Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In 2011, GMA-7 brought us the hit Koreanovela "Temptation of Wife" which dominated the TV rating race both on daytime and on Primetime block. This year, get ready for another similar story but with more exciting twist!

Coming this August 2012 in GMA Telebabad is a Korean drama series called "Angel's Temptation."

The said Koreanovela stars Han Sang Jin as Shin Hyun Woo (before plastic surgery), Bae Soo Bin as Shin Hyun Woo (after plastic surgery), Lee So Yeon as Joo Ah Ran, Kim Tae Hyun as Nam Joo Seung, Hong Soo Hyun as Yoon Jae Hee and Kim Dong Gun as Shin Hyun Min.

Here is its teaser. Let's all watch this:

Are you excited for this?! We're sure that this new TV series will bring back the Telebabad block on the No. 1 spot. So exciting!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Monday, July 30, 2012

BB Gandanghari is now officially accepted in showbiz world as her! She totally erased in the minds of many viewers her previous identity as Rustom Padilla. As proofs, she already appeared in different TV series, movie, or TV shows as BB Gandanghari carrying her lady appearance.

BB is now introduced in the newest fantaserye of TV5 "Enchanted Garden" as a lady named Michico. But actually, this is her second teleserye to play as a woman since she already portrayed a lady character before in "Eva Fonda."

BB Gandanghari in "Eva Fonda"

BB Gandanghari as Michico in "Enchanted Garden"

In "Eva Fonda," BB played the sidekick of Cristine Reyes. She was the right-hand trustee of Alma Moreno (the original "Eva Fonda") who helped Cristine. The said teleserye was aired in ABS-CBN last 2008.

But prior to "Eva Fonda," BB appeared first in GMA-7's suspense soap, "La Vendetta" in 2007 but we're unsure if she also played as a woman!

Meanwhile in "Enchanted Garden," they say that Rustom Padilla will come alive! Hmmm...we'll see!

Are you now more comfortable to see BB Gandanghari as a woman?!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Aside from the Korean Heartthrob Lee Min Ho, the other endorser of Bench to be launched as their newest member of their ever-growing family is the 2012 "American Idol" Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez.

Just like Lee Min Ho, the global clothing brand confirmed the addition of Jessica via Twitter on Sunday morning. They posted a picture of Jessica with the following tweet:

"Let's all welcome the fashionable @JSanchezAI11 to the ever-growing @benchtm family!" after their confirmation tweet.

And here is their confirmation tweet:

"We are thrilled to welcome the voice that has won the hearts of many. Truly proud to have @JSanchezAI11 part of the #Benchsetter family!"

To note, Jessica is actually the third "American Idol" star to endorse Bench. The first one is Jasmine Trias while the second one is David Archuleta.

Jessica is set to visit Manila soon for their Idol Live Tour together with the American Idol 2012 Top 10.

Congrats Bench for bringing more and more international stars to your stellar endorser lineup. Thumbs up!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

The Asianovela Superstar and K-Pop Heartthrob Lee Min Ho is the newest endorser of the global clothing brand Bench. It was already confirmed by Bench through their Twitter account, Sunday morning.

Here is the said tweet from Bench welcoming the addition of Lee Min Ho to their growing family:

Happy to introduce another Korean Superstar to our @benchtm family! Let's all welcome @ActorLeeMinHo!!!! #LeeMinHo4Bench
- @benchtm

Afterwards, they even posted a picture of Lee Min Ho with the following tweet:

"This face you've seen and loved in Korean Novelas is the latest addition to our @benchtm family! Let's all give a warm welcome to @ActorLeeMinHo!!!"
- @benchtm

Lee Min Ho becomes closer to the Filipino hearts after leading in the different Koreanovelas like "Boys Over Flowers," "Perfect Match," and "City Hunter."

Lee Min Ho will join the roster of Bench international endorsers namely Bruno Mars, Michael Trevino, Lucy Hale, David Archuleta, Joe Jonas, Liam Hemsworth, and Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae (SiHae).

So sooner this month, expect for the new billboard of this Korean heartthrob to rise in EDSA and in other major roads. Great one Bench!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Friday, July 27, 2012

The next episode of the hit Kapamilya sitcom "TodaMax" will be in a cosplay (costume player) motif. Of course, expect that the lead stars like Vhong Navarro, Robin Padilla, and Angel Locsin to be in a cosplay suit!

Here is a glimpse of Angel and Vhong's outfit during the said cosplay episode courtesy of Angel Locsin's fan page. Let's check out this photo:

We were also wondering the costume of Robin Padilla in this another exciting and wacky episode of "Toda Max!"

What do you think are the cartoon characters portrayed by Angel and Vhong in this episode? Will they be Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask?! We'll see! Angel then seems to reprise her superhero character which she already portrayed before in her previous fantaseryes! Exciting!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love once more proves that there is no age limit between two persons falling in love! That may be the reason why the Carmina Villaroel-Zaijan Jaranilla love team is clicked among the audience!

Actress-TV host Carmina Villaroel is delighted with the countless positive feedback of TV viewers about her unique ‘love team’ with Kapamilya child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla in their top-rating Primetime Bida teleserye on ABS-CBN, “Lorenzo’s Time.”

Our story itself is very endearing. I personally find it cute because it’s something new. It’s not a typical love team where in the actors are of the same age,” said Carmina who is a self-confessed fan of her leading man’ Zaijan.

“Zaijan is trully a brilliant child star. You cannot come to the set unprepared and say ‘he’s just a kid’ because Zaijan will leave you unnoticed and rule the scene,” said Carmina. “And the kid is very charming. He’s so great. Actually, I’m Zaijan’s fan since his Santino days in ‘May Bukas Pa.”

Aside from her ‘love team’ with Zaijan, Carmina takes pride with the fact that “Lorenzo’s Time” gives the viewers a different kind of entertainment every night. “Compared with other primetime teleseryes, our show has a lighter story that captures the child in every viewer’s heart. It’s not just drama because it also has a unique touch of comedy and it’s great for the whole family because Enzo’s life is full of values,” Carmina shared.

Will Enzo (Zaijan) finally win back the heart of his first love Kat-Kat (Carmina)? Or will he finally realize that he cannot turn back time now because a lot has changed with the lives of the people around him including the only girl that he loves?

Let's catch more exciting episodes of "Lorenzo's Time" weeknights right after "Walang Hanggan" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)
The return of JM De Guzman as Angelito in the Kapamilya Gold block created another milestone in the afternoon teleserye lineup. Just like its first book, "Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto" started in a high note!

Viewers welcomed Angelito on afternoon television as the premiere of “Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto” hit a national TV rating of 13.5% last Monday (July 16), beating its rival program with only 10% based on the combined urbal and rural TV audience measurement data from Kantar Media.

The show also consistently beat its rival show in the succeeding days, making it a very strong contender in the afternoon block. Viewers first followed Angelito’s struggles as a single dad in “Angelito: Batang Ama” which was the number one afternoon drama series in ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

As his story continues in this new chapter, Angelito also confronts new challenges in his life as a family man. He recently discovered that Rosalie’s dad Delfin (Al Tantay) has another family after bumping into Rodel (Aldred Gatchalian), Delfin’s son out of wedlock. Angelito has also yet to learn about Jenny (Kaye Abad) bearing his child which will surely rattle his marriage with Rosalie (Charee Pineda). How will Angelito face all these problems?

These are some of the things we need to find out in the succeeding episodes of “Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto” weekdays right after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN.(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Star for All Season Gov. Vilma Santos returns in the big screen to treat her million fans via an intense suspense-horror flick! This movie is Ate Vi's 50TH year showbiz anniversary offering. And this is her very first suspense-horror movie in her showbiz history!

Written by Roy Iglesias and directed by the blockbuster director of different suspense-horror flicks ("Feng Shui," "Sukob," and "T2") Direk Chito S. Roño, "The Healing" brings the Star for All Season in a very unique character! And it was such a great opportunity to meet the three of them in persons!

Direk Chito, Writer Roy, and Ate Vi graced the intellectual bloggers in the recently held Bloggers Conference. The three shared their ideas pertaining to the said movie, revealed behind the scene facts during the conceptualization of the film, and answered interesting questions from the internet enthusiasts!

The Movie is Gov. Vi's 50TH Year Anniversary in Showbiz!

Direk Chito Roño Revealed that the Movie is Tailored for Ate Vi!

Movie Writer Roy Iglesias Shared his In-Depth Thoughts about the Movie!

"The Healing" is actually the reunion movie of Ate Vi and Direk Chito. The two brilliant names in showbiz already worked together before in the movies like "Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?" in 1998 and "Dekada 70" in 2002. The two happily reminisced their good-old days doing such movies in front of the audience.

Ate Vi shared that in this movie, she seems reprising her famous character before as "Darna" since it involves lots of fight scenes. "Narito 'ung binalibag ako, hinagas, hinampas...ang daming aksyon," she added! "At dito din siya natutong magulat," Direk Chito implied!

When asked if they have any other actress to consider in playing the lead role, the director and writer promptly answered, "this movie is really tailored for Ate Vi!" There's no other actress options in their minds!

Kulitan Moments of Ate Vi and Direk Chito!

Gov. Vilma Santos Shared her Own 'Faith Healing' Experience!

The Writer, The Actress, and The Director!

The characters, the sequence, and the settings of the movie were all fictitious! But the three revealed that they all believed in the Filipino beliefs in faith healing. All of them already encountered 'faith healing' experiences in the past!

Ate Vi narrated her very own unusual experience pertaining to 'faith healing.' "1998 nuon nang una akong manalo bilang mayor ng Lipa. Right after ng eleksyon, walang tigil ang LBM ko. Pinuntahan na namin ang mga doktor pero hindi gumaling. Hanggang sa lumapit kami sa faith healer. May binigay siyang kapirasong papel na dinikit ko sa tyan ko ng tatlong araw. After nun, gumaling siya! Nag-adjust talaga ang sistema ko from showbiz to politics," Ate Vi completely shared!

The location was shot in Ate Vi's very own town, Batangas! "Lalayo pa ba kami, eh dito lang sa amin sa Batangas ang daming nangyayaring ganyan, ang daming Faith Healers," Ate Vi implied.

Another interesting thing about the movie is that, it will be shown in two versions! Yup, the movie receives two ratings - R13 and R18. If you have kids under 18 years old who want to watch the film, go for R13. But if want to see the director’s cut, then proceed with R18! This is also first time in the history of Philippine Cinema that a movie receives two ratings and will be shown in two versions! Great!

"The Healing" is Ate Vi and Direk Chito Reunion Movie!

Ate Vi Shared that "The Healing" Brought Her Back as "Darna!"

There was No Dull Moment with "The Healing" Trio!

Joining Ate Vi in the said movie are two of today's young stars namely Kim Chiu and Martin Del Rosario. This is also the first time that the Star for All Season Vilma Santos and the Primetime Princess Kim Chiu worked together in one huge movie project! Martin on the other hand plays as Ate Vi's son in the movie and it is also his first time to work with the actress.

Mark Gil, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, and Carmi Martin, Pokwang, and Ms. Janice De Belen completed the stellar cast of the film!

"The Healing" is now showing this Wednesday (July 25) in the Philippine cinemas nationwide. A successful red carpet premiere already took place just this night!

This is indeed another great movie from Star Cinema and of course from the greatest actress in Philippine movies, the Star for All Season, Ms. Vilma Santos! Can't wait and see! Two thumbs to this film!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Friendship" is another hit Thai movie starring the heartthrob model-actor Mario Maurer! It is a 2008 film which tells another story of first love.

Just like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," the said movie will soon air in ABS-CBN. They didn't yet reveal the exact airing of the film but sooner this coming month, expect to watch it in Kapamilya Blockbuster!

In the movie, Mario is paired with Apinya Sakuljaroensuk (Ploy). They were playing the characters of high school lovers Singha and Mituna.

Here are the original Thai trailers of the said film. Let's all watch these:

This gonna be another exciting Thai movie to watch in the coming days. Mario Maurer will once more put in the height stardom after the airing of this film! What do you think?!

Meanwhile, Mario is currently busy for the final filming of his first Filipino movie under Star Cinema with Erich Gonzales as his leading lady. Their movie "Suddenly It's Magic" will surely break another box-office record! Two thumbs up to the charisma of Mario!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)
The four international hunk endorsers of the global clothing brand Penshoppe namely Mario Maurer, Ed Westwick, Ian Somerhalder, and Zac Efron were put together in one billboard dubbed as "Penshoppe All Stars."

"Penshoppe All Stars" is the current campaign of the said clothing brand which brings the international stars to the heart of the Filipinos being their endorsers.

Here are the said billboards conquering the busy road of EDSA:

The All Stars in EDSA Sharing-la

The All Stars in EDSA Guadalupe

The Hollywood actress Leighton Meester joined these four hunks in the said brand's campaign. Leighton is the star of "Gossip Girl" along with Ed Westwick.

Meanwhile, Mario, Zac, and Ian becomes a Filipino household names after leading in the movies and TV series like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "High School Musical," and "Vampire Diaries!"(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

After the worldwide blockbuster hit Thai movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" which paved way for the rise in stardom of the Thai heartthrob actor-model Mario Maurer, ABS-CBN will air soon this coming month the other movie of Mario called "Friendship!"

The Kapamilya network already plugged a teaser of the said movie in Tagalog-dubbed version! But they didn't yet revealed if when they will air it.

"Friendship" which is also known as "Friendship You and Me" is a 2008 Thai Romantic Teen Film starring Mario Maurer and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk (Ploy). Yup, this movie came first before "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" since the latter was shown in 2010 and aired in ABS-CBN last 2011.

Here are the two photos of Mario Maurer and her leading lady in the said movie:

As you can see, Mario looks younger here since "Friendship" hit the theaters last 2008.

In the said film, Mario played the character of Singha while Apinya, his love interest played Mituna.

What can you say about this movie of Mario Maurer to be shown soon in the Kapamilya network?! Do you think it can surpass the phenomenal hit created by "Crazy Little Thing Called Love?!" Let's wait and see! Another exciting thing to watch out!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

The biggest artista reality search called "Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break" will finally start this Monday (July 23) in GMA-7. This is an exciting and a must-see TV program from Kapuso station since the show will not only focus on the singing talent of the contestants but on the total artista package of the contenders to be the next hottest stars of the country!

Aside from the show's new format, viewers will surely be inspired and will truly fall in love to one of its contestants! One of the reality show's male finalist has a great resemblance to the mainstream actor Coco Martin. He even had a resemblance to Kapuso's youngstar Alden Richards in some of his angles.

Yup, this young heartthrob from Calamba, Laguna is named John Eric Gonzales or "Jeric Gonzales". He is 19 years old and will be handled by the mentor Ms. Gina Alajar. He looks like a young Coco Martin!

Well, here are some of his photos taken during his final interview audition. Let's take a glance on him and tell if he really looks like Coco Martin or another actor instead. Here he goes:

Jeric is from one of the country's prestige universities. He already won titles from the different male pageants. In some way, he considers himself as a heartthrob.

When asked if how many girlfriends he already had, he revealed that he already had four girlfriends before. Of course, he is the one courting the girl.

This guy will definitely make the new season of "Protégé" more exciting! Catch him and get to know more about him in "Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break" starting this Monday only in GMA!

Good luck young Coco Martin! We hope that you will make it until the end of the competition! Two thumbs up man!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The country's longest running noontime show "Eat Bulaga" finally had its own international franchise. This is "Eat Bulaga Indonesia" which had its pilot episode on Monday, July 16, 2012.

The show airs live on SCTV network at 4pm (local time). It has the same format with the original show. The segments like ‘Pinoy Henyo‘ (Indonesia Pintar), ‘Juan For All, All For One‘ (Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Sati), ‘Bulagaan‘, and ‘Pambato ng Videoke‘ (Karaoke Stud) were also seen on the franchise version.

Here are the three video clips of "Eat Bulaga Indonesia" during its premiere telecast featuring the show's hit segments. Let's all watch these and compare them to our orig Pinoy version:

The "Juan For All, All For One" Segment - "Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Sati:"

The "Pinoy Henyo" Segment - "Indonesia Pintar:"

The "Pambato ng Videoke" Segment - "Karaoke Stud:"

Many thanks to dzey2sj/YouTube/SCTV for these videos! c",)

The hosts of "Eat Bulaga Indonesia" were are Aja Farid, Reza No, Ramzi, Narji, Ciripa, Rian Ibram, Rio Indrawan, Steven, Leo Consul, Selena Alexandria, Jenny Tan, Bianca Lizza, Julie Christie, and Uya Kuya who is the counterpart of our very own Bossing Vic Sotto!

For the record, "Eat Bulaga" aired its very first episode in the country last July 30, 1979 via RPN-9. It is now 33 year old holding the longest running noontime show in history!

Congratulations "Eat Bulaga" for another successful milestone! Great job and more power!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

The longest running noontime show "Eat Bulaga" now conquers not only the whole Philippines but also the neighbor country as well! "Eat Bulaga" will now take the heart of Indonesia!

"Eat Bulaga" is the very first Filipino TV program which had its franchise via "Eat Bulaga Indonesia."

"Eat Bulaga Indonesia" is the international version of the 33-year old local noontime TV show "Eat Bulaga." The first franchise episode is shown on Monday, July 16, 2012, via Indonesia‘s Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV).

"Eat Bulaga Indonesia" features most of the games and entertainment portions inspired by the original show, including ‘Pinoy Henyo‘ (Indonesia Pintar), ‘Juan For All, All For One‘ (Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Sati), ‘Bulagaan‘, and ‘Pambato ng Videoke‘ (Karaoke Stud).

The main host “Bossing” Vic Sotto also had his counterpart in "Eat Bulaga Indonesia." He is Uya Kuya, who is also known as “Boss Uya” in their show!

Even ‘dabarkads,’ the famous term which pertain to the local show's host, fans, and contestants also had its Indonesian counterpart. And this is ‘bulagang.’

The official theme song of the show was translated to Indonesian language and used the same tune.

This is another breakthrough on the history of Philippine television and another legacy created by the one and only undisputed noontime show "Eat Bulaga!" Two thumbs up dabarkads!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)
The Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up Ms. Venus Raj got her first acting stint in the country's longest running drama anthology in Asia, "Maalaala Mo Kaya."

This Saturday night (July 21), Venus shares not only her acting ability but her own life story as well!

Discover the trials that Venus had to go through before she joined Miss Universe through her empowering personal tale.

How did she deal with the public’s criticism on her physical appearance? What made her decide to fight for her crown after she was disqualified? How did she handle her newfound fame after her ‘major-major’ achievement?

Together with Venus in the “MMK” episode are Malou de Guzman, Gio Alvarez, Amy Nobleza, Perla Bautista, Simon Ibarra, and Marielle Pamintuan. The episode was written by Maan Dimaculangan-Fampulme and directed by Nuel Crisostomo Naval.

Catch this another exciting episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) tonight right after “Wansapantaym.” (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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