Aiko Melendez Takes a Kontrabida Role For the First Time in 'Reputasyon!'

Ms. Aiko Melendez is very effective in portraying a kontrabida role in the hit afternoon TV series "Reputasyon!" Actually, this is the very first time that Aiko plays an antagonist role! And it really marks her showbiz comeback.

Aiko is playing the character of the Governor's wife. The Governor (played by Emilio Garcia) died while trying to raped Agnes Delos Santos (Cristine Reyes). Agnes then was accused as the mistress of the Governor and blamed her for his death! And because of this incident, the wife was very angry to Agnes and wants vengeance for his husband!

With this role as a villain or anti-hero, Aiko once more proves that her skills in acting is brilliant and unfaded! Audiences truly praised her specially on a particular heavy drama scene wherein she blows her full anger!

Actually "Reputasyon" is not the supposed to be first TV series project comeback of Aiko in the Kapamilya station. It should be the kid-oriented fantasy series "Atom" together with her former hubby Jomari Yllana. But the management decided to release first "Reputasyon" before "Atom!"

Nice one Aiko! Another milestone in your career! Keep it up! c",)

Rocky Chua

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