Photos of Piolo Pascual and Son Iñigo!

The public is now very much excited not only to the Ultimate Heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual but to his son Iñigo as well. These real-life father and son are now gaining popularity. It started when Iñigo surprised his father Papa Piolo through a video during the birthday celebration of the actor in "ASAP Rocks."

Well, if you can't still get enough of these handsome father and son, here's more! Here are some of the photos of the hot sexy heartthrob Papa Piolo Pascual with his real-life son Iñigo. Let's take a quick glance on these:

The photos were arranged in somewhat chronological order - from present to past (from upward downward). On the very top photo, you see that Piolo and Iñigo have a resemblance. Both of them are cute and handsome. Or Papa Piolo's son Iñigo is more handsome than him?!

Said photos were courtesy of Papa Piolo Pascual's Facebook account. Papa P. is Piolo Jose Pascual is real life!

What can you say this real-life showbiz father and son?! They are now receiving equal fame in showbiz. They are both cute and handsome! They are both hot! God bless and good luck to the two of you Papa P. and Iñigo! c",)

Rocky Chua

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