Gael and Olive, Another Promising Vampire Pair in 'Imortal!'

Aside from Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz), another pair who truly captivates the heart of many viewers is the new love team of the two young vampires Gael and Olive!

Bryan Santos who is playing the character of the heartthrob vampire Gael and Marlann Flores who is well-known as the sweet Olive who now turns to be a vampire are the two new and fresh faces in the exciting story of "Imortal". Their chemistry as a pair gradually prosper in this top-rating fantasy series.

In the first part of this TV series, Marlann is first paired to Dino Imperial who is playing the fortune-teller (gabay) Jethro. Olive who is a nerd student has a crush on Jethro and later on, Jethro also feels the same with Olive.

But when the vampire Gael kidnapped Olive, it seems that the love story of Olive and Jethro twisted. Unexpectedly, a chemistry between Olive and Gael arises. Gael seems to have a crush with Olive.

Until finally, Olive was also converted to be a vampire! Gael guided the newly vampire Olive. Until a friendship rises between these two creatures of darkness. Olive even convinced Gael to be a good vampire and follow the good peaceful ways of Mateo. Olive changes Gael for good!

As Gael and Olive becomes closer and closer, it seems that Olive and Jethro were moving apart! Olive now is becoming in good hands with Gael!

Not only in the story of "Imortal", it seems that in real life, Bryan and Marlann are getting closer! The pictures, their gimmicks clearly showed how close Bryan and Marlann now is! Even in the latest movie of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo called "Catch Me...I'm In Love", Bryan and Marlann watched the romantic movie together!

With the closeness of Bryan and Marlann on and off cam, it smells that another project awaits these two?! If that's the case, will you support them?! Do you want to see them again together in a new TV series or in a possible movie project?! How about Dino Imperial?!

Before the grand finale of "Imortal", it smells another love triangle! This time, it's not anymore between Mateo, Lia, and Lucas. But between Gael, Olive, and Jethro! And in this new love triangle, who will you prefer, Gael-Olive or Olive-Jethro?!

Another promising new love team ABS-CBN had produced! Good luck Bryan and Marlann! Looking forward for your more projects together! Keep up the good work! Great! c",)

Rocky Chua

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  1. Gael FTW!!!

  2. Ferio Bartolome4/8/11, 2:35 PM

    Really happy to see Bryan and Marlann in another TV series or movies!

  3. We love Brylanns!!!!!

  4. i love you BRYLANNS...... sana si gael nalang ang piliin ni olive kiysa ky jethro mas bagay pah sila kasi parehong vampira sila at ang sweet talaga nila ..... we hope we seen them in another movie or another primetime na sila naman ang bida ... best pair 2011 talaga ...

  5. sa si gael nalang piliin ni olive kaysa ky jethro kasi mas bagay sila malakas ang dating sobrang bagay talaga ..iloveit....

  6. sana si olive at si gael nlang mg katuluyan wag si jethro .!!

  7. ummm...sana si olive at si gael ang mag katuluyan,...whag si jenthro!!!!...=( mas bagay si olive at gael.,,=)<3

  8. Unang kita ko pa lang kay "GAel" nasabi ko na sa sarili ko na parang may iba sa character niya.Hindi siya basta "extra" lang sa IMORTAL.BAgay sila ni "Olive".GO!!!Bryan Santos

  9. iba ang dating ni gael... very natural ung acting nya as vampire... nakakatuwa kc syang panoorin pg nkikipag-usap n sya kay olive. my kilig factor pg kaeksena nya c olive.

  10. sana mag sex silang dalawa ni gael

  11. I love you BryLanns!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. love q talaga cla gael and olive!!!
    pero parang nalilito na aqjethro

  13. gael bgay kau ni olive..!!
    n real lyf,,. kau bah ?!

  14. cute pag c gael at olive... kaso nga lang,, prang sa imortal sumasama c gael kya pano kung c jethro piliin nia?? wag naman sana kc mas boto ako kay gael at olive.. GAELIVE/BRYLANN!!

  15. erinne.tiangco8/29/12, 8:46 PM

    more brylann,more films and movies with marlann and bryan

    go go go!!!

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