Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu will return in Primetime! But this time, she is a boy!

Yup, Kim portrays a boy in the exciting new Primetme TV series "My Binondo Girl!"

Another new teaser of this teleserye is very much interesting! If on the first teaser, we saw Kim as a very beautiful lady, in this second teaser, he is a very handsome boy! Oh, how does she becomes as such?!

Here is the second quick teaser of "My Binondo Girl." Let's all watch this:

Why do you think Kim becomes a boy in the story?! Is she camouflaging herself to escape for a certain reason?! Or she has a twin who is a boy?!

Well, it's for us to find out this coming August as "My Binondo Girl" hits the Primetime!

Nice one Kim! This newest teleserye once more proves the versatility of Ms. Kim Chiu! Great! (TV Series Craze)

The well-loved Prinsesa ng Primetime will finally return in Primetime Bida! Ms. Kim Chiu returns via her newest TV series!

As they say, "wala nang makapipigil sa kanyang fearless comeback," Kim returns via "My Binondo Girl!"

Yes, "My Binondo Girl" is part of the ABS-CBN's third quarter TV series offering. And it will hit the Primetime this coming month of August!

Here is a quick teaser of "My Binondo Girl" featuring the fearless comeback of Ms. Kim Chiu! Let's all watch this:

Kim was last seen in the Sunday afternoon drama anthology "Your Song Presents Kim." In the said program, Kim portrayed different roles since every Sunday, new story was presented!

In Primetime Bida, Kim's last teleserye was "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" opposite Gerald Anderson. But Kim played a special role in "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" as the young Lorna Tolentino!

All are really excited for Kim's comeback! This is another exciting new TV series from the one and only home of the best TV series, the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN! Great! (TV Series Craze)
Seems that this AZKALS' hottie Anton Del Rosario is today's favorite endorser. After his latest Smart C+ juice drinks, here comes another!

Anton Del Rosario promotes the Facebook hit game Alter Space! Alter Space is a Filipino-made environment-friendly online game. And Anton is the face of this said game.

Here is the said commercial of Alter Space featuring the yummy heartthrob Anton Del Rosario of AZKALS. Let's all watch this:

We're unsure if that said endorsement is already released or shown on TV as a TV commercial. But though not often seen on TV, the said video clipping already got many views and visits on the internet!

Aside from this Alter Space game and Smart C+ juice drinks, Anton was also seen in the Cortal TV commercial with co-AZKALS' teammate Neil Etheridge!

Great one Anton! You're such a cute endorser! Everyone really attracted to try the product you're endorsing! Nice! (TV Series Craze)
"Growing Up" is an upcoming youth-oriented TV series from the Kapamilya network. This is led by the "Mara Clara" cast Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.

Each character of the said teen drama has their own teaser. After we watch and hear Kathryn Bernardo in her teaser, here comes Julia Montes!

On her teaser, Julia talks about boys and insecurities. According to her, "hindi siya nagpapaganda para sa mga boys!" Rather, "nagpapaganda siya para sa sarili!"

Here is the cute teaser of Julia Montes for "Growing Up". Let's all watch this:

"Growing Up" is said to replace another teen-oriented drama "Good Vibes." It will premiere soon as part of the ABS-CBN's third quarter offering!

Other "Mara Clara" teen cast like EJ Jallorina, Kiray Celis, and Diego Loyzaga join Kathryn and Julia in this newest drama series. But Albie Casino who is Kathryn's leading man is not anymore part of the teleserye. Rather, he was replaced by Daniel Padilla!

I'll share with you their other character teasers on my next posts! Stay tune! (TV Series Craze)
"Growing Up" is the newest youth-oriented show on ABS-CBN. The main cast and characters are also the lead teen cast of "Mara Clara."

Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes topbill the said teen TV series. And each of them has a separate teaser.

Here is the teaser of Kathryn Bernardo. On her teaser, she talks about boys and first kiss. Let's all watch this:

"Growing Up" will replace another youth-oriented show "Good Vibes." Yup, this will be placed on the Sunday afternoon timeslot.

Other teasers featuring the other cast of this newest show were already released. And I'll share them with you on my next succeeding posts! (TV Series Craze)
Three of the hottest teleserye heartthrobs were the special guest of Vice Ganda this Sunday in his live comedy show "Gandang Gabi Vice."

If last Sunday, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes of "Mara Clara" were Vice's special guest, this time, JM De Guzman and Enrique Gil of "Mula Sa Puso" grace the show!

And also if last Sunday, our Pinay "Maria La Del Barrio" Erich Gonzales laughed with Vice, this time, her leading man Luis Fernando who is Enchong Dee will laugh with Vice!

Here is the teaser of this another laugh-trip episode of "Gandang Gabi Vice." Let's all watch this:

It's gonna be another teleserye night in "Gandang Gabi Vice" this Sunday! And this time, it's a leading man edition!

This Sunday, this episode seems also a "Big Loser" camp as Ms. Frenchie Dy and Ms. Marissa Sanchez also grace the show! Nice!

We'll really laugh out loud tonight in "Gandang Gabi Vice" right after "Pilipinas Got Talent" Season 3! (TV Series Craze)
The Hottest Philippine Football Team, the AZKALS plug the BHtv's sports TV program called "Power Up!"

"Power Up" is a sports show brought by BHtv or Bacolod Hottest Television. Yup, this can be watch on the regional network group in Bacolod.

Four of the hottest AZKALS hunky heartthrobs namely Anton Del Rosario, JC Sabio, James Younghusband, and Phil Younghusband promote the show.

Here is the said plug. Let's all watch this:

AZKALS breath-taking moments in the court were also featured in the said plug!

Great one AZKALS! Go...go...go! (TV Series Craze)
Another AZKALS' hot heartthrob is featured in the newest TV commercial! Hottie Anton Del Rosario leads the newest TVC of Smart C+ juice drinks!

Actually Smart C+ has introduced 5 celebrities including Anton who portray the juice brand’s thrust for adopting a well-balanced, multi-faceted way of life as its endorsers.

Liz Uy, Divine Lee, RJ Ledesma and Rissa Mananquil join Anton Del Rosario in this another inspiring and motivating TV commercial of Smart C+.

Here is the said TVC. Let's all watch this:

To give you a quick details about these 5 newest endorsers: celebrity stylist Liz Uy is Preview magazine’s editor-at-large and one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry; RJ Ledesma is a magazine editor, TV host, Yoga Manila co-founder, and one of the masterminds behind Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato Weekend Markets; model and real estate executive Divine Lee also manages a fashion line; model-teacher Rissa Mananquil is a full-time mom who juggles modeling, teaching and writing a beauty column; and Philippine National Football Team (Azkals) Center-Back Anton del Rosario, one of the young movers and shakers in the local sports arena who’s responsible for the country’s newfound obsession with football.

Seems that each member of the AZKALS is now given many opportunities in the world of endorsements and TV commercials! Aside from the brothers Phil and James Younghusband, Neil Etheridge, Aly Borromeo, and Anton Del Rosario were now seen on different TV commercials and billboards! Nice one guys! Keep it up! (TV Series Craze)

Child superstar Zaijan Jaranilla returns on "Wansapanataym" now as "Dirty Larry," the boy who never takes a bath!

This is the second comeback of Zaijan on Primetime TV after his fantaserye. We may recall that last Saturday, Zaijan also appeared in the drama anthology "MMK" as Andoy, the child tour guide!

Here in "Wansapanataym," he will cast a spell as he plays the role of a boy who hates taking a bath. One day, the germs on Larry’s skin come to life and attack his mother. In the end, he saves his mother and learns the important lesson on proper hygiene.

Here is the teaser of another exciting magical episode of this fantasy anthology:

The said episode is under the direction of Eric John Salud.

Ms. Lara Quigaman and Mr. Erik Fructuoso play the parents of Zaijan in this another magical story!

"Wansapanataym" airs every Saturday right after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN. (TV Series Craze)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The exact playdate of the highly anticipated Philippine adaptation of the hit Thalia's Mexiconovela "Maria La Del Barrio" is finally announced. This will be on August 15, 2011 on Primetime Bida!

Just like the original version, the story revolves around the town girl Maria Hernandez and her love story with the rich Luis Fernando Dela Vega. Maria and Luis Fernando is now portrayed by today's hottest love team Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee. They will fight for love amidst of status in life, secrets of the past, and conflicting lives in the present!

Erich and Enchong reunite with their "Magkaribal" co-star Ms. Angel Aquino. If in the said fashion-serye Angel played the mother of Erich, this time she will be Enchong's mother. She is Victoria Montenegro-Dela Vega, the mother of Luis Fernando. Ian Veneracion plays as her husband who has a past with Assunta de Rossi who plays Maria’s mother.

Comedy Queen Aiai delas Alas takes on a very special role as Casilda, Maria’s adoptive mother.

Playing the antagonist who will make the life of Maria miserable is Soraya Montenegro played by Paw Diaz. If Soraya puts pain to the life Maria, Luis Fernardo's younger brother Vladimir will have a feeling to this simple girl. Vladimir is now played by Aaron Villaflor!

Completing the cast are Jake Roxas, Katya Santos, Gio Alvarez, Atoy Co, Jane Oineza, Badjie Mortiz and K Brosas. This is under the direction of Rory B. Quintos and Richard Somes.

"Maria La Del Barrio" is said to replace "Mula Sa Puso" which is now on its second to the last week! Go Erich and Enchong! (TV Series Craze)
Starting this Monday on Primetime, two of the so-called top-rating TV series from two rival networks will be pitted against each other! GMA-7's Telebabad banner "Amaya" will be pitted against ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida inspirational series "100 Days to Heaven!"

Since Richard Gutierrez' "Captain Barbel" just recently concluded yesterday, its timeslot will be occupied by Marian Rivera's "Amaya!" And it will directly pit the Xyriel Ann Manabat's teleserye "100 Days to Heaven!"

Who do you think will win in the battle?! Who will reign on the rating game later on?! Who is the true conqueror between these two?!

Well, we'll see on the succeeding days! Who's your bet between Amaya and Madam Anna Manalastas?! Which will you watch avidly between these two?!

This gonna be another exciting fight! Good luck girls! c",)
For the first time, a male celebrity leads the annual 100 Most Beautiful Stars list by the entertainment magazine called YES!

Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz was hailed as this year's 100 Most Beautiful Stars. John Lloyd is the first male star to top the list. We may recall that in the past years, female celebrities lead the list like Judy Ann Santos, Marian Rivera, KC Concepcion and Kim Chiu.

On the presscon held last July 28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Lloydie was intrigued why he was chosen to be this year's leader. “It’s a very intriguing and interesting recognition but I’m hoping na there’s more to this handsome face and godly body kaya niyo ako pinili,” he said.

This year, Lloydie is very in-demand in different fields. His last movie with Toni Gonzaga becomes a blockbuster hit and his last TV series with Ms. Angel Locsin called "Imortal" is also a phenomenal hit on TV. He is set to do a new movie with Angel and Sarah Geronimo later this year. He is also a favorite male endorser today!

Great one Lloydie! Keep up the good work! c",)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Last June, the news about the acquisition of ABS-CBN to many of the hit creations of Mars Ravelo including "Darna" and "Dyesebel" spread like wire fire. It became the trending topic on the world wide web!

With regards to this, fans speculated for the different Kapamilya actresses to portray the role of "Darna." All want that Ms. Angel Locsin to portray once more the role of "Darna" but this time on ABS-CBN. Fans even made a petition and a fan-made poster shouting for Angel to fly again as "Darna!"

But on the recent showbiz oriented talk show "Juicy", IC Mendoza, one of the host of the said show revealed that it's the young Kapamilya actress Ms. Jessy Mendiola will be our new "Darna!" According to him, the Kapamilya network already chose Jessy to play the character of this famous and well-loved Pinay superhero. Angel Locsin is also on the said show but her role will be just a special participation wherein she will just only pass the stone to Jessy!

Well if you're to ask, do you want Jessy Mendiola to play as the new "Darna" in the Kapamilya station?! Or you still prefer Ms. Angel Locsin?! How about considering other Kapamilya actresses aside from Jessy and Angel?! What do you think?!

The last actress who portrayed "Darna" in the Kapuso network last 2009 was Marian Rivera!

Jessy Mendiola on the other hand is currently busy doing the newest TV series "Budoy" opposite Gerald Anderson! Great! c",)
Finally, the first ever movie of "Mara Clara" stars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes will hit theaters nationwide this coming month of August 2011.

"Way Back Home" is the official title of this teen-oriented movie. Two young hunk actors namely Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil will be the new leading men of Julia and Kathryn. Actually they replaced the original young actors in the main cast. Sam replaces the late AJ Perez while Enrique replaces Albie Casiño!

The movie will be shown on August 17, 2011. As they say, more new twists will be witness in the story. We will find out who between Kathryn and Julia will be the kontrabida! Their roles in this movie were very much different from the roles they portrayed in the phenomenal hit series "Mara Clara!" They were sisters in the story.

This said film is under the direction of Jerry Lopez-Sineneng produced by Star Cinema. Ms. Agot Isidro plays he mother of Kathryn and Julia in the story.

Another must see movie! Good luck Kathryn, Julia, Sam, and Enrique! Two thumbs up to the four of you and more power to your career! C",)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A particular website already released the first movie poster of the highly anticipated "Twilight" Saga's "Breaking Dawn."

Here is the said movie poster. Let's check it out:

"Breaking Dawn" is set to hit the theaters this coming November 2011. Actually this is a two-part movie. The first part will be this November while the second part will be in 2012.

In this new movie series, there will be more twists in the love story of Edward (Robert Patinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart). They will be wed in this movie. And they will have a sexy bed scene. And of course, we will finally meet their first daughter!

Everybody is really waiting for it! Good luck Robert and Kristen! Another must-see movie! Thumbs up! c",)
Vice Ganda returns in the hit inspirational TV series "100 Days to Heaven" starting this week. Actually he already appeared in the Wednesday episode of the said teleserye.

Vice is playing the character of August, the former beautician of Madam Anna Manalastas (Coney Reyes) who is now running his own parlor. And just like the other employees of Madam, she had to correct her mistake to this beautician.

Here is the quick teaser of the episode of "100 Days to Heaven" featuring the character of Vice Ganda as August. Here it goes:

Because of the different hardships experienced by August from Madam Anna, it seems that he even got the bad qualities of this boss. He adopts her traits specially the famous line of madam saying "Kuha Mo!"

How will madam change the life of August?! And how will they do it?! Well let's find out in another exciting episode of "100 Days to Heaven" weeknights right after "TV Patrol" only in Primetime Bida! Nice! c",)

Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo is the newest endorser of Aji Ginisa. And her current TV commercial for the said seasoning is already shown.

Here is the said TV commercial of Sarah. Let's all watch this:

In the TVC, Sarah showcases her talent in cooking. And while cooking, Sarah serenades us with her sweet singing voice!

Great one Sarah! c",)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you still remember them?! Yup, they were the young cast of the previous hit teen-oriented TV series "Gimik 2010" which aired every Sundays in the Kapamilya network last year.

We all familiar with the three main cast who were Jessy Mendiola, Franco Daza, and Lance Christopher. But in the pictures above, are you still familiar with the other characters aside from the three?! Who among them shines brighter now?!

Looking at the pictures, we can spot Albie Casiño, Julia Montes, Daniel Padilla, Jiro Shirakawa, Jaco Benin, and of course Jessy, Franco, and Lance. Preferably, these names become popular or become known to public because of the said teen-oriented show.

But actually in the names above, Julia Montes shines the brightest! If you can recall, Julia in the said teen mini-series is just a supporting character. Before she is using the screen name Mara Montes and she is really unknown to many! But after bagging one of the two lead characters as the antagonist Clara in the phenomenal hit TV series remake "Mara Clara," Julia now is one of the well-known most important name in showbiz!

Following Julia is of course Albie Casiño who is the center of controversy today. After playing the boy-next door character of Christian in "Mara Clara," Albie eventually rose in fame! He is now the young favorite heartthrob. His controversy with former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann makes his more famous!

And of course following Julia and Albie in the bright star list is Jessy Mendiola, the lead character in this teen oriented-show. After "Gimik 2010", Jessy lead 'Sabel" with Joseph Marco and with the late AJ Perez. Jessy's next TV series is "Budoy" with Gerald Anderson.

Franco Daza, another lead star of this show on the other hand is also gaining popularity. He is one of the cast of the much-awaited "Nasaan Ka Elisa". And right now, Franco is portraying the bad boy villain against Coco Martin in 'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin!"

Jaco Benin and Jiro Shirakawa were not so famous in TV. Rather they excel in their own fields. Jaco, son of the Side A band vocalist, is following the path of his father as his album is conquering the music scene. Jiro on the other hand is a hot stud in the field of ramping and modelling because of his yummy sexy body!

We're looking for Lance Christopher, the other leading man of Jessy! It seems that after this show, no more other projects followed for him! We're missing this cutie!

Now are you convinced?! These stars before were unknown. But after this teen-oriented show, they created their own names in showbiz! Good job guys! c",)

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