Saturday, April 30, 2011

It seems that we are watching a fairy tale TV series during the royal wedding of a prince and a princess. But it's a real-life story of the actual prince and princess in the modern world!

Prince William and Kate Middleton already tied the knight last April 29, 2011. And it seems that the whole world is watching and celebrating this grand engagement. Almost every news and reports, the topic is always all about William and Kate!

The most romantic, the most memorable, and the most 'kilig' part of any wedding is the kissing scene. All the people around the world truly feel the 'kilig' during their kissing scene. So, let's bring back those special moments.

If you missed the kiss, then you can have it back! Here are two photos of William and Kate first and second kissing scenes after their wedding ceremony:

The First Kiss

The Second Kiss

And of course, here is a video showing how Kate Middleton and Prince William kissed at the Buckingham Palace's balcony after their royal wedding. (You can catch the kiss at 1:36 and 3:52 portion of the video.) Here it goes:

Definitely, you are feeling 100% Kilig right now! It's very romantic and inspiring! It's truly a fairy tale in real life!

Prince William and Kate Middleton will now use the title of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Congratulations and best wishes to this newly wed royal couple! c",)
Tears will truly fall tonight in this very special episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya". This is the last TV appearance of the teen actor AJ Perez before his tragic vehicular accident.

AJ is co-starred with the child actor Bugoy Cariño. They were playing here as two brothers who were always together.

Here are the full trailer and the teaser of this said "MMK" episode. Fans even created a tribute for AJ in the last part of the teaser. Let's all watch these:

The Full Trailer:

The Teaser with a Tribute to AJ:

As they always say, "babaha ng balde-baldeng luha mamaya...". We will cry because of the story and because of AJ Perez. He will be best remembered in this very special episode.

Seeing the trailer, many were truly "nanghinayang" because of the sudden lost of the actor. And watching him portraying the role, AJ truly showcased his great acting stunt!

At the end of the show, the real-life story of AJ will also be seen. This is a special tribute of this longest running drama anthology to the late young actor!

So ready your handkerchiefs tonight and prepare your self to cry! May you rest in peace sweet angel AJ! All is loving you! :(
"Good Vibes", the newest youth-oriented TV series in the Kapamilya network proves that it is the No. 1 youth program not only in the whole country but also in the cyber world!

"Good Vibes" now conquers the world wide web through its Facebook fan page and Twitter. It's very impressive to know that this hip teen drama is also making a following online after only four weeks on air. For airing only its first four episodes, as of Thursday (April 28, 2011), “Good Vibes” already gained 53,000 fans on Facebook and almost 10,000 followers on Twitter. Nice!

Since it is a youth-oriented show, definitely more viewers of it are mostly young and teenagers. And youngsters and teenagers are mostly those who are always active online therefore they able to put "Good Vibes" on top of the most followed youth-oriented TV series in the cyberspace! Great!

Even in terms of the rating game, "Good Vibes" is still a win-win over its rival "Tween Hearts". Last Sunday (April 24), "Good Vibes" once more won with a rating of 9.3 percent compared to Tweenhearts’ 8.1 percent, based on data from Kantar Media.

“We’re number one just after 4 episodes! Pangako, we will continue to give our all so sana mas abangan pa nila ang next episodes ng GV,” one of the lead cast Enrique Gil expressed.

After a light and inspiring Easter episode last Sunday, expect things to heat up once again on the show as fights erupt among the members of the school dance troupe. Adding to the tension is the impending departure of one of their members.

Good job "Good Vibes"! Keep on soaring high! Do you think "Good Vibes" could be as successful as the previous hit youth-oriented TV shows of ABS-CBN namely "Gimik" and "Tabing-Ilog"?! Hopefully! Good luck guys! c",)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Two of the favorite and well-loved TV series will be having their last battle tonight! One fantaserye and one Koreanovela both on Primetime! Both Kapamilya and Kapuso network brought them!

What are they fighting for?! Let's see:

The Last Battle for Peace and Harmony

The Last Battle for Love and Dream

The werewolves and vampires were now uniting. Former villains like Lucille and Imelda are now joining their clans for peace and harmony. They are all against one great powerful monster, Lucas (Rico Blanco)! Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) will bite one another to fight Lucas! Will they able to defeat this monster as well as his evil killer group?!

Tak Gu's only one girl Eula already tied the knot with his half-brother Matthew. How can he accept the truth?! Will he finally found his new love?! What then will happen with his relationship with Matthew, will they finally reconcile in the end?! And what will be the consequence for all the evil deeds of the villains Roman and Sandra?!

Two fight, one goal! All is fighting for love. All is fighting for peace and harmony. All is dreaming to have a better future. Will the main characters Lia, Mateo, and Tak Gu win in this great fight?!

Well, let's support and be with them! Let's join them in their last round of fight! "Imortal" and "The Baker King" finales tonight in Primetime Bida and Telebabad! Go, go, go Lia, Mateo, and Tak Gu!!! c",)
Vivian will replace Lia on Primetime Bida! A fantasy-series will be replaced by a cool Koreanovela.

Yup, the much-awaited comeback of Vivian of "Lovers in Paris" via the newest Korean drama "I Am Legend" replaces "Imortal" starting this Monday! It took the timeslot of "Green Rose". "Green Rose" then will be moved earlier taking the timeslot of "Imortal".

Kim Jung Eun now plays the character of Solenn. Solenn is an unhappy wife of an attorney. She was being envy by many because of the wealth and fame she had. But she is not happy in this status so she decided to divorce her husband and decided to reclaim her childhood dream-to be a rock star!

Together with her high school friends, they formed a rock group called Comeback Madonna Band.

Definitely, a brand new Vivian will be seen here in this exciting soap. She will showcase her other side being a singer and a rock star! Nice! Are you excited for her comeback?!

Vivian or Kim Jung Eun seems always a replacement for a hit fantaserye. If you can still recall her Koreanovela "Lovers in Paris" replaced the hit fantaserye "Marina" in 2004. Now in 2011, she will once more replace another hit fantaserye "Imortal" via "I Am Legend"! Do you think her new Koreanovela will be as hit as "Lovers in Paris"?! We'll see! Good luck Vivian a.k.a. Solenn! c",)
Kylie Padilla, the 18-year old daughter of the action star Robin Padilla will play the lead role in the TV series remake of the classic movie "Blusang Itim".

After choosing among the different Kapuso young stars like Gwen Zamora and Sarah Lahbati, GMA-7 decided to give the lead role to Kylie. She will portray the character of Jessa which was previously played by Ms. Snooky Serna.

"Blusang Itim" is a 1986 Seiko Films movie of the same title. Snooky played the lead role and her leading men in this film were Richard Gomez and Joel Alano. Here is the original movie poster of this said classic film:

In the remake, Kylie's leading men will be the hunk actor Carl Guevarra and Maxene and Elmo's brother, Frank Magallona. Frank will reprise the role of Richard Gomez.

Kylie's kontrabida in this TV series will be Wynwyn Marquez. She will reprise the character of Lani Mercado!

This will gonna be a big break for Kylie. This is also her first starring role in a TV series. We may recall that Kylie first appeared on TV in 2008 in a supporting role in the fantaserye "Joaquin Bordado" together with her father Robin. This first TV appearance won for Kylie her first award in showbiz – Best New Female TV Personality at the 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television.

She continued her showbiz career on GMA-7 by being part of the musical variety show "Party Pilipinas" and acting stints in “Tween Hearts” and “Dwarfina.”

Right now, Kylie is being trained by Ms. Gina Alajar in an acting workshop to prepare her for the role. Good luck Kylie! c",)
Today, April 29, 2011 will have another memorable event in the pages of World History. This day marks the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The whole world are all set to cover this big event. Everyone is so excited to witness the so-called fairy tale wedding of the prince and princess in the modern world!

Here in our country, the three giant networks were all equip to give us a live coverage of this said wedding. ABS-CBN 2, GMA-7, and TV5 have their own promos and gimmicks in giving us updates and live streaming of this wedding.

The Kapuso network will have their live coverage through GMA-7 and through their News Channel-11.

The Kapatid network will team up with the Independent Television Network (ITN) in covering the royal wedding. ITN is the official TV channel of the royal wedding in the UK.

The Kapamilya network in partnership with BBC, the largest network in London, will also do live coverage of the royal wedding via ABS-CBN Channel 2, Studio 23, ANC and Lifestyle Network.

The question now goes, who do you think between these three network can give us the best live coverage of the royal wedding of the century?! Which among these three do you prefer to watch?! It smells another network war now in terms of covering the Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding! Good luck! c",)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The late Kapamilya teen actor AJ Perez is supposed to be part of the Philippine adaptation of "Maria La Del Barrio"!

According to reports, when AJ was still in Boracay for a vacation, his handler called him. He is part of the said Erich Gonzales-Enchong Dee teleserye. His scene together with Enchong is about to take but since he was in Bora, the taping was postponed.

His supposed to be role in "Maria La Del Barrio" is his second big role after his leading role in "Sabel".

If that will prosper, then AJ has a chance to work with his Gigger Boys close friend Enchong. Yup, Enchong Dee and AJ Perez were close friends when their all-male group Gigger Boys was formed.

Enchong really cried learning the tragic death of his friend AJ. Enchong was currently in their Star Magic US Tour when AJ passed away. He immediately asked her mother to go to the wake of AJ for him. So sad!
Fans and viewers will truly miss this adorable, courage, and captivating Tak Gu, the lead character in everyone's favorite Primetime Koreanovela, "The Baker King"!

"The Baker King" will finally bid goodbye this Friday, April 29, 2011 in GMA Telebabad.

Since the TV series started in January this year, Filipinos have come to love the life story of Tak Gu, the baker king of the story. His fight, his struggle in life, and his dream to be a very good baker which he attained in the end inspire many people. Even his love for the girl Eula puts 'kilig' in the heart of the audience. Even the Korean actor Yoon Shi Yoon who portrayed the role of Tak Gu becomes closer to all of us! His supposed to be visit here in the Philippines was very much awaited. Many got disappointed when it didn't prosper!

Now in the final episode of "The Baker King", expect that Tak Gu will still impart more lessons in life as he faces his last struggle.

What will happen to Tak Gu and Matthew in the end?! Will they finally be in good hands now?! How about the villains Roman and Sandra who put deception and pain to Tak Gu?! And will Tak Gu find his true love after Eula ties the knot with Matthew?!

Well, let's all witness this very inspiring and spirit-lifting finale of "The Baker King" this Friday right after "I Heart You Pare". "The Baker King" truly lifts the ratings of the Kapuso Primetime! c",)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aside from the unpredictable twists and breath-taking fight scenes in the story, another thing that truly awaited by its million viewers is the love triangle between Gael (Bryan Santos), Olive (Marlann Flores), and Jethro (Dino Imperial). Their love story puts 'kilig' in this hit TV series.

Who do you think will Olive choose between the 'gabay' Jethro and the vampire Gael?! Who is your bet between these two young hunks for Olive?!

Gael and Olive

Jethro and Olive

There is a chemistry between Olive and Jethro and between Olive and Gael. In the story, Olive was first paired with Jethro and Gael just seems to be a third party between them. But as many noticed the a chemistry between the Olive-Gael tandem, they paired Olive to Gael and Jethro was left behind.

When Olive becomes a vampire, she becomes closer now to Gael. And Jethro who is the first crush and close friend of Olive left alone doing his responsibility as the werewolves' fortuneteller. Even in the party of the werewolves-vampire union, when Olive was invited to dance by both Gael and Jethro, Olive chose Gael!

But in the recent episodes, it was revealed that Gael is the spy of the group of Magnus (Jake Roxas). He is actually the traitor in the group of good vampires. He even joined the bad vampires in their attack of the ASEAN Summit.

Now that Gael is turning bad, will the story ended for Jethro and Olive together?! What then will happen to Gael if that's the case?! But in last night's episode, Gael is secretly seeing Olive. Will Gael change his mind and return his loyalty to the group of Olive?!

Jethro-Olive or Gael-Olive...who do you want to be together in the end?! Maybe your decision for Olive's lovelife will be chosen in the exciting final episode of "Imortal"! Good luck! May the best man win! c",)
Do you wonder how Kim Chiu would look like in her upcoming TV series "Binondo Girl"?! Well, take a quick glance on these pictures.

Here are the photos of Kim Chiu showing her look being a "Binondo Girl!"

Looking at Kim and knowing the title of her teleserye, definitely, "Binondo Girl" is a TV series that will tackle Chinese culture. It's more about the story of Filipino-Chinese community. Binondo is a place in our country wherein many Chinese Pinoys live and earn for a living. And Kim Chiu in the story will have a Chinese blood. Definitely, he's a daughter of a Chinese!

Currently, Kim Chiu together with the other cast and crews of "Binondo Girl" flew to China to take some of the important scenes in the TV series.

Kim Chiu in this newest TV series is paired with three leading men namely Xian Lim, Jolo Revilla, and Matteo Guidiceili. Chery Pie Picache, Glydel Mercado, and Ai-Ai Delas Alas are also part of the main cast and characters!

Are you excited for this?! Do you want to see a brand new Kim Chiu on Primetime?! This is also the very first Primetime teleserye of Kim without her perennial on-screen partner Gerald Anderson!

"Binondo Girl" is set to hit Primetime Bida very soon! Good luck Kim! c",)
Vivian of the hit Koreanovela "Lovers in Paris" will return on Primetime and on her home network, ABS-CBN! This time, she will be a legend!

Korean actress Kim Jung-eun or better known in the Philippines as Vivian leads the newest Koreanovela "I Am Legend". She is paired with two hot Korean actors Lee Jun-hyeok and Kim Seung-su. Korean actress Jang Yeong-nam also joins them!

"I Am Legend" is a South Korean drama which talks about fulfillment and self-satisfaction. Here is a quick synopsis of this upcoming TV series:

Jun Seol Hee (Solenn) recently divorced after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her high-flying lawyer husband, Cha Ji Wook, and his arrogant family. Determined to get her life back on track, she returns to her rock band roots, becoming the leader of the Comeback Madonna Band. Her bandmates are fellow ‘ahjummas’ who have personal problems of their own, and together they search for happiness and personal fulfillment through music.

Above is the TV series poster of this exciting new Koreanovela.

The exact playdate of this TV series is not yet revealed. But tentatively, it will replace "Mutya" which is already airing its final episodes. "100 Days to Heaven" will replace "Imortal" so definitely, this show takes the place of "Mutya" and be placed on the latter part of Primetime Bida lineup.

Well, are you excited for the comeback of Vivian on Primetime?! Definitely! It's a brand new Vivian will about to witness! This time, she is Solenn! Nice one Vivian! Aja! Aja!! c",)
AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media released the TV program ratings for Monday, April 25, 2011. Once again it was "Mara Clara" which led both in these TV ratings!

But in Mega Manila, it was surprising to see that the Kapuso fantaserye "Dwarfina" tied with "Mara Clara"! "Dwarfina" is currently on its last two weeks.

Well let's check out now and compare the ratings of your favorite TV program both nationwide and in Mega Manila last Monday, April 25, 2011. Here they go:

Kantar Media Nationwide TV Ratings

Top 20 Leading TV Programs:

Comparative TV Ratings:


Gising Pilipinas (0.6%) / Kape’t Pandasal (0.8%) vs. Born To Be Wild (Replay) (0.5%)
Umagang Kay Ganda (4.3%) vs. Unang Hirit (4.0%)
NBA 2011 Live (7.4%) vs. Doraemon (10.1%) / Jackie Chan Adventures (12.2%) / Ghost Fighter (12.6%) / Dragon Ball Z Kai (13.2%) / Star Box Dito Kasali Ka! (6.6%)
Showtime (12.1%) vs. Family Feud The Showdown Edition (6.6%) / Kitchen Superstar (10.3%)
Happy Yipee Yehey! (8.2%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (15.7%)
Kapamilya Blockbusters ‘Home Along Da Riles 2′ (8.8%) vs. Alakdana (9.4%) / Nita Negrita (10.2%)
Frijolito (8.4%) vs. My Lover My Wife (11.9%)
My Princess (8.5%) vs. Temptation Of Wife (14.5%)


Mula Sa Puso (14.8%) vs. Magic Palayok (12.0%)
TV Patrol (22.2%) vs. 24 Oras (16.5%)
Mutya (26.2%) vs. Captain Barbell (16.7%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (28.6%) vs.Dwarfina (18.9%)
Mara Clara (30.2%) vs. I Heart You Pare (14.7%)
Imortal (21.9%) / Green Rose (13.7%) vs. The Baker King (15.6%)
SNN Showbiz News Ngayon (8.2%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (5.6%)
Bandila (4.4%) / XXX (Exklusibong Explosibong Expose) (3.2%) vs. I-Witness The GMA Documentaries (2.3%)
M.U. Live (0.9%)

AGB Nielsen Mega Manila People’s Ratings

Top 10 Leading TV Programs:


1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) – 11.4%
2. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) – 8.8%
3. My Lover My Wife (GMA-7) – 8%
4. Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) – 7.1%
5. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) – 6.4%
6. Kitchen Superstar (GMA-7) – 6.3%
7. Ghost Fighter (GMA-7) – 5.9%
8. Alakdana (GMA-7) – 5.8%
9. Face To Face (TV5) – 5.6%
10. Showtime (ABS-CBN) – 5.3%


1. Dwarfina (GMA-7) / Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) – 13.4%
2. The Baker King (GMA-7) – 13.2%
3. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (ABS-CBN) – 12%
4. Captain Barbell (GMA-7) – 11.3%
5. I ♥You Pare (GMA-7) – 10.9%
6. Imortal (ABS-CBN) – 10%
7. 24 Oras (GMA-7) – 9.6%
8. Mutya (ABS-CBN) – 9.3%
9. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) / Primetime Super Sine: Jaws (TV5) – 9.1%
10. Magic Palayok (GMA-7) – 7.4%

(Data Source: Kantar Media and AGB Nielsen Phils.)
Since the first week of April 2011, FHM started their annual poll for the FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest Women of the World. And for their first partial unofficial poll result, it was the "Imortal" star Ms. Angel Locsin who is leading!

Following Angel on the top three are Cristine Reyes and Marian Rivera. Well, let's check out now the current Top 10 ranking of this year's sexiest women based on their first partial unofficial result as of April 19. Here they are:

1. Angel Locsin
2. Cristine Reyes
3. Marian Rivera
4. Sam Pinto
5. Solenn Heussaff
6. Jennylyn Mercado
7. Rhian Ramos
8. Katrina Halili
9. Ellen Adarna
10. Ehra Madrigal

Do you think Angel Locsin can stay on the No. 1 spot until the final round?! Or can either Marian Rivera or Cristine Reyes steal her position?! How about the newbies Solenn Heusaff and Sam Pinto?! Who among these sexy ladies is your bet to grab this year's title?!

If Angel Locsin maintains on the top until the final day of voting, then she will be again the sexiest woman for the year! And she will be a record breaking since for the third times, she is declared as an FHM Sexiest Woman Nice!

So continue supporting your bet! Voting will close on June 15, 2011. Log-on to to get the full instructions! Go, go, go girls! c",)
Except for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the Kapamilya network conquered the nationwide TV viewing from Palm Sunday to Eastern Sunday! Nice!

For Maundy Thursday, it was GMA-7 who led via their movie offering "You To Me Are Everything". If was also because of the movie "Working Girls" why the Kapuso station led in Holy Friday. Note that these two movies were both first time seen on Philippine local channel.

Here is a list showing the leading TV program last Holy Week:

Holy Week Topnotchers

April 17, Palm Sunday – Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN)
April 18, Monday – Mara Clara (ABS-CBN)
April 19, Tuesday – Mara Clara (ABS-CBN)
April 20, Wednesday – Mara Clara (ABS-CBN)
April 21, Thursday – You to Me are Everything (GMA)
April 22, Friday – Working Girls (GMA)
April 23, Saturday – Mula sa Puso (ABS-CBN)
April 24, Sunday – Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN)

And now, let's check out the Top 20 leading TV programs as well as the comparative ratings of the TV shows last Holy Week. Here they go:

Top 20 Leading and Comparative TV Programs Nationwide
(Holy Week Period-April 19-24, 2011 by Kantar Media)

April 19, 2011 (Tuesday):


Gising Pilipinas (0.7%) / Kape’t Pandasal (1.1%) vs. I-Witness The GMA Documentaries (Replay) (0.6%)
Umagang Kay Ganda (4.6%) vs. Unang Hirit (4.1%)
Dora The Explorer (8.5%) vs. Doraemon (10.4%)
Spongebob Squarepants (7.9%) vs. Jackie Chan Adventures (13.1%)
Hitman Reborn Season 4 (6.8%) vs. Ghost Fighter (14.1%)
Naruto Shippuuden (7.3%) vs. Dragon Ball Z Kai (15.0%)
Banana Split Daily Servings (11.3%) vs. Star Box Dito Kasali Ka! (5.7%)
Showtime (12.5%) vs. Family Feud the Showdown Edition (7.5%) / Kitchen Superstar (11.1%)
Happy Yipee Yehey! (9.2%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (19.2%)
Kapamilya Blockbusters ‘Cedie’ (11.4%) vs. Alakdana (12.4%) / Nita Negrita (12.5%)
Frijolito (12.3%) vs. My Lover My Wife (12.8%)
My Princess (11.5%) vs. Temptation of Wife (16.4%)


Mula Sa Puso (17.5%) vs. Magic Palayok (15.4%)
TV Patrol (27.4%) vs. 24 Oras (19.7%)
Mutya (31.2%) vs. Captain Barbell (18.6%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (31.4%) vs. Dwarfina (19.7%)
Mara Clara (33.8%) vs. I Heart You Pare (16.3%)
Imortal (22.4%) / Green Rose (15.1%) vs. The Baker King (17.5%)
SNN Showbiz News Ngayon (9.9%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (8.1%)
Bandila (4.7%) / Patrol Ng Pilipino (3.0%) vs. Reporter’s Notebook (4.8%)
M.U. Live (1.0%)

April 20, 2011 (Wednesday):


Umagang Kay Ganda (4.1%) vs. Unang Hirit (3.8%)
Dora The Explorer (7.7%) vs. Doraemon (10.0%)
Spongebob Squarepants (8.2%) vs. Jackie Chan Adventures (11.7%)
Hitman Reborn Season 4 (6.5%) vs.Ghost Fighter (12.2%)
Naruto Shippuuden (7.3%) vs. Dragon Ball Z Kai (12.3%)
Banana Split Daily Servings (9.0%) vs.Star Box Dito Kasali Ka! (5.8%)
Showtime (11.5%) vs. Family Feud the Showdown Edition (8.3%) / Kitchen Superstar (11.4%)
Happy Yipee Yehey! (8.4%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (19.0%)
Kapamilya Blockbusters ‘Ang Pulubi At Ang Prinsesa’ (12.0%) vs. Alakdana (11.9%) / Nita Negrita (12.5%)
Frijolito (9.8%) vs. My Lover My Wife (13.5%)
My Princess (9.6%) vs. Temptation Of Wife (15.6%)


Mula Sa Puso (14.3%) vs. Magic Palayok (13.1%)
TV Patrol (24.7%) vs. 24 Oras (18.4%)
Mutya (29.3%) vs. Captain Barbell (18.6%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (28.2%) vs.Dwarfina (18.8%)
Mara Clara (31.5%) vs. I Heart You Pare (15.6%)
Imortal (20.5%) / Green Rose (13.8%) vs.The Baker King (18.3%)
SNN Showbiz News Ngayon (7.9%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (8.8%)
Bandila (5.1%) / Storyline (2.9%) vs. Born To Be Wild (4.0%)
M.U. Live (1.0%)

April 21, 2011 (Thursday):


Doraemon (9.6%)
Marcelino Pan Y Vino (12.8%) vs. Jackie Chan Adventures (13.0%) / Ghost Fighter (14.5%) / Dragon Ball Z Kai (14.8%)
Matanglawin (13.9%) / Rated K Handa Na Ba Kayo? (13.7%) Krusada (11.3%) / SVD Priestly Ordination (6.2%) / SVD Centennial Celebration (3.9%) vs. Jose Rizal (15.8%)
Jesus In The Heart Of Mary (3.0%) vs. Let The Love Begin (18.8%)
The Healing Eucharist (2.9%) vs. Lovestruck (15.3%)
The Healing Eucharist ‘Celebration Of The Lord’s Supper’ (5.1%) vs.Tanikala: Kulam (14.5%)


Krusada (10.8%) vs. Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (20.6%)
Mula Sa Puso (17.4%) vs. You To Me Are Everything (30.4%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (18.1%) vs. The Promise (20.4%)
Maalaala Mo Kaya… ‘Lubid’ (13.5%) vs. I-Witness The GMA Documentaries (10.1%)
Charity Man (4.3%) vs. Reporter’s Notebook (6.0%)

April 22, 2011 (Friday):


Doraemon (10.0%)
Marcelino Pan Y Vino (10.2%) vs. Jackie Chan Adventures (12.9%) / Ghost Fighter (13.7%) / Dragon Ball Z Kai (15.6%)
Rated K Handa Na Ba Kayo? (12.3%) / ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Special Report (11.8%) vs. Moments Of Love (14.5%)
7 Last Words (7.9%) vs. Siete Palabras 2011 (8.4%)
The Healing Eucharist (4.4%) vs. Till I Met You (10.1%)
Liwanag Sa Dilim (4.8%) vs. Tanikala: Wasak (12.7%)
Krusada (9.4%) vs. Wish Ko Lang! (17.1%)


Mula Sa Puso (16.5%) vs. Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (21.5%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (16.4%) vs. Working Girls (21.7%)
Maalaala Mo Kaya… (11.7%) ‘Sulo’ vs. My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (20.6%)
Charity Man (2.6%) vs.Reporter’s Notebook (7.0%) / Born To Be Wild (4.7%)

April 23, 2011 (Saturday):


Marcelino Pan Y Vino (10.0%) vs. The 4th National Catholic Family Encounter (3.2%) / Jackie Chan Adventures (5.8%) / Dragon Ball Z Kai (8.5%)
Rated K Handa Na Ba Kayo? (9.9%) / Patrol Ng Pilipino (8.5%) vs. Mulawin The Movie (11.1%)
Love Me Again (12.4%) vs. I.T.A.L.Y. (13.4%) / Yaya And Angelina The Spoiled Brat Movie (14.9%)
In My Life (9.9%) / Jesus In The Heart Of Mary (2.7%) vs. When I Met You (11.3%)
Pope of The Century John Paul II (3.9%) vs. Tanikala: Panata (10.9%)


Matanglawin (10.1%) / TV Patrol Weekend (15.9%) vs. Wish Ko Lang! (13.5%)
Mula Sa Puso (20.9%) vs. Maestra (16.4%)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (17.8%) vs. Ang Panday (15.3%)
The Healing Eucharist (4.5%) vs. Born To Be Wild (8.7%) / I-Witness the GMA Documentaries (4.5%) / Way of The Cross (1.4%)

April 24, 2011 (Sunday):


Jesus The Healer (0.6%)
The Healing Eucharist (3.2%) vs. In Touch (0.6%)
Nba 2011 Live (5.7%) vs. Pinoy Md Mga Doktor Ng Bayan (2.8%) / Pokemon Advanced Battle (5.6%) / Ghost Fighter (7.3%) / Bakugan Battle Brawlers (6.7%)
Boys Over Flowers Forever (6.2%) / I Love You So (Autumn’s Concerto)(Sunday) (6.9%) vs. Aha (6.8%)
Matanglawin (8.4%) / William And Kate A Royal Engagement (9.4%) vs. Kapuso Movie Sunday Festival ‘I Will Always Love You’ (11.9%)
ASAP Rocks (10.5%) vs. Party Pilipinas (8.0%)
Good Vibes (9.3%) vs. Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts (8.1%)
The Buzz (10.7%) vs. Showbiz Central (6.7%)


TV Patrol Weekend (16.2%) vs.24 Oras Weekend (11.2%)
Goin’ Bulilit (17.5%) vs. Pepito Manaloto Reality Sitcom (17.5%)
Rated K Handa Na Ba Kayo? (20.5%) vs.Kap’s Amazing Stories (18.5%)
Pilipinas Got Talent (22.9%) vs. Mel & Joey (13.8%)
The Sharon Cuneta Specials (9.5%) vs. Show Me Da Manny (11.7%)
Sunday’s Best ‘David Pomeranz & Lea Salonga’ (2.9%) vs. Anatomy of a Disaster (5.8%) / Diyos At Bayan (1.2%)
Urban Zone (0.5%) vs. Easter Mass And A Message From The Pope (0.6%)

(Data Source: Kantar Media/TNS)
"What happened to me is happening now to Steph Ayson!" This is according to Ms. Claudine Barreto who attended the wake of the teen actor AJ Perez.

Former Kapamilya and now Kapuso actress Ms. Claudine Barretto attended the wake of AJ Perez at Christ the King Church last Sunday condoling the family who was left behind by the young actor who died in a vehicular accident a week ago.

Claudine has worked together with AJ Perez in the teleserye “Iisa Pa Lamang” way back 2008 when she was still on ABS-CBN.

Another reason why she attended the wake is to support, Steph Ayson, AJ’s girlfriend. She believes Steph is going through the same pain she felt when her ex-boyfriend Rico Yan, who is currently being compared to AJ, died 9 years ago.

“Although 21 na ako noong nangyari sa akin ‘yun, she’s 17 pa lang. Mahirap kasi it had to happen to somebody who’s close to me. So masakit para sa akin na makita ‘yun, malungkot,” Claudine explained.

Claudine even assured that she will support Steph in coping up with AJ's death.

AJ Perez was already laid to rest this Tuesday morning at Manila Memorial Park and was attended by many stars, his friends, and fans. RIP AJ. :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Kapamila teen actor AJ Perez was laid to rest this afternoon, April 26, 2011 at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City.

Before the burial, a mass was held first at 9 AM, officiated by Fr. Tito Caluag at Christ The King Parish in Greenmeadows, Quezon City.

At 10:30 AM, AJ's remains were then brought to the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque City where fans of AJ have gathered as early as 9 AM to say goodbye to their idol.

There is no live coverage on the said burial. But ABS-CBN, AJ's home network provides live updates via their News Patrol updates. GMA-7 on the other hand provides updates via their News Flash.

ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido who will report the said burial on TV Patrol later tonight provides photos of the burial via her Twitter account. Let's check out some of these photos from Gretchen's Twitter account (@gretchenfullido). Here they are:

Remains of AJ Perez from Christ The King Going to Manila Memorial Park

AJ Perez' Younger Brother Angelo and Friends from La Salle Greenhills

AJ's Favorite Blanket was Placed Inside his Casket

Funeral Rites was Held

AJ's Father Gave His Speech at the Funeral

Butterflies and Balloons were Released after the Burial

The Grave of AJ Perez

Fans and friends of AJ Perez attended the burial of the young actor. Sadness truly filled the place.

According to reports, aside from AJ's favorite blanket, his favorite watch and rubber shoes were also placed inside his casket.

The Kapamilya showbiz reporter Gretchen Fullido will have a full report on AJ’s funeral later tonight on TV Patrol. Thanks Gretchen for these photos!

May you rest in peace AJ! You will stay forever stay in our hearts! c",)

Monday, April 25, 2011

"MMK" will be the last TV appearance of the teen actor AJ Perez. He just finished taping for its episode before his tragic death last April 17.

AJ portrayed a different role in this special "MMK" episode. He is one of the two main characters in the story. The story is all about two brothers who are roaming around and transfer from one place to another. As you can see, they were 'palaboy' in the story!

The child star Bugoy Cariño is the co-star of AJ in this special episode. They were brothers in the story that were always together through thick and thin!

"MMK" writer Benson Logronio who wrote that particular episode said on Twitter that AJ is gonna touch our hearts in his "MMK" portrayal, "AJ Perez breathed life to 1 of the 2 main characters of the latest ep I wrote for MMK. It's his curtain call on April 30. He'll make us cry."

AJ even keep on promoting that said episode on Twitter before his tragic vehicular accident!

That said "MMK" episode will be aired this coming Saturday, April 30, 2011 on ABS-CBN.

And as an additional treat to his fans, the Kapamilya station which is AJ's home network announced on their official Twitter account that the life story of AJ Perez will also be featured in that same date in "MMK"! Nice!

Tears will truly fall this coming Saturday as we witness the last "MMK" portrayal of AJ Perez as well as his life story. We truly missing you AJ! You will always be in our hearts! :(

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