Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally, award-winning actress Angel Locsin and AZKALS hunk Phil Younghusband announced that they were now officially in a romantic relationship! Their "boyfriend-girlfriend" status started last May 27, 2012.

We may recall that a year ago, Phil asked Angel for his Valentines date via the microblogging site Twitter. That small incident blooms into a 'mutual understanding' and grew into a romance now.

“We were exclusively dating but now we sealed our relationship and have made it official,” Angel said. “We’re sweethearts and we have never been both happier.”

"Angel is not just the woman I love – she’s my greatest fan and my best friend as well,” Phil added. “I want a future with her, but we both think that a wedding plan is not yet on our list.”

Meanwhile, if Angel is happy with Phil in real life, Isabel’s life (Angel’s character) in “TODA Max” will become turbulent. Isabel and Tatay Mac (Al Tantay) will be driven away from their home and will be forced to rent in front of Tol (Robin Padilla) and Justin’s (Vhong Navarro) house. Tatay Mac will start an eatery business, but it will be right in front of Justin’s eatery.

What will happen to Tatay Mac and Justin’s relationship now that they are rivals in business?

Find out in “TODA Max” with guest star Pilita Corales this Saturday, in its new time slot, after the “X Factor Philippines”.

Congratulations Angel and Phil! You were truly a perfect couple! More power and keep your relationship strong! (

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo proves his versatility as an actor. He is both effective in drama and in comedy at the same time! Currently, the actor is seen in two top-rating Kapamilya TV programs. In weekdays, we see him doing a heavy drama via PHR's "Hiyas" and in weekend, we laugh with him as he joins the "Banana Split" gang!

Zanjoe admitted that he’s more comfortable with serious acting and that compared to veteran comedians, he still has a long way to go.

“It’s really difficult to make people laugh. Many people think that it’s harder to do drama but for me, comedy is more challenging.”

In “Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme” where he portrayed as Barry, Zanjoe said that he didn’t feel too much pressure because he was with great actors. Even Eugene Domingo, lead actress in the film, said that Zanjoe’s acting was great.

In “Banana Split” where he regularly tries his best at comedy, he said that if you’re comfortable with the people you’re with, your acting will come out more natural. “We’re almost like brothers and sisters in the show. We help each other,” he said.

Meanwhile in “Banana Split” this Saturday (June 30), watch out for “More Pun in the Philippines” where the cast will sing songs about the different places of the country. In “Hot Issue”, the gang will spoof Angeline Quinto’s search for her biological mom and Ruffa’s walkout in a talk show.

Catch Banana Split this Saturday (June 30) after “TODA Max” on ABS-CBN.(

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABS-CBN's heavy drama TV series "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" is about to wrap up this Friday! An explosive ending is about to happen us secrets and mysteries behind each characters were revealed!

Now that Father Alfred Valderama (Piolo Pascual) regained his past childhood memories and learned that Leo Valderama (Christopher De Leon) who adopted him was the man behind the tragic deaths of his parents, will he set vengeance for him as a payment for all the evil deeds he had done to his real family?! How will he reconcile to his long lost brother Oliver (Jericho Rosales)? Will he join Oliver to fight back against Leo?

In the romantic side of the story, will still be Jasmine (Cristine Reyes) and Alfred in the end?! How will the truth change the relationship of Jasmine and Alfred?! How about Agnes (Maricar Reyes) and Oliver?!

"Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" is another successful product of ABS-CBN's leading Primetime Bida! It is an in-depth teleserye as the story revolves in the important aspects of society like politics, family, and religion! It is not only a romance TV series we all used to grow up with!

Catch the explosive face-off finale of "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" this Friday right after "Walang Hanggan" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida!(

Fresh and new faces were now being introduced by the different TV stations nowadays. Because they were hot, young, and handsome, they can easily captivate the hearts of million viewers!

After Alden Richards, Kiko Estrada, Jhake Vargas, Elmo Magallona and the like, another new Kapuso hunk will make your heart melt! He is no other than Mr. Benjamin Alves!

Benjamin was officially introduced to some members of the entertainment press on Tuesday and was already welcomed in the Sunday musical-variety show "Party Pilipinas" as the newest addition to the roster of Kapuso stars!

This cute guy is actually the nephew of the Ultimate Heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual. His cute physical appeal was being compared to his uncle Piolo Pascual. But according to him, he wants to establish his own career away from the shadow of his uncle.

Benjamin will be introduced in the upcoming Regal Films movie “Guni Guni” joining the beautiful and talented Kapuso actress Ms. Lovi Poe. And sooner, we will see him in the different GMA TV shows like in teleseryes or in youth-oriented programs.

More on Benjamin, he grew up in Guam where he graduated summa cum laude in college. He took up AB English and is planning to pursue graduate studies. Despite his American upbringing, Benjamin is lucky to be able to speak Tagalog fluently without the “twang,” which usually hinders most aspiring Filipinos who grew up abroad from making it big in the local entertainment industry. Cool!

Good luck Benjamin! He is definitely one of the most promising male star today to conquer the showbiz world soon!(
After Joe Jonas, Bruno Mars, Michael Trevino, Lucy Hale, David Archuleta and K-Pop superstars Siwon and Donghae, another international actor was added to the A-list endorsers of the leading global clothing brand Bench.

Liam Hemsworth, the lead star of "The Hunger Games" already signed with Bench as its newest international endorser.

Liam is the youngest of the three Hemsworth brothers in Hollywood, the other two are Luke and Chris Hemsworth, the latter playing the titular role of Thor in "The Avengers".

Before starring as Gale Hawthorne in the hit film adaptation "The Hunger Games", Liam starred together with Miley Cyrus in the 2010 film "The Last Song." Miley and Liam developed a romantic relationship and right now, they were already engaged! So lucky!

Some of the billboards of Liam for Bench were already up in EDSA Guadalupe. I'll share these with you in my next post.

The battle between the two leading clothing brand namely Bench and Penshoppe were getting stiff in terms of acquiring international celebrities. Let's wait and see who will be their next endorsers! Exciting!(

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Primetime Bida's undisputed TV series "Walang Hanggan" once more proves that no one can defeat them! The teleserye continuously soaring higher and higher in terms of TV rating ruling the Primetime block!

From the recent reports of the Kantar Media National TV Ratings (Urban + Rural) from June 21 to 25, "Walang Hanggan" scored a whooping 44.5% TV rating nationwide! It was posted yesterday, June 25, 2012.

"Princess and I" took the second spot as it registered a 40.6% TV rating on the same day. Other Kapamilya Primetime programs like "TV Patrol," "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig," and "Aryana" then occupied the next spots completing the Top 5 most-watched TV programs nationwide!

Expect that in the coming days, this TV rating got by "Walang Hanggan" will keep on rising specially when the character of Ms. Eula Valdez as Black Lily enters the show!

Walang Hanggan's title then truly fits for it - "Walang Hanggang Pagtaas ng Rating...!" As it airs much longer in TV, more and more viewers were captured by it! Congrats to this endless success of "Walang Hanggan!" (

Monday, June 25, 2012

"Princess and I" is today's one of the leading and most-watched TV series in Primetime. With its fairytale-like story, it easily captivates the attention of many viewers specially the younger audience.

The teleserye also gave rise to the names like Princess Mikay, Bestfriend Kiko, Bad Boy Gino, Dasho Jao, and Ashi Behati! These characters were now the talk of the town and favorite personalities of many TV series addicts.

Inline with the continuous success of this so-called 'royal TV series,' the production team of "Princess and I" returned the favor. A special set visit was conducted exclusively for the bloggers.

In the said set visit, bloggers got the chance to meet, greet, and interview the leading stars of the teleserye namely Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, and Ms. Gretchen Barretto.

The cast warmly welcomed us. They talked with us in a very casual way without any pressure or hesitation. They mingled with us and treated us like their 'barkadas!'

Kathryn Bernardo Shares Her Experience Being a Princess

Daniel Padilla Sings a Song for Us!

Enrique Gil Compares His Different Roles in a TV Series

Khalil Ramos Unveils His Singing and Acting Career

Gretchen Barretto Narrates Her Dream Being a 'Queen!'

The lead star Kathryn Bernardo who is playing the character of the long-lost princess Mikay shared how she was overwhelm with this project. She said that she was so blessed to be given a chance to lead in a costly TV series project like this and got an opportunity to travel in the beautiful place of Bhutan!

Daniel Padilla who is teamed with Kathryn for the second time around thanked the fans and audience for their continuous support to their love team. Undeniably, the Kathryn-Daniel tandem is today's one of the hottest pair! Daniel is portraying the 'bad boy' character of Gino who eventually fall in love with Mikay!

Khalil Ramos' entry to this TV series is a great revelation! We all know him being the "Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3" finalist singer who always captivates the hearts of many through his romantic voice. But eventually, he became one of the three leading men of Kathryn. He told us that his first acting job was so challenging. But after he attended different workshops, he is now very comfortable to act in front of cameras!

After portraying the character of BJ in the hit advocacy-series "Budoy," Enrique Gil is now playing the prince charming Dasho Jao. Enrique compared his previous roles before to "Princess and I." According to him, his most challenging role was being BJ in "Budoy" wherein he partially played as antagonist to Gerald Anderson. Here in "Princess and I," he is a boy-next door type who continuously inspires the people. He even shared how he learned the language of Bhutan!

La Greta, Ms. Gretchen Barretto who is now playing the Queen Ashi Behati once more created another remarkable role. After portraying the high class fashionista Victoria Valera, she now became the powerful queen from the Kingdom of Yangdon. According to La Greta, to be a "queen" is her dream since childhood. She wanted to become a queen but she didn't know how?! Until this teleserye came. "Princess and I" then became the answer to her dream! La Greta even shared some of her beauty and success secrets which keep her to stay on top!

The event was such a very fun-filled afternoon! Amidst the busy schedule of these five lead casts since they were also taping on that same day, they gave us chance to talk and mingle with them!

Watch out for my next succeeding posts because I'll share with you their individual interviews! Two thumbs up "Princess and I!" Another milestone in the world of TV series was achieved because of this teleserye!(
Angel Locsin and Dingdong Dantes were paired for the very first time in one big movie project under Star Cinema. The movie is called "One More Try" which is also an official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Dingdong and Angel were now starting their movie shoot. Some of the scenes were taken in the romantic cold place of Baguio.

Below are three of the pictures from their movie. Let's take a look on these lovable pictures courtesy of Angel's Fan Page:

As you can see, Angel has a new look in this movie. She is now having a curly hair. She's so beautiful!

We may note that Angel always reinvents herself in her movies. She varies her looks from her past movies like "In the Name of Love" and "Unoffcially Yours." This time, new Angel Locsin will be seen in this heavy romance-drama movie.

Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo join Angel and Dingdong in this said exciting film!

"One More Try" will start hitting the theaters this coming Christmas as MMFF official entry! Great!(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another new TV series is set to premiere this July, This is a light-romance TV series featuring Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria and Papa Chen, Richard Yap!

"Be Careful with My Heart" marks the very first tandem of Papa Chen and Jodi. In the story, Papa Chen plays a single rich business man having three kids while Jodi serves as the house's maid and a nanny to the children!

Inline with this, the music video of the teleserye's soundtrack was already released. Here is the said music:

The music video also serves as the full trailer of this teleserye since it feature the important scenes in the series.

The TV series is also the first leading role of Papa Chen after he was discovered in the TV series "My Binondo Girl" as Kim Chiu's father!

"Be Careful with My Heart" will be ABS-CBN's Prime-Tanghali block new offering. It will either replace "Mundo Man ay Maginaw" or will be putted right before "It's Showtime!"(

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The last installment of "Twilight Saga" called "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is this year's one of the much awaited films! It will conclude the fate and love story of Bella Swan (Kristen Swart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and of course the third person in-between them, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)!

But before we end the story of this best-selling vampire book, we should look first to its preliminary chapter!

This Sunday, ABS-CBN via their TV program "Kapamilya Blockbuster" will show "New Moon," the sequel to the first "Twilight" movie. Take note, the said movie is in Tagalized version! It was dubbed in Filipino language for the young audience to easily grasp the plot of the story!

Catch Twilight Saga's "New Moon," the Tagalized version this Sunday (June 24), 10:30am only in ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Blockbuster!"(
Thai Heartthrob actor Mario Maurer and Star Magic actress Erich Gonzales show chemistry in some of their cool and wacky pictures during their shooting in Thailand for their movie "Suddenly It's Magic!"

We may recall that last June 11, Erich with the movie crew flew in Thailand to shoot for scenes in Bangkok. They already finished the shooting in Mario's land last June 19.

Here are some of the photos of Erich and Mario during their Thailand shooting days:

On the last photo, together with Mario and Erich is Gubgib Sumontip. She is the girlfriend of Mario!

"Suddenly It’s Magic" is one of the most exciting film to watch out this year. This is directed by Rory Quintos and produced by Star Cinema. We really can't wait and see! Cool!(
Truly, a villain or 'kontrabida' in the story makes the plot of a TV series more colorful! They bring more twist and exciting episodes each night to your favorite show!

Amid the huge following of the hit love quadrangle happening among the teen cast of ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series “Princess and I,” TV viewers cannot help but notice the regal presence of the show’s villainess, Ashi Behati, portrayed by award-winning actress Gretchen Barreto.

La Greta recently claimed the spotlight as she stirred up strong emotions among the loyal followers of “Princess and I” since her character arrived in the Philippines to check on her son Dasho Jao, played by young actor Enrique Gil.

Behati’s surprise visit to Manila was such a hit among viewers that it generated various reactions via Twitter –

“‏@DJKathXstrology: Go Ashi Behati! Ilayo mo si Jao kay Mikay;” “‏@fontanillakat: I smell something fishy with the alliance of Ashi Behati and Gino’s Mom;” “@ellalaaaaaaa: I’m excited to see Gretchen dressing-up, abandoning her Yangdon costume! She is surely stunning;” and “‏@MaxineFernandez: Welcome to the Philippines Ashi Behati! I love you so much. Salamat naman at dumating ka na!”

Being showbiz’ queen of high fashion and reminiscent of her “Magkaribal” days, fans of the “Princess and I” are already anticipating for the trends that Gretchen will come up with as Ashi Behati dons her ‘Manila royalty look’ in the next weeks to come.

What will be Ashi Behati’s role in Jao and Mikay’s (Kathryn Bernardo) love story—will she prevent her son from falling in love for a Filipino commoner or will Mikay’s good influence on Jao earn Behati’s approval? But how will Behati react once she finds out that Mikay, the girl who her son loves so much, is the long lost princess of Yangdon whom she once attempted to get rid off?

Like its story that gets more compelling night after night, the national TV ratings of “Princess And I” continues to leave the competition behind. Based on the combined average of nationwide urban and rural ratings of Kantar Media last June 20, it garnered 39.1% national TV ratings compared to its rival program in GMA, “Luna Blanca” which only got 15.7%, registering a 23.4 difference. The show remains the top 2 most watched TV program in the Philippines, next to “Walang Hanggan.”

Continue to follow the royal tale of Mikay in “Princess and I” weeknights after “TV Patrol” on Primetime Bida.(www,tvseriescraze,
Since the loveteam of Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro in the hit sitcom "Toda Max" was well-accepted by people and posted a perfect chemistry, their tandem will be seen soon in the big screen!

Angel and Vhong are playing the couples Isabel Padausdos and Justin Bibo! They fit one another as they throw comedy lines with each other! As as result, a huge comedy film is inline for them.

Actually, the tandem of Angel-Vhong was first conceptualized in 2010 via the fantasy-comedy TV series "Kokey at Ako." But since Angel is set to start "Imortal," she was replaced by Toni Gonzaga. "Toda Max" then was the first to make come true the Angel-Vhong loveteam!

“I was told that I will be partnered with Angel again. I was surprised because that’s my dream,” Vhong excitedly shared.

As a love team in the weekly comedy show, “Toda Max”, they have gotten used to being partnered together. In it, Vhong plays the funny cook, Justin Bibbo while Angel plays his loving girlfriend, Isabel Padausdos.

Vhong believes that the movie will be great because he and Angel are comfortable in their comedic scenes in their weekly show.

Meanwhile in “Toda Max”, Justin will be leaving for Italy and this will make everyone, especially Isabel, lonely. As he enters the airport, Justin will receive some shocking news.

Tol (Robin Padilla), on the other hand, will be a little intimidated as Diane’s (Valerie Concepcion) ex-boyfriend returns. Guest star Gerald Anderson will be the pilot, Andrew, Diane’s rich and handsome ex.

What is this news that Justin will receive? What will happen to Tol and Diane now that Andrew’s back? Find out in this exciting episode in “Toda Max” this Saturday (June 23) only in ABS-CBN.(

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Versatile actress Ms. Eula Valdez now joins the cast of the Philippine's No. 1 undisputed TV series "Walang Hanggan!" She will portray the character of the rebellious 'Black Lily!'

Finally, ABS-CBN released the teaser of Eula's character! What will be Black Lily's role in the life of the main character Daniel (Coco Martin)?! Well, let's watch this teaser of Ms. Eula Valdez and see how she will change the twist in the story! Here it goes:

As seen in the teaser, she will play a great impact to the life of Daniel. Will she be the new love interest of Daniel?! Will she be the third party between the endless love story of Daniel and Katerina (Julia Montes)?!

Aside from Daniel, what will be her major role in the romance of Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta)?! Is Black Lily the sister of Jane (Rita Avila) who is seeking revenge for the death of her sister?!

With the addition of Ms. Eula Valdez, the story of "Walang Hanggan" becomes more exciting and interesting! We're pretty sure that 'Black Lily' will be another remarkable character of Ms. Eula Valdez in addition to her famous roles before as Amor Powers in "Pangako Sa'yo" and as Selina Matias in the 2011 remake of "Mula Sa Puso!"

Black Lily is one of the most important things we should look forward as "Walang Hanggan" enters to its Book 2! The said teleserye will continue to dominate your nights as it was extended until October of this year! Great! Two thumbs up "Walang Hanggan!"(

Two of the successful products of two reality shows joined forces this Saturday in another magical episode of 'Wansapanataym!' Slater Young who is the Big Winner of "Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited" and Xyriel Anne Manabat who is a runner-up of "Star Circle Kid Quest 2009" star in an episode called "Magic Shoes!"

In the story, Xyriel portrays the role of Bechay, a kid who doesn’t know how to dance. After her father died in an accident, Bechay tried on the shoes that she was supposed to give to her dad as a present when it suddenly fitted her feet and magically turned her into a great dancer. In order to help her mother in their financial problems, Bechay decided to use the shoes to win a dance contest. Can Bechay find enough confidence in herself to dance with her own feet when the magical shoes suddenly disappear?

Together with Xyriel and Slater in the episode are Susan Africa, Wowie de Guzman, Ciara Sotto, and Brenna Peñaflor. It is written by Arlene Tamayo and directed by Jon Villarin.

“Wansapanataym” is a part of ABS-CBN’s “Bida Best Kid” campaign launched recently that aims to empower children by encouraging them to become who they want to be and the best that they can be. It doesn’t only entertain and educate its young viewers with its values-oriented, child-friendly programs, but supports their dreams and aspirations as well.

Catch this another exiting story of "Wansapanataym" this Saturday, June 23 right after “Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal” on ABS-CBN.(
After his breakthrough discovery in the hit TV series "My Binondo Girl" wherein he played the character of Kim Chiu's father Papa Chen, Richard Yap now got a leading role in his newest teleserye. He is now paired with Jodi Sta. Maria in the newest TV series dubbed as "Be Careful With My Heart."

“Be Careful With My Heart” marks the very first team up of Richard and Jodi. This is a teleserye that is set to conquer the noontime television this coming month July.

In the said teleserye, Jodi will be playing the role of Maya, a provincial lass who has nothing but high hopes for her family. How will the rich widower Mr. Lim (to be played by Richard) play a key role in fulfilling Maya’s dream to become a flight stewardess?

Aside from Jodi and Richard, also part of “Be Careful With My Heart” are Jerome Perez, Janella Salvador, and Mutya Orquia. It is under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial.

“Be Careful With My Heart,” premieres this July in ABS-CBN’s Prime-Tanghali block. Jodi and Papa Chen will surely be the newest promising love team on TV! Cool!(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Kapamilya network launches another drama series with a unique and timeless story! This is a tale of a young boy who suffered from progeria, a rare condition wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at an early age.

This new TV series marks the return of this generation's male child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla. He is playing the character of Lorenzo wherein his body was preserved for a long time to wait for a medicine that will cure his disease. After 30 years, he wake up from a long sleep but everything changes!

Here is the official full trailer of "Lorenzo's Time" telling the actual plot of the story. Let's all watch this:

The said teleserye also marks the return of Ms. Carmina Villaroel in the Kapamilya TV series! She will portray the love interest of Lorenzo who already grew up leaving Lorenzo in the young age.

Also starring in the new teleserye are Ms. Gina Pareño, Alfred Vargas, Belle Mariano, James Blanco, Joel Torre, Rommel Padilla, and Amy Austria-Ventura.

The said teleserye is under the direction of Jerome Chavez Pobocan and Tots Mariscal Sanchez. Jerome is the man behind the successful phenomenal TV series like "May Bukas Pa" and "Mara Clara" remake!

"Lorenzo's Time" is set to air on ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida on Monday, July 2, 2012 replacing "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig." Another exciting TV series to watch out! Great! (

The recently held 'OPM Icons at the MOA Arena Concert' on June 16, 2012 was not only filled with good Filipino music. Laughter, fun and giggles also surrounded the air as the country's top comedians performed a stand-up comedy during the event.

Pokwang, Wally Bayola, and Jose Manalo created a huge impact on the audience as they impersonated some of the well-known personalities in the country. At the start, Wally and Jose impersonated broadcasters Rey Langit and Mike Enriguez while Pokwang sang and acted like Jessica Sanchez!

The three performed a live comedy show in the stage changing from one person to another! Pokwang then transformed into Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao while Jose from Willie Revillame to Martin Nieverra singing together "As One" with Wally as Gary V.

Here is a YouTube video clipping courtesy of pinoypowerdotnet showcasing the three's comedy act:

After the imitation of different artists, the three performed a fun song number!

The whole concert which gathered together the country's biggest names in music industry is expected to be shown in ABS-CBN's "Sunday's Best" TV program!(

Monday, June 18, 2012

The SM Mall of Asia Arena was officially launched via a big concert dedicated to the OPM artists. In a grand event called "OPM Icons Concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena," the brightest and the biggest OPM artists were gathered giving us a once in a lifetime memorable event reliving the classic Original Pilipino Music.

The show commenced via a musical arrangement of Master Ryan Cayabyab with the newly formed ABS-CBN Harmonic Orchestra. Afterwards, two of the OPM hitmakers namely Ms. Pop Fernandez and Mr. Jim Paredes were introduced as the event's masters of ceremony!

The audience felt inlove and got inspired as the Asian Balladeer Heartthrob Mr. Christian Bautista and The Company relived the timeless love songs of Jose Mari Chan! Of course, Jose Mari Chan himself serenaded the crowd with his classic hits in a separate number.

Another tribute to OPM icon took place this time for a songwriter. The Ultimate Heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual, Soft-Singer Juris Fernandez, King of Revival Hits Jed Madela, and Crooner Richard Poon reminisced the different teleserye theme songs written by the one and only Mr. Ogie Alcasid. Ogie's different OPM classics were used in the TV series like "Lobo," "My Binondo Girl," and "Walang Hanggan!"

Now called as the music's power couple Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Ms. Regine Velasquez followed performing their duet love songs.

To visualize this said most anticipating concert of the year, here are some of the photos of the said event. Let these pictures speak for you!

Pops Fernandez and Jim Paredes Hosted the Show!

Jose Mari Chan Serenaded the Audience with His Timeless Hits!

The Company Revitalized the Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan!

The Divas Rachel Alejandro, Vernie Varga, and Dulce!

Pokwang and Duo Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo Made a Stand-Up Comedy Show!

Jed Madela, Juris, Piolo Pascual, and Richard Poon Relived the Teleserye Theme Songs!

Bamboo Sang for the Younger Generation!

Power Couple Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez Gave Life to Ogie's Classic Hits!

Erik Santos Gave His Best Shot!

Ms. Lea Salonga Once More Proved Her World-Class Talent!

Erik Santos, Martin Nieverra, and Basil Valdez Represented the Three Generations of OPM Icons!

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano Paid Tribute to Mr. Henry Sy!

The Master of Ceremony Ms. Pops Fernandez Sang at the End of the Show!

The OPM Icons Reunited via an Ending Number!

The OPM Icons Sang Together "The Impossible Dream" in the Show's Finale!

There is No Dull Moments in the Whole Run of the Show!

Divas like Rachel Alejandro, Vernie Varga, and Dulce received a well-round of applause as they gave their utmost 'birit' performance!

The male OPM artists didn't let themselves left behind. Three generations of OPM male icons namely Erik Santos, Martin Nieverra, and Basil Valdez sang the timeless Tagalog love songs!

The night is not only filled with romance and emotions. Laughter, fun, and giggles dominated the whole arena as the comedy trio Pokwang, Wally Bayola, and Jose Manalo performed a live comedy gig impersonating the different famous personalities. Pokwang impersonated Jessica Sanches and Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao. Wally gave life to broadcaster Rey Langit and Mr. Pure Energy Gary V. and Jose portrayed Mike Enriguez, Willie Revillame, and Martin Nieverra! Afterwards, they sang their special numbers capturing the attention of the whole crowd!

The event also paid tributes to the World-Class talents like Arnel Pineda and Lea Salonga. Pinoy rockband represented by Bamboo with the G-Force dancers were also showcased.

The whole performers including the hosts Pops and Jim gathered together in the stage giving the audience a power blast final number. The classic hit "The Impossible Dream" was performed by the OPM icons concluding the night's big concert!

This is such indeed another milestone in the Philippine music as ABS-CBN and SM Mall of Asia Arena bring to life the biggest names in the music industry! Great job!(

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