ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida Leads Metro and Mega Manila!

"Mara Clara", "Mutya", and "Imortal" are now the countries most-watched and leading Primetime TV programs! Not only in nationwide TV ratings, these three Primetime Bida TV series were conquering the Metro and Mega Manila TV ratings! Nice!

Take a look at this comparative table showing how "Mutya", "Mara Clara", and "Imortal" consistently beat "Dwarfina", "Machete", and "I Heart You Pare" in Metro Manila, Mega Manila, and Nationwide TV ratings!

Interestingly, GMA lost its leadership in Mega Manila primetime to ABS-CBN’s “Mara Clara” that topped all shows with an average rating of 27.6%. GMA’s “Machete” could only hit 20.6%. The other ABS-CBN shows did better than GMA such as “Mutya” (23%) vs “Dwarfina” (22.2%) and “Imortal” (21.6%) vs “I Heart You Pare” (20.2%).

In Metro Manila, “Mara Clara” remained on top with an average rating of 28.6% vs “Machete” with a mere 19.4%. “Mutya” (23.7%) rated higher than “Dwarfina” (20.9%). And “Imortal” (23.6%) had more followers than “I Heart You Pare”(19.4%).

Nationwide, ABS-CBN pulled away from competition. “Mara Clara” is the country’s number one program with an average rating of 34.8%, which is more than twice the rating of GMA’s “Machete” (17.1%). “Mutya” rated an average of 31.4% vs. GMA’s “Dwarfina” (18.3%). ABS-CBN again enjoyed a double-digit lead with “Imortal” (26%) beating “I Heart You Pare” (15.9%).

With these three Primetime Bida TV program, ABS-CBN now got victory in the TV ratings competition in Metro Manila, Mega Manila, and nationwide! Congrats!

If you were to ask me, I really love these three TV series. These are the teleseryes I truly avidly watched the most every night! It seems that our nights would not be complete without watching these three! Great! How about you, which among "Imortal", "Mutya", and "Mara Clara" you loved and watched the most?! Congratulations to these three! Two thumbs up! Great, great, great! c",)

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