New Poll: Mara or Clara?!

The top-rating and phenomenal hit TV series "Mara Clara" gave rise to two of the newest teen superstars today. Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are today's favorite teen actresses!

With their beauty and popularity, our new online poll survey opens! Who between Mara and Clara or between Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo is your bet?! Who do you think is more popular, more talented, more beauty, and more charismatic?! Who is your idol between the two!

Because of their unstoppable popularity, Julia and Kathryn already have their own fans club. And they were avidly supporting their idols!

In their hit teleserye "Mara Clara", Kathryn and Julia portrayed two opposing characters. Kathryn is playing the kindhearted Mara while Clara is portraying a selfish kontrabida!

The humble and good character of Kathryn in the story made her loved by many viewers.. Meanwhile, though portraying a bad girl in the teleserye, Julia even captured the attention of many fans!

And because of their popularity, Julia and Kathryn even got different endorsement like the Rejoice shampoo. Then even have their big billboard for Bench. And their upcoming first movie under Star Cinema is already set!

Now let's put the battle between Mara and Clara in an online poll. You may now start casting your votes! The voting area is on the right side panel of this website. Who do you prefer, Julia or Kathryn?! Good luck girls! Keep up the good work! c",)

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