The Protégé's First Elimination Night Commences the Showdown for Survival!

After the nerve-wracking announcement of the Bottom 10 during the first battle night, the showdown for survival will happen this Sunday (August 19) as the ten protégés will perform on stage for a talent face-off against their own teammate.

One of the biggest events in the competition will unfold in the first elimination night as five of the 10 protégés will leave the battle stage at the end of the show. Two protégés from each region will clash for a spot in the Top 15.

The Bottom 10 protégés are Mykel Ong and Arny Ross from South Luzon; Zandra Summer and Mitch Capili from Visayas; Vien Alen King and Kelly D. from Mega Manila; Apple Vega and Ruru Madrid from Mindanao; and Japs de Luna and Glenn Roy from North and Central Luzon.

The competition further intensifies as each protégé will perform in front of the judges with the best talent they think will help them survive the elimination round. However, the final decisions will still come from the celebrity mentors. Viewers should look forward how each mentor will decide on whom to save and whom to let go.

Meanwhile, the Top 10 protégés who are safe from elimination will be performing together in a grand musical number. Just One Summer's Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona will also have a special performance on the show.

How will the mentors face the dreadful decisions that they have to make? Who will be the five protégés to say goodbye in the first elimination night?

Don't miss the drama and action this Sunday, 8:30 PM on the third gala night of Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break after iBilib on GMA.(

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