Friday, March 22, 2019

Whether it be falling in or out of love, Filipinos have the penchant for hugot lines and stories—the more emotionally-charged and relatable, the more Pinoys are drawn to these.

From the same group that continues to make groundbreaking and award-winning documentaries and programs comes “One Hugot Away” featuring digital love stories set to make hearts flutter beginning March 25.

Produced by GMA Public Affairs, “One Hugot Away” brings to life short film love stories made for digital format but will also be shown on television. The series will be available on GMA Network’s Facebook and YouTube accounts while snippets will also be aired on GMA 7 all throughout the day.

For its first offering, “One Hugot Away” will have Kapuso actors Shaira Diaz and David Licauco banner the story of Ella and Ben entitled “Walang Label”.

Ella and Ben have gotten really close spending time together for the past six months. Ella admits they “enjoy” each other’s company. But it boggles her that While Ben shows they are more than friends, he is not consistent with his actions. What will happen once she confronts Ben about the label of their relationship if there is one?

Snippets of this short film will be seen on TV during commercial gaps of Kapuso Movie Festival, Wowowin, and My Golden Life. Netizens, on the other hand, will be able to catch the two-part story at 7 p.m.

But viewers will have to wait until March 28 during the timeslot of My Golden Life to know what will be the ending of Ella and Ben's story. Netizens on the other hand, can watch the finale on March 29 at 12 noon.

The first “One Hugot Away” short film is written by James Estrada and directed by Zig Dulay. The Clash alumna Muriel Lomadilla sang the theme song entitled “Bakit ‘Di Na Lang Tayo” which was composed by Roxanne Fabian and mixed by Andrea Cullla under GMA Post Music Production.

Go ahead, indulge in your deepest hugot moments. Catch “One Hugot Away” beginning March 25 on GMA Network’s Facebook ( and YouTube ( accounts and on GMA 7. 03/22/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) together with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and Ayala Foundation have partnered anew for the Istorya ng Pag-asa Film Festival (INPFF). The film festival will give a chance to the top three winning entries to be screened in Ayala cinemas nationwide as part of the winners’ prizes.

The INPFF is a nationwide film competition for original short documentaries that tell the extraordinary stories of ordinary Filipinos. Now on its second year, it encourages Filipino filmmakers to showcase true and inspiring stories of hope.

Vice President Leni Robredo, who presides the panel discussion during the launch, said that they were encouraged to stage the second run of the film fest after receiving so many inspiring entries last year.

“We thought that it was going to be a one-time thing. What happened was beyond our expectations,” she said.

The Vice President shared that the idea behind Istorya ng Pag-Asa started after she attended the “Araw ng Pagbasa, Araw ng Pag-Asa" event held in 2016. She was inspired by the stories of weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz and Nanay Lorna Tambawan, a turon vendor, who successfully sent her children to good schools.

“I left the venue very inspired,” the Vice President said.

Istorya ng Pag-Asa initially started as a roving photo gallery. It was only last year that the film festival was launched to celebrate the project’s first anniversary. Out of the 73 entries that the film fest received in its initial run, top 15 films were chosen. The Vice President said that they received so many moving entries that they decided to include more prizes this year, such as the People’s Choice Award.

The winners of last year’s contest Florence Rosini (INP grand winner) and Meg Serranilla (INP third prize winner) joined the Vice President in the panel of interviewees. They both pointed out that one doesn’t need to use sophisticated gadgetry to create a good film. Rosini, a film student from UP, made use of the equipment that her classmates already had, while Serranilla utilized a DLSR camera and some lights.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the OVP and the FDCP for the second year of the INPFF,” said Ayala Foundation president Ruel Maranan, adding that, “The success of the first INPFF in 2018 showed that there is great interest in stories that offer hope and inspiration for people from all walks of life. For the second year of the festival, we are excited to see young filmmakers share more uplifting stories that will truly make us proud to be Filipinos,” said Ayala Foundation president Ruel Maranan.

Those who are interested in joining this year’s competition can submit a three (3) to five (5) - minute video that features an individual or group whose story is a source of inspiration to their community. This year’s winner for Best Film will take home P80,000, while the 1st and 2nd runners-up will get P50,000 and P30,000, respectively. The deadline for the submission of entries is on March 25, 2019. The top 10 films will be announced on April 30, 2019 and they will be screened during the INPFF Gala Night and awarding ceremony on June 8, 2019. 03/13/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

The death of Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez)  begins the Season 2 of the ABS-CBN's hit afternoon TV series "Kadenang Ginto."

In the new season of this teleserye which started on the week of March 4, 2019, it showed the downfall of the protagonists Romina (Beauty Gonzales) and Cassie (Francine Diaz). While on the other hand, it's the revenge time of the antagonists Daniela (Dimples Romania) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes).

Well to give you a glimpse of the pang-aapi scenes of the mother and daughter tandem of Daniela and Marga, watch this out:

Meanwhile, to heads you up on what to expect on the whole run of the Season 2, check out this full trailer:

And to make your blood really boil, here's what to see on the coming days:

What can you say about this new season of "Kadenang Ginto,?" Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions about this. 03/09/2019 (TV Series Craze)  

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Kelly Clarkson will return to host the three-hour live telecast of the “2019 Billboard Music Awards” on Blue Ant Entertainment.

The “2019 Billboard Music Awards” will air LIVE on Thursday, May 2 at 9:00AM from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“I had so much fun hosting the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ last year that I’m back for more,” Clarkson said. “We’re turning it up a notch this year and I can’t wait to celebrate all of my fellow amazing artists for another unforgettable night of live music.”

Clarkson, who recently released her critically acclaimed eighth studio album, “Meaning of Life,” is among the most popular artists of this era with total worldwide sales of more than 25 million albums and 36 million singles. She is one of pop’s top singles artists, with 17 singles boasting multi-platinum, platinum and gold certifications around the world. Clarkson has released eight studio albums (“Thankful,” “Breakaway,” “My December,” “All I Ever Wanted,” “Stronger,” “Wrapped in Red,” “Piece By Piece,” “Meaning of Life”), one greatest hits album and two children’s books (New York Times Top 10 bestseller “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby” and the recent follow up, “River Rose and the Magical Christmas”).

She has won three Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music Awards, two American Country Awards and one Country Music Association Award. She has also shown extremely rare versatility, having topped Billboard’s pop, adult contemporary, country and dance charts.

Clarkson currently serves as a coach on the four-time Emmy Award-winning competition series “The Voice” and is slated to make her daytime debut this fall with “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

The “2019 Billboard Music Awards” is produced by dick clark productions. Mark Bracco, Barry Adelman, Kelly Clarkson and Robert Deaton are executive producers. 03/07/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Humans have long been entranced by the idea of mermaids, from the sailors and fishermen of old to modern-day enthusiasts. In 2018, to the delight of fans everywhere, the producers of Siren declared March 29 as International Mermaid Day! Clearly, people remain fascinated by the very idea that they exist but, as with all fairy tales, there is a much darker story that goes farther back.

The age-old story of human-mermaid interaction is retold in Siren, which takes place in a coastal town called Bristol Cove. According to its lore, it was once home to mermaids and strange newcomer named Ryn triggers a series of events. Befriending marine biologist Ben and girlfriend Maddie, Ryn and her brethren turn the sleepy neighbourhood on its head and bring to light jaw-dropping revelations about Ben’s ancestors and the town’s shameful past.

In the second season, tensions flare as the battle between man and sea continues, confirming some of their more sinister aspects:

1. Mermaids are superior in strength and ferocity than humans.

Any creature that lives in the depths of the ocean has to be fierce and strong, or they won’t survive. Predatory instincts and tribal loyalty run strong and wild in mermaids as demonstrated by Ryn and her brethren, so it’s no wonder that some of them look at weaker, tail-less humans with disdain.

2. Mermaids are highly intelligent!

Many people equate savagery with brainless brutality but this doesn’t apply to mermaids. On the contrary, they are highly intelligent and have the ability to observe, reason and conspire, as Ryn’s sister Donna demonstrated when she escaped from captivity in Season 1. Coupled with their strength and ferocity, this is bad news for anyone who stands in their way.

3. Mermaids are haunting, ethereal and alluring

This is one point where popular mythology and modern retellings seem to agree – mermaids are irresistible. Traditionally, the song of the siren drove sailors mad and Ryn has this ability too; it’s a powerful addition to her physical strength.

4. Mermaids are skilled at shape-shifting 

Taking human form is another common theme when it comes to tales about mermaids, and what better way to hide among humans than in plain sight? However, every transformation comes at a painful, sometimes fatal, price. In spite of this anguish, Ryn seemed determined to stay and defend her human friends. But now, with her sister gone and her presence endangering her friends, where will she go?

As more mermaids come onto land, it’s no longer just a fight between human and mermaids – It has become a survival of the fittest within their own kind. Tune in to Siren season 2 mid-season catch up that will bring you up to date on all that’s happening in Bristol Cove from episode one to five on Sunday, March 3, from 3:30PM on Blue Ant Entertainment available on SKYcable channels 53(SD) and 196(HD), SKYdirect channel 35, Destiny Cable channel 53, and Cablelink channel 37. 03/01/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Friday, March 1, 2019

May swerte. May sumpa. May sikreto.

This March, GMA Network unfolds a captivating story about love, revenge and the intriguing legend of Dragon worship set in a bustling Filipino-Chinese community via the original Afternoon Prime fantasy drama—Dragon Lady.

Headlined by Janine Gutierrez and Tom Rodriguez, Dragon Lady is the first team-up of two of the Network’s sought-after and top-caliber actors to date.

Janine breathes life intoCelestina Sanchez, a young lady who is born with dragon-like features. Her physical traits and mystical power unleash the independent and fierce lady boss in her, the Dragon Lady that she is destined to be.

Tom is the Filipino-ChineseMichael Chan. Adventurous and a non-conformist, he refuses to meddle with the family business. Forced to prove his mettle to his Chinese family, he allows himself to become instrumental in the downfall of Celestina who later on he falls for so passionately.

Playing vital roles in the lives of Celestina and Michael are James Blanco as Bryan Atienza, Celestina’s father figure; Diana Zubiri as Almira Sanchez, Celestina’s mother who loves her unconditionally and protects her at all costs; Maricar De Mesa as Vera Lim-Chua, a Chinese heiress looks down on people not of the same stature as her; Joyce Ching as Astrid Chua, Vera’s daughter who will be Celestina’s greatest rival in business and in love; and Edgar Allan Guzman as Goldwyn Chen, a business tycoon who came from a rich Chinese family who criticizes Celestina’s capability to run a business.

Also starring in this fascinating series areOdette Khan as Doray, trusted assistant of the Lim’s;Dexter Doria as Philippa Chua, a formidable Chinese woman and Vera’s mother-in-law; Lovely Abella as Ginger Garcia, funny, free-spirited and loyal best friend of Almira;Julie Lee as Lotus, Vera’s sophisticated friend;DJ Durano as Charles Chua, the son of a wealthy Chinese family and Celestina’s biological father.

Kristoffer Martin, Bea Binene, and Derrick Monasterio Reunited

The First Teamup of Tom Rodriguez and Janine Gutierrez

The pilot week of Dragon Lady features Bea Binene as young Almira; Derrick Monasterio as young Charles; and Kristoffer Martin as young Bryan; together with Mr. Leo Martinez asWilson Lim, Vera’s father and a ruthless businessman who is a descendant of a family of dragon worshippers; Isabelle De Leon asyoung Vera; Denise Barbacena as young Ginger; Mosang asyoung Doray; Carlene Aguilar as young Philippa; and Lorenz Martinez as young Wilson Lim.

Rafael Rosell will have a special participation asMatthew Chan, the responsible and hardworking older brother of Michael with a secret of his own.

The series highlights that life can be led by luck, hard work and misfortunes. How can a man unlock a woman’s potential and liberate her spirit by unravelling a family’s deeply guarded secret?

The series is a product of the visionary minds of John Kenneth U. De Leon, Erwin Caezar Bravo (Brainstormers); John Borgy Danao, Christine B. Novicio (Writers); Renato Custodio, Jr. (head writer); under the tutelage of the Creative Team headed by Aloy Adlawan (Creative Director); Kit Langit (Creative Consultant); Dode Cruz (Creative Head) under the capable supervision of the Production team headed by Ms. Lilybeth G. Rasonable (SVP For EG), Ms. Redgie Magno (VP For Drama), Ms. Cheryl Ching-Sy (AVP for Drama), Ms. Hazel Felizmenio Abonita (Senior Program Manager), Mr. James Manabat (Executive Producer).

Here is the full live video coverage of "Dragon Lady" Media Launch featuring the lead cast Tom Rodriguez and Janine Gutierrez. Let's all watch this:

At the helm of this upcoming series is respected film and TV director Paul Sta. Ana. He was known for his well-loved films such as Oros, Huling Pasada, Mayohan and #Walang Forever. Direk Paul was the director of the longest-running soap for 2018, The Stepdaughters.

Don’t miss the highly-anticipated world premiere of Dragon Lady this March 4, Mondays to Saturdays, on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit 03/01/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

GMA Network’s The Clash alumni Jong Madaliday, Garrett Bolden, and Anthony Rosaldo are all set to take the spotlight and showcase their undeniable talent in the music scene.

Apart from being mainstays of the musical variety show Studio 7, the three Kapuso singers have recently launched their individual debut singles under GMA Music.

Jong’s single, entitled “Ano Ba”, was included in the list of “Most Wanted Song of the Week” in Barangay LS 97.1's The Big Ten weekly countdown. It also hit the second spot of The Big Ten weekly countdown of Barangay LS 97.1 last February 16.

Known for his notable R&B musicality, Jong feels inspired to create more songs that would elicit a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Masaya ako na nagustuhan ng mga listeners yung kanta. Iba talaga yung feeling na naibabahagi mo ang sarili mo sa mga nakikinig through a song. Simula pa lang ito kaya sana suportahan pa nila ang mga gagawin naming kanta dahil para sa kanila lahat ng ito,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Garrett’s “Lilipad Na” was on #43 of iTunes PH chart. Helming his music video is Phillip Lazaro which showcases the works of abstract artist Nadine Ibay, Garrett's leading lady in the video. It premieres on GMA Music’s Youtube channel on Thursday (February 28).

He feels grateful for the opportunities coming his way and the immense support he has been receiving, “Sobrang overwhelming kasi sobrang dami nang nakaka-appreciate nang single namin. Sa totoo lang, mas na-inspire akong magsulat ng mga original at bagong kanta dahil nakaka-motivate ang messages galing sa listeners at sa appreciation nila sa kanta.”

Last February 6, Anthony launched his single “Larawan Mo.” On the day of its release, the song was part of Twitter’s trending topics and soared to the top spot on iTunes PH chart for three consecutive days. It also landed in the Top 7 of the Top 30 Singles Chart of Top 30 Asia Philippines.

The song tells a story that is relatable to the listeners. “Larawan Mo” tells a story about someone who fell in love with a person who is already taken. That your heart can’t choose who to fall in love with.

“Pinaparating nito na some love stories may not be bound to have a happy ending, pero you always have an option to choose the right thing to do,” explained Anthony.

Meanwhile, here's one of the live video coverage of the three's blogcon. Let's watch this:

The songs are available for download and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and other digital stores worldwide. The official music videos are now available for streaming on GMA Music's Youtube channel. 02/28/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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What do you think are Kapuso actors Jason Abalos, Edgar Allan Guzman, and Paul Salas have in common? Well, the first thing that comes on your mind is that all of them came from the rival Kapamilya network.

Jason and EA made their decision to shift network from ABS-CBN to GMA-7 in 2017. They starred in the successful TV series namely "The One That Got Away" and "My Korean Jagiya" as their first teleserye in the Kapuso station. Afterwards, "Asawa Ko Karibal Ko" and "The Stepdaughters"  followed playing controversial characters like Nathan/Catriona for Jason and the antagonist Froilan for EA.

Year after, the former Starstruck Kid Paul returned to his home network. He leads in "Kara Mia" being his first teleserye with GMA after his network switch.

The three actors were united in a BlogCon held at the Cheeken Restaurant in Timog, Quezon City, February 26, 2019 where they shared how happy they are being the newest addition to the growing family of GMA Artist Center. They further discussed the things they can offer to their new home station and their expectations to GMA. And yes, they have new exciting TV projects for all of us!

After his special appearance in the hit afternoon drama series "Asawa Ko Karibal Ko" where he played a closeted gay Nathan and a transgender woman Catriona, Jason Abalos will be teamed up to Max Collins in the upcoming series "Stolen." He will play as the husband of Max with a missing child.

EA on the other hand joins Tom Rodriguez and Janine Gutierrez in the much anticipated Chinese-theme fantaserye "Dragon Lady." He will be playing the character of a Chinese businessman who will fall in love to the character of Janine as Celestina. Yes, he will be the third wheel in the first ever tandem of Tom and Janine.

Paul is currently seen playing the character of Chino in the recently started GMA Telebabad's fantasy-drama "Kara Mia." He is the love interest of Mia, the character of Mika Dela Cruz.

Moreover, did you know that the three of them were also products of different TV reality shows? Jason is from the defunct ABS-CBN artista search "Star Circle Quest," EA is from Eat Bulaga's "Mr. Pogi," and Paul is from GMA's hit "Starstrucks Kids."  And as products of these reality shows, Jason, EA, and Paul gave their own advice to newbies and aspiring reality show contestants.
So without further texts, let's all watch these videos featuring Jason, EA, and Paul during their BlogCon:

What Jason, EA, and Paul Can Offer to GMA Network:

What Makes the Three Actors Remarkable:

Sharing of Their Reality Shows' Experiences:

Are They Affected by TV Ratings?

Jason, EA, and Paul on Facing Intrigues and Controversies:

Can They Survive Without a Loveteam?

Sharing Their Happy Thoughts:

My exclusive one-on-one interviews with the three of them are now uploaded in my official YouTube Channel and will also be published in my personal blog Bits of Rocks. Feel free to check them out also.

Congrats Jason, EA, and Paul. Looking forward for more and more new projects! Keep up the good work guys! 02/28/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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This coming March 13, 2019, witness another romantic drama movie with a touch of Philippine folklore as Viva Films launches "Ulan" starring the Multi Media Princess Ms. Nadine Lustre.

"Ulan" is the first movie of Nadine without her real life boyfriend and onscreen partner James Reid. Rather, she is paired to three hunk leading men namely Marco Gumabao, AJ Muchlach, and Carlo Aquino.

The movie is under the direction of Ms. Irene Emma Villamor, the director of the certified blockbuster hits namely "Camp Sawi," "Meet Me in St. Gallen," and "Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story."

The grand media conference of "Ulan" took place Saturday morning of February 23 at The Felicidad Mansion, Quezon City. It was attended by four of its lead cast members namely Nadine Lustre, Carlo Aquino, Marco Gumabao, and Ella Ilano, the childstar who played the young Nadine (Maya) in the movie. They were joined by their movie director Irene Villamor. The OST Princess Janine Tenoso was also present in the event. She sang the theme song of the movie called "Ulan," a classic 90s song from Rivermaya.

Well if you missed to attend the said grand media launch of "Ulan," here are our full video coverage. Let's all watch these videos:

Janine Singing the Theme Song Before the Program Begins:

The Lead Casts of the Movie Introduced:

How Nadine Works Without James:

The Casts Shared Their Ulan Experiences:

Is There a Daring Scene of Marco and Carlo on the Movie?

Nadine Relates Herself to Ulan:

Meanwhile, exclusive one-on-one video interviews with Nadine and Marco were also up in our YouTube Channel. Just don't forget to subscribe to enjoy more exclusive videos and never before scene BTS.

Now are you more excited to watch "Ulan" this coming March?! See you all in cinemas and bring your date! 02/28/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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For the first time, Nadine Lustre, the other half of the JaDine tandem lead in a movie without her reel and real life partner James Reid. The movie is called "Ulan," a romance-drama film with a touch of Philippine folklores. In the absence of James, Nadine is paired with three leading men namely Marco Gumabao, AJ Muchlach, and Marco Gumabao.

In the movie, Nadine gives life to the character of Maya, a hopeless romantic young woman.

Maya is raised by her grandmother. As a child, Maya became aware of the mythical creature called "Tikbalang," a half-horse and a half-human. She also believes in the superstition that when a rain pours in the middle of a sunny day, these two creatures are being wed. As per her grandmother, this means that heaven is not in favor of this union.
Maya grew up hopeless romantic. She works in a publishing company as an editorial assistant. She has fallen in love and has been heartbroken twice. And then she meets Peter who is kind, thoughful, helpful, and every bit of a boyfriend material. But Maya realizes that each time she's onto something good, rain falls all of a sudden. Must she now take it as a bad omen? Is it heaven's way of telling her that she's about to face a bitter fate?

Look: The Ambiance of the "Ulan" Media Conference:

On the Media Conference of "Ulan" held Saturday morning of February 23, 2019 at The Felicidad Mansion, Quezon City, Viva Films gave us the feel of Maya's world. The place turned to a vintage room. There was Maya's bedroom and clothing, and the Philippine folklore creatures like Tikbalang and the eggs that were shown in the full trailer were present in the MediaCon.

Also present in the grand media conference are the main casts led by Nadine Lustre, Marco Gumabao, Carlo Aquino, and the childstar who played as young Maya. The movie director, Ms. Irene Emma Villamor also present helping the cast members in answering intriguing questions from the media.

The Actual Q & A:

During the media conference, Nadine revealed her preparations doing the movie without James Reid. She explained that even though James is not in the story, he is still in full support to his girl friend Nadine. But how about working with new leading men? Are there bed scenes with them?

Nadine shared that there are no harm working with Carlo and Marco since the two are already Nadine's close friend. They are already worked together in the future projects. Bed scenes? - Nope, they were all wholesome in the story. How about Carlo and Marco exposing their abs and sexy body? - Well, it's the viewers to find out when they watch the movie!

Arrival and Solo Interviews of the Casts:

Will Marco the third wheel of Nadine and Carlo's love story in the movie? Will he be like the greedy kontrabida Matteo Sylverio in the hit afternoon teleserye "Los Bastardos?" Marco shared that he's not! He will be loved in the movie.

Meanwhile, the movie director Irene Villamor revealed that Xian Lim is their first choice to play Carlo Aquino's character in the movie. But since Xian is too busy in his different commitments, he was replaced by Carlo.

The media conference also paved way to the discovery of Nadine, Carlo, and Marco's character and past experiences in relation to "Ulan." Nadine described herself now as smooth-sailing compared before. Two years ago, Nadine faced a storm when her brother died. Carlo and Marco on the other hand let the media people think if what type of rain they are. They said, it depends upon the situation.

Meet Nadine's Two New Leading Men: 

Furthermore, Nadine shared that during her childhood, she and her friends were hunting 'tikbalong.'
On my next post, we'll share with you our live video coverage during the #UlanMediaConference. So stay tune folks!

"Ulan," a romantic drama movie from Viva Entertainment is set to hit the cinemas nationwide this coming March 13, 2019. This is another exciting film to watch out! 02/28/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Having toured 24 cities across the U.S. last summer, American Idol is again in search of the next superstar. Philippine #AIONETC fans can catch the inspiring journey starting Monday, March 4 via satellite at 6PM with a prime time encore at 8PM. Watch ETC to see the first crop of Idol hopefuls audition for their shot at a ticket to Hollywood. The cross-country audition tour will move forward with an all-new episode on Thursday, March 7, rounding out a talent-filled premiere week. New 2-hour episodes will continue on ETC every Monday and Tuesday weekly with via satellite and prime time encore episodes airing back-to-back.

The iconic talent search series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre returns to find a fresh batch of talented hopefuls. Helping to find the next singing sensation are music industry legends and all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy®-winning producer Ryan Seacrest will also return as host, and famed multimedia personality Bobby Bones will take on the role of in-house mentor.

Stay tuned for American Idol All-Star Duets with guest appearances from artists such as Jason Mraz, Julia Michaels, Lukas Graham, Elle King, and Shaggy.

The home of American Idol since 2012, ETC has featured countless hopefuls go through the audition phase to get a ticket to Hollywood. Let us know what you think about the contestants in real time, tweet #AIONETC and your tweet could be featured on screen as you watch the show with fellow fans.

Tune in starting March 4 at 6 PM on ETC to find out, who will be the next American Idol? Join the conversation at #AIonETC!

For all American Idol updates and happenings, tag ETC on, on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel, and log on to

Encompassing diverse interests, ETC speaks to every woman. It tickles their fancy, warms the soul, and stirs passions. From the young to the young-at-heart, ETC is now home to all women, a channel that provides entertainment that’s provocative, inspiring, and empowering. Tune in to ETC on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable channel 16, Destiny Digital channel 16, Global Destiny channel 28, Cignal channel 9, Cablelink channel 34, or East TV channel 1. 02/27/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

GMA network finally releases the first official teaser of their upcoming primetime TV series "Sahaya" led by the tandem of Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali.

"Sahaya" narrates the story of the Badjao girl played by Bianca in the title role. In the teaser, the girl was called as "babaeng pinagpala" which created more buzz in Social Media.

"Sahaya" is the reunion teleserye of BiGuel after the huge success of "Kambal Karibal" last year which also launched the career of Kyline Alcantara.

So without further talks, here is the vlog of "Sahaya" featuring its first teaser and its behind-the-scene photos. Let's all watch this:

Joining BiGuel in the said TV series is Migo Adecer with Jasmine Cusrtis-Smith, Gil Cuerva, and Ms. Snooky Serna.

"Sahaya" is set to premiere this last week of February or early week of March depending on the ending of "Onanay." This is another exciting TV series in GMA's Telebabad block.

What can you say about  this new Kapuso teleserye?! Feel free to express your thoughts and opinion. 02/20/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

They say that sisters always have each other’s backs. But what if you share one back?

After creating buzz on the internet with its unique and “memeable” characters, GMA Network’s highly-anticipated fantasy drama series, Kara Mia, is set to change the landscape of primetime television this 2019.

Kara Mia features the country’s versatile and award-winning actresses – Barbie Forteza and Mika dela Cruz - as it boasts of an endearing but unique storyline certain to captivate the fascination of Filipino viewers.

Barbie’s acting ability is beyond compare and she has numerous awards tucked under her belt. She has received the New Movie Actress of the Year at the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies for Puntod, Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Cinemalaya Awards for Mariquina, Best Actress at the 36th Fantasporto International Film Festival and Ani ng Dangal Awardee at the 9th Ani ng Dangal Awards, both for Laut. This time around, viewers will witness another memorable role from the multi-talented Kapuso star.

Meanwhile, Mika was awarded Best Promising Child Drama Actress at the Dangal ng Pilipinas Awards, Best Supporting Actress at the 12th Gawad PASADO Awards, Best Child Film Actress at the PMPC Star Awards – all for T2.

Barbie portrays Kara, the kind-hearted girl who deeply cares for her sister; while Mika plays Mia, the face behind Kara’s head who has strong jealousy over Kara.

Based on a true story from India and an urban legend in Great Britain, the series follows the lives of two sisters born with Disprosopus or craniofacial duplication, a congenital defect where they have two faces but share only one body. Until today, the origin of this condition, which is one of the rarest malformations in humans, is still unexplained, whether it is mythical or medical.

Joining Barbie and Mika in this engaging spectacle are sought-after leading men: Jak Roberto and Paul Salas.

Jak started his career in Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. He has grown into a fine actor and has starred in several Kapuso shows such as Usapang Real Love (URL), Hanggang Makita Kang Muli, The Half-Sisters, Meant To Be and Contessa. Aside from these, he currently showcases his funny antics on Bubble Gang and Dear Uge.

Paul, in turn, was born in the limelight. After signing a contract with GMA Artist Center, the StarStruck Kids Avenger is determined to prove himself in the industry. Not only is he an excellent actor, he is also known for his killer moves on the dance floor.

In the series, Jak is Boni. He is a gentleman with an easy-going personality living a simple life who has feelings for Kara while Paul is Chino, Boni’s rich cousin who always wants to be the best.

Playing vital roles in the lives of Kara and Mia are four of the country’s top-caliber actors – Carmina Villarroel, Glydel Mercado, Mike Tan and John Estrada. Alicia Alonzo, Althea Ablan, Liezel Lopez, and Karenina Haniel complete the star-studded ensemble.

Witness the riveting world of Kara Mia, in this top-notch production under the helm of esteemed director Dominic Zapata, this February on GMA Network. 02/19/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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