraying this generation's Agimat superhero! You're truly loved by many of the viewers! Nice!

"Tiagong Akyat" was originally played by Sen. Ramon Revilla. Last 2009, ABS-CBN launched the first four new batch of Agimat superheroes. "Tiagong Akyat" was the first hero launched! On the mid-year of 2010, "Elias Paniki" who was played by Jake Cuenca was the last of the four aired on TV! From Gerald to Jake, "Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla" is really a weekend top-rating TV series both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide TV ratings!

Since Gerald has a very flexible body, his character as "Tiagong Akyat" really fits him! This role further proves that Gerald Anderson is really the Action Prince of Primetime! This TV series also separated Gerald Anderson from his onscreen partner Kim Chiu. Gerald here was paired with Erich Gonzales and Max Eigenmann!

Nice one Gerald! Everybody salutes you! We're looking forward for many more action TV series like this! Two thumbs up! We're excited for your two new TV series namely "Buhawi Jack" and "Bagwis"! Keep it up Geh! More Power! C",)


Poll Result 'ASAP XV'  is the Undisputed Best Sunday Musical Variety Show!

The Sunday afternoon musical variety show of ABS-CBN called "ASAP XV" remains to be the undisputed show and consistently on top! Once more, "ASAP XV" proves that no other Sunday afternoon program can beat it!

Our latest poll survey result further reveals its dominance! On the battle between GMA-7's "Party Pilipinas" and "ASAP XV", the ABS-CBN musical variety show emerged as the winner! Nice!
Here is the exact poll survey result of the battle between "ASAP XV" and "Party Pilipinas":
As you can see, of the overall total votes of 1483 for this poll, "ASAP XV" got a victorious landslide votes of 1333 or 89%!

The total votes got by "Party Pilipinas" is very, very far from "ASAP XV"! It only got an overall total votes of 150 or 10%!

People once more prove that "ASAP XV" is their well-loved Sunday afternoon musical variety show! It is the Sunday afternoon TV program they watched most and really gives them a total entertainment!
Aside from our poll survey, the TV ratings got by "ASAP XV" in Mega Manila and in Nationwide race show that "ASAP XV" is in great lead over its rival "Party Pilipinas"! Even the defunct Sunday afternoon TV program 'SOP" was even beaten by "ASAP XV"! That was mainly the reason why the former "SOP" transformed or reformatted into "Party Pilipinas"!

Even though the former "ASAP XV" stars like Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go transferred to "Party Pilipinas", this said Kapuso variety show didn't even won over "ASAP XV"!

Good job "ASAP XV"! You're definitely the best! "ASAP XV" is the longest running Sunday musical variety concert show on TV! It is already 15 years! Wow! Actually the XV in "ASAP XV" means 15 which pertains to its year of existence! Great! God bless to this show and more power! C",)


Poll Result Erich Gonzales is the Brightest New Drama Princess!

The result is finally revealed! And now, we're going to crown the brightest new drama princess! And the crown goes to Ms. Erich Gonzales!

Erich Gonzales is hail as the brightest new drama princess based on our poll survey result!

With the poll question which goes, who between Andi Eigenmann, Erich Gonzales, and Empress Schuck who were launched in their successful TV series shines the brightest?", Erich Gonzales emerged on top!

Here is the complete poll survey result:

And here is their ranking:

1. Erich Gonzales ("Katorse") - 727 Votes (58%)

2. Andi Eigenmann ("Agua Bendita") - 367 Votes (20%)

3. Empress Schuck ("Rosalka") - 140 Votes (11%)

Erich Gonzales who was launched via "Katorse" got a victorious 727 total votes or 58% out of the 1234 overall total votes.

Andi Eigenmann who was launched in "Agua Bendita" placed second to Erich having a 367 total votes or 20%. Empress Schuck on the hand who was launched in "Rosalka" got the third spot with 140 total votes or 11%.

Erich, Andi, and Empress were all new in the field of TV series. But the Kapamilya network didn't hesitate to give them their very own TV series wherein they were the lead star. And they all become successful! Their TV series were really top-rating!

But among these three new drama princesses, Erich Gonzales emerged as the brightest based on your votes! "Katorse" really put Erich in the peak of stardom!

Due to the success of "Katorse" and since Erich continuously got the attention of many viewers, ABS-CBN even gave Erich more TV series projects like "Tanging Yaman" and "Magkaribal"! She even lead in their blockbuster movie "I Do"! In all these projects, Erich's main leading man is no other than Mr. Enchong Dee! Even their loveteam called Enrich or Cherie also rise in fame!

This coming 2011, Erich Gonzales' versatility as an actress and as a drama princess will once again be tested as she will portray the Philippine adaptation of the hit Mexiconovela "Maria La Del Barrio" of course with Enchong Dee!

Congratulations Ms. Erich Gonzales! God bless and more power to you! More and more projects to come! Keep it up! You're definitely one of the hottest young actress today! Nice! C",)


Poll Result: Kimerald Hails as the Hottest and the Most Favorite Loveteam!

Nothing can beat Kimerald! This love team of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson once more proves that it is the hottest and the strongest love team of this generation!

The result of our poll survey for the hottest and the most favorite love team is finally revealed! And Kimerald took the crown!

We could say that this year is a year of the love team battle! It is because, different love teams emerge and become popular. Besides Kimerald, other new love teams rise to fame like the Melason (Melissa Cantiveros and Jason Francisco) and the Enrich (Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales). Others still prosper and continue to have new projects like the Mattmel (Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks) and the Alkris (Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal).

Inline with this, we conducted the hottest poll survey that says, "Which of these today's hottest TV Love team is your bet?"!

And the result below:
As you can see, Kimerald got a landslide votes! Out of 1624 total votes, Kimerald got a victorious percentage of 44% or 727 total votes!

Meanwhile Enrich placed second to Kimerald as they got a 35% or 569 total votes!

To give you their complete ranking, see below:

1. Kimerald - 44% (727 votes)

2. Enrich - 35% (569 votes)

3. Melason - 15% (246 votes)

4. Alkris - 3% (59 votes)

5. Mattmel - 1% (23 votes)

This poll survey is the most participated one! Readers and visitors of this blog site really vote on this poll and even promoted their bet love team in other websites and in other social networking sites and forums. And from the five love teams, Kimerald emerge on top!

Though Kimerald is facing intrigues and trials as of these days, their tandem is still the strongest and most supported! Their latest movie which is "Till my Heartaches End" is continuously supported by more and more viewers each day.

Even the fans of Kim and Gerald even fight for their tandem though they cannot be together in real life!

If you will notice, the other love teams in this poll suddenly separated. Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks who comprise Mattmel is now doing separate projects and paired now with different stars. Even the Alkris, Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal now have different partners in their current TV series. Only remain as a pair today is the Melason and the Enrich! But look, now that Kimerald is yet to break, do you think Enrich will take their place as today's hottest love team?! Will you accept Enrich to replace Kimerald?!

But still Kimerald made a breaking-record love team in our generation. Their love team then and now is the hottest in terms of TV series as they got four top-rating teleseryes on Primetime, movies which were all blockbuster, print media as they got different billboards and magazine covers, and endorsements as they two dominate our TV screen from time to time with their different commercials!

Congratulations Kimerald! Keep it up and more power to the two of you! Excellent! C",)


Poll Result: Lance Christopher Won the People's Hearts!

Two young men, two newbie hunks, two love interest of Jessy Mendiola fought! And one of them won the people's heart!

Our 'kilig' poll survey between the "Gimik 2010" hunks namely Franco Daza and Lance Christopher is finally over! It's now officially closed. And we finally have our winner!

Yup, it's Mr. Lance Christopher who caught the attention of people! Lance won a landslide over Franco!

With our 'kilig' poll survey that goes, "Which of these two newbie hunks of 'Gimik 2010' you love most and your bet to be Jessy's partner?", people chose Lance over Franco! They love the cute and handsome face of Lance rather than the sexy and yummy body of Franco!

And of course though Lance and Jessy did not end up together in "Gimik 2010", viewers still preferred the Jessy-Lance love team. Here are some of the 'kilig' photos of your chosen Jessy-Lance loveteam:
Do you feel the chemistry between them?! Are they really a perfect pair?! So "nakakakilig"!

Based on the poll result, Lance got a landslide votes over Franco. As you can see, Lance got a victorious 80% of the total votes while Franco got only 19%!

Below is the complete poll result data:
Between a cute handsome face and a sexy hot body, people still prefer a cute and a handsome guy rather than the sexy and yummy one! That's why their choice is Lance!

Actually Lance Christopher who got a great resemblance with Gerald Anderson is truly a box-next door type. His very tame and kind face attracts more and more people! Wow!

Franco Daza on the other hand is also great! His sexiness and yumminess can also capture many people. It just so happen that Lance is more favorite by the crowd rather than Franco.

Now if you were to ask me who between these two guys is my choice, if I can't choose both, I will prefer...Franco Daza! Yup Franco is my bet (Sorry Lance, peace)! It's because I look more on the body! I prefer sexiness, hotness, and yumminess rather than just a cute face! Well maybe if Lance is as hunky as Franco, I may prefer to choose Lance!

But then based on the pulse of the people, Lance is the winner! Let's then respect them. Lance is also great and very nice! He can easily steal your heart, mind, and even your soul! Hehe...!

Again congratulation Mr. Lance Christopher for winning our poll survey! God bless and more power to you! See you next time guys for more exciting and challenging poll surveys! Goodluck! C",)


Poll Result: People Want Lando for Billie!

We didn't expect that the ending of the musical TV series "Idol" last night will be a tragic one. One life has been sacrificed just for the sake of love!

Coco Martin playing the character of Lando, the man who is truly falling inlove with Billie (Sarah Geronimo) was killed and died in the story! Oh how sad!

Lando was gunshot when they saved Billie from the kidnappers. He gave his own life just to save the girl of his life! It's such another tragic ending!

But the good thing, people want Lando to be Billie's man!
Our exciting poll survey between Ms. Sarah Geronimo's two gorgeous hunk leading men namely Coco Martin and Sam Milby is now officially closed! People finally decided. Viewers voted their bet between Lando and Vince for Billie! And Lando got their blessings!

On our latest poll survey which goes: "Who between these two gorgeous hunk leading men of Sarah Geronimo in 'Idol' would you choose for her?!", people chose Coco Martin!

Below is the result of the poll survey:
As you can see, Coco Martin won landslide over Sam Milby!

70% of the overall total votes want Coco Martin while only 29% favor Sam Milby! A very great difference between their votes!

Viewers really want Coco Martin for Sarah Geronimo in this musical TV series. Though Coco is not a singer and not that fit in this teleserye, Coco still got the attention of many! Wow!

Will people got disappointed with the ending of "Idol"? Well, 'hindi na nga nagkatuluyan sina Sarah at Coco, namatay pa si Lando...'! So cruel! So sad for the character of Coco!

Hmmm...I just observed, Coco Martin's character in almost all of his soap died. In "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" and in "Tonyong Bayawak" he also died! Though Coco's character here in "Idol" is kind, he still died! So sad...!

But still, congratulations Mr. Coco Martin, you are well-loved by many people! For winning this poll survey, it's another great appreciation from all the people who love you! Good luck to your career and more power! See you once again in your next exciting projects next year! Nice! C",)


Poll Result: 'Imortal' is the Most Exciting Hit TV Series!

Though not yet shown in Primetime Bida, the highly-anticipated vampire-werewolf fantasy series of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz called "Imortal" is chosen as the second and third quarter's most exciting TV series of 2010!

Our TV Series Craze Poll Survey reveals that "Imortal" is the most exciting TV series and really certifies a big hit for this season! "Imortal" got an overall percentage vote of 39% or 392 total votes to win over the other existing and upcoming TV series!

Meanwhile the recently concluded Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson drama series "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" placed second to "Imortal" as it garnered a percentage vote of 35% or 357 total votes!
This poll survey garnered an overall total votes of 1005 and it covers the TV series which are existing and upcoming for the second and third quarter of this year!

Below is the complete poll survey results. Just kindly click the image to enlarge and see the full data:
To sum up the result, here are the Top 5 Most Exciting and Certified Big Hit TV Series for the second and third quarter of 2010:

1. Imortal - 39% (392 Votes)

2. Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo - 35% (357 Votes)

3. Magkaribal - 23% (237 Votes)

4. Agua Bendita - 13% (137 Votes)

5. Kristine Series - 12% (121 Votes)

As you can see "Imortal" leads the survey! But the votes got by this fantasy series is closer to KTM by only a difference of 4%! We may also note that "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" won in the other poll survey conducted for the first quarter of the year!

Meanwhile "Magkaribal", "Agua Bendita", and "Kristine Series" followed respectively!

The result of our poll survey is very much timing for "Imortal"! It only proves that everybody is really excited for this new teleserye. Everyone really missed the young action-fantasy heroine superstar Ms. Angel Locsin! And they were truly excited to see them together for the very first time with Mr. John Lloyd Cruz! Imagine, this TV series is not yet shown but you see that it even defeated the other existing top-rated TV series! Wow! Me too is really excited for "Imortal"! I can't anymore wait for Monday to come!

As revealed by our poll survey data, it only means that "Imortal" will truly become a huge hit top-rating TV series! Angel and John Lloyd posted a very promising tandem! Of course the story is really exciting! A perfect pair in a perfect story! Great!

So congratulations to "Imortal" for topping our TV Series Craze Poll Survey! We were really excited and can't wait for this coming Monday, October 4, 2010 for the grand premiere of this new fantasy series! Good luck Ms. Angel and JLC! More power to the two of you! Thanks then to ABS-CBN for giving us a quality and a worth-watching TV series like this! Excellent! C",)


Poll Result: Judy Ann Santos is the 'Teleserye Queen'!

And finally, you now crowned the so-called "Teleserye Queen"! Your voice, your vote, your choice...our result!

Two reigning queens fight for one title! Two precious stars who started from the same home network bear the same path. But only one of them could wear the only crown title! Who between the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto and the Young Superstar Ms. Judy Ann Santos could be officially called as the "Teleserye Queen"?! And the result is no other than...Ms. Judy Ann Santos!

And here is the official poll result:
As you can see, Juday is a 'major major' winner over Clau! Out of a total 1061 votes garnered, Judy Ann Santos got a victorious 85% or an overall total of 901 votes! On the hand, Claudine Barretto only got a 14% or a total of only 157 votes!

What can you say about this result? Do you agree that Judy Ann Santos is the official winner and should deserve to be called as the "Teleserye Queen"?

Actually earlier this year and late last year, ABS-CBN, the home network of both Claudine and Juday officially crowned Judy Ann as their "Teleserye Queen" and the so-called "Mukha Ng 60 Taon Ng Soap OPera". Meanwhile, the network's other prized leading lady and Queen of Star Magic Ms. Claudine transferred to the rival Kapuso network!

Claudine and Juday both rose in stardom as teleserye superstars in 1997. Claudine became famous through her hit "Mula Sa Puso" while Juday on the same time was known as "Esperanza"! But prior to "Esperanza", Juday already became popular because of "Mara Clara" and "Ula" during her childhood!

After "Esperanza", Juday for the meantime leaved the world of Soap Opera and focused on her weekly drama anthology. While Claudine on the other hand continuously shine in the field of teleserye with her succeeding hit TV series after "Mula Sa Puso" like "Saan Ka Man Naroroon", "Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan" and "Marina" which was dubbed as the first fantaserye on TV! Juday then returned on teleserye via her "Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka", "Basta't Kasama Kita", and "Krystala"!

The latest soaps of these two stars which consistently put them on stardom were "Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin", "Walang Kapalit", "Maligno", and "Iisa Pa Lamang" for Claudine while "Sa Piling Mo", "Ysabella", and "Habang May Buhay" for Juday!

Now are you convinced?! With the achievements laid for these two leading ladies, your "Teleserye Queen" is still up to your choice! But then, I would like to congratulate Ms. Judy Ann Santos for winning our poll survey! Many viewers and teleserye lovers more prefer Juday than Claudine as the reigning "Teleserye Queen"! Still many more power to both of you! C",)


Poll Result: Jericho Rosales' Remake of 'Panday' is Still the Most Loved Version on TV!

The people already spoke! Jericho Rosales who first assumed the role of Tristan as this generation's new "Panday" in the TV series is still remarkable on the heart of every viewers!

We all know that the hunk heartthrob Mr. Jericho Rosales played the role of the new "Panday" on TV way back 2005 in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. He was paired with the former Kapamilya star Heart Evangelista!

But just recently, GMA-7 also made their own version of "Panday" on their Telebabad which was starred by three kids. They called their own version as "Panday Kids"!
As "Panday Kids" started, we also conducted a poll survey. I asked the views of the viewers regarding the two versions of "Panday" which were shown on TV in our present time. The survey goes:
"Having two TV versions of 'Panday' in our current generation, one which was shown in ABS-CBN topbilled by Jericho Rosales and now in GMA wherein led by the 3 kids, which of the two you like and love the most?"

Then here are the response of the viewers and readers:
People still prefer the first version done with Jericho Rosales! His version was very much appreciated and well loved!

In the survey, Jericho's Panday got a total percentage votes of 83% victorious over "Panday Kids" who got only a 16% votes.

In terms of rating, we may observe that "panday Kids" did not performed very well. It was always beaten by its rival "Agua Bendita" from the rival network. Maybe this was a mere reason why this soap was immediately ended on TV! It loosed from the TV rating competition!

On the other hand during the airing of Jericho Rosales' "Panday" in 2005, the rating was fair. Not that high and not too low. But still, it created a mark on the televiewers! We may also recall that in this particular TV series, the love story of Echo and Heart in real life started. Jericho Rosales was even tagged as the next Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) because of his role as Panday and as a boxer in his Star Cinema movie as Manny Pacquiao in which FPJ already played before!

So to Jericho Rosales as well as the rest of the cast and crews of the first TV version of Carlos J. Caparas' "Panday" congratulation! You got the heart of the audience! C",)


Poll Result: "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" is the Most Exciting and the Most Watched TV Series!

In the first quarter of this year, both the Kapamilya and the Kapuso network launched their brand new TV series. Some of these already ended, others were still airing, and few were not yet started.

So with regards to this, 12 new teleseryes were pitted against one huge poll survey. "Habang May Buhay", "Captain Barbel", "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", Tanging Yaman", "The Last Prince", "Encantadia (The Second Saga)", "Rubi", "Endless Love", "Kokey At Ako", "Panday Kids", "Impostor", and "Diva" compete for the survey question of: "Which of these new TV series will you watch the most and really excites you?"

And now that the first quarter of the year already ended, the survey poll also concluded. And here is the result:
The new hit Kimerald TV series called "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" won the battle! Garnering 618 votes (of the total 1260) or 49%, this action-drama series got the victory!

It is followed by the recently concluded Enchong Dee-Erich Gonzales starer "Tanging Yaman" who got 433 votes or 34%. Places third is the 'bida-kontrabida' story of "Rubi" who got 247 votes or 19% of the overall total.

Well, what does this result means? Yup, people truly love the exciting story of KTM. Almost every night, new exciting episodes and challenges were seen. The story is unpredictable. You can never predict what would happen next! The twist really intensifies! The high TV ratings of this Gerald Anderson-Kim Chiu soap further proves by our own poll survey result!

The second and third placers "Tanging Yaman" and "Rubi" also deserve their spots. People really love the inspiring yet tragic love story of Fina (Erich Gonzales) and Jomari (Enchong Dee). Of course, everybody got crazy with the unusual 'bida-kontrabida' character of "Rubi" (Angelica Panganiban)!

But on the other hand, the fight between the Kimerald and the Enrich/Cherie love team in terms of their TV series is neck to neck as their votes were really closer to each other! Will this only means that the Enrich/Cherie love team will replace the Kimerald love team in stardom some other times? Hmmm...let's see!

So let us give a standing round of applause for "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" for making it the most watched, most loved, and the most exciting TV series this first quarter! Congrats Kim and Gerald! Keep this up..!!! C",)


Poll Result: Angel Locsin is the Best 'Darna' of This Generation!

Angel Locsin wins over Marian Rivera in this TV Series Craze poll survey! As the survey goes: "Having two 'Darna' in our present generation, who between the two is better, really suits and fits the role of DARNA?", Ms. Angel Locsin got a landslide victory over Marian! People really like Angel as our present generation's Darna!

Here is the complete poll result:
As you can see, Angel Locsin got a victorious 81% votes over Marian Rivera who garnered only a 12% votes.

Knowing that the Angel Locsin's version of "Darna" aired on TV last 2005 up to the early part of 2006 while the Marian Rivera's version was just recently aired (August 2009 'till this early part of 2010), televiewers still like the Angel Locsin's "Darna"! Angel's version is really remarkable! Still no one can defeat the legacy she had made as this generation's Darna!

All the surveys, ratings, and reactions of different people showed that Angel's "Darna" is really better than Marian's version! Marian's "Darna" didn't able to surpassed the highest rating made by Angel's version! Both the pilot and the final episode of Marian's "Darna" didn't even reached or overtook the pilot and finale of Angel's version!

Well, with all the measurements aside from our polls, Angel Locsin proves that she is the best "Darna" of our today's generation!

Congratulations Ms. Angel Locsin! You're the Best! Keep it up! Angel Locsin really rocks...!!! C",)


  1. I realy Love KIMXI na over & over again..never pa akong ngkaganito na super kilig to the highest level tlga! lhat ng ka officm8 ko my binondo girl tlga ang pasok sa puso namin.. siningit kona dto kac gusto kung isigaw ang KIMXI the best love team ever! u rock my world! :) tsaka IM CERTIFIED KAPAMILYA EVER! mostly lhat ng mgaganda,gwapo,mgaling umarte..mgagaling..lhat nandito na atah...kya hmm.. wa epek sa akin ung iba dyan!

  2. now my vote is for kimxi all the way...good bye kimerald, hello kimxi!! spread the love and happiness all the time..


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