Monday, February 28, 2011

JM De Guzman, Lauren Young, and Enrique Gil are the three lead stars that will reprise the former characters of Rico Yan, Claudine Barretto, and Diether Ocampo in this year's most exciting TV series remake, "Mula Sa Puso"!

But aside from the characters of Gabriel, Via, and Michael, do you have now a clue who will take the role of the other memorable casts namely Magda, Don Fernando, and the main villain Selina?! How about the other supporting characters?!

Before I reveal the new cast and characters of the "Mula Sa Puso" remake, let's take a look first on this short video showing the previous casts of the original "Mula Sa Puso"! Do you still remember them?!

Now, are you ready to know the new stars that will reprise those characters?! Well, here they go:

Main characters :

Lauren Young as Olivia “Via” Pereira/Ella Peralta
JM de Guzman as Gabriel Maglayon
Dawn Zuleta as Magdalena Trinidad
Eula Valdez as Selina Pereira-Matias
Enrique Gil as Michael Miranda
Charee Pineda as Trina

Supporting characters :

Rey PJ Abellana as Don Fernando Pereira
Aaron Villaflor as Warren
Fretzie Bercede as Joei Madrigal
Neil Ryan Sese as Manuel
Tetchie Agbayani as Corazon Rodrigo
Allan Paule as Ysmael Matias
Miles Ocampo as Jennifer
Pilar Pilapil as Carmen Buencamino
Coney Reyes as Agnes Delgado
Chinggoy Alonzo as Don Ricardo
Ana Capri as Criselda
Bettina Carlos as Nicole Selina
Matet De Leon as Mariel
Maricar de Mesa as Shirley
Melissa Mendez as Connie
Christian Vasquez as Domingo
Noni Buencamino as Rafael Buencamino
Ping Medina as Gilbert Matias.
Carlos Agassi as Neal
Mel Martinez as Roxee

There are still rumors that the character of Warren which was previously portrayed by Patrick Garcia will either be given to Neil Coleta (the Nestea Ice Tea Commercial Hottie) or to Paul Salas.

The character of Wendy which is not posted in the list will be given to the PBB Teen Housemate Beauty Gonzales. The said role was original played by the two sexy stars Via Veloso in the original TV version and Andrea Del Rosario in the movie version. Wendy's character is the childhood friend of Gabriel who has a secret admiration to him!

Meanwhile, Ms. Gretchen Barretto is said to have a special participation in this remake. But still, her character was not yet confirmed! Maybe she will replace another star in the list or she will be an additional character (just like Ms. Gina Pareno who is an additional character in "Mara Clara" remake). DJ Durano is also part of the cast!

The character of Don Fernando Pereira, the father of Via was first offered to Mr. Gabby Concepcion. But Gabby rejected the said role so it was given to another star.

Well, what can you say about the new cast of the new "Mula Sa Puso"?! Are you excited for them?! Do they fit their respective roles?! Or would you suggest new stars to replace some?!

We're looking forward for this another exciting remake! This could be a sure phenomenal hit! Two thumbs up! c",)
Once more, the Kapamilya network created another legacy. Another trademark that we should be proud of!

In accordance with the 25th Anniversary celebration of the People Power Revolution or EDSA I, ABS-CBN launched a music video and a theme song for this historic Philippine event. This is called "Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo"! They already aired its music video similar to a station ID.

Do you already watched this another inspiring music video?! Well if not yet, here is it! Let's all watch and be inspired with the theme and message of the EDSA 25 song:

It's another star-studded Station ID-type music video! Majority of the brightest ABS-CBN singers were seen in the said video combining the classic OPM artists and the modern favorites.

Kapamilya heartthrob singers namely Piolo Pascual, Erik Santos, Christian Bautista, and Sam Milby together with the talent search winners like Yeng Constantino and Jovit Baldovino were part of the music video. Of course, the classic OPM singers like Martin Nieverra, Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Vina Morales were also there. Even Aiza Seguerra and Toni Gonzaga as well as the children's chord play their parts! Altogether, they sang the theme for all the Filipinos!

The said music video didn't only focused on these brightest stars. It even showed symbols reflecting the idea of EDSA revolution. "Kalayaan", "Katotohanan", and "Katarungan" were emphasized!

Brotherhood and helping hands though composed of different races were even featured in the said music video.

The said music video also showed some memorable scenes in EDSA I! We can see here clippings of the said historic event showing nuns praying and carrying rosaries, soldiers and tanks surrounding the people, and mass of people aiming for one hope!

Indeed, it's another remarkable music video created by ABS-CBN to the Filipino people! Great one Kapamilya! Another Two thumbs up! c",)
Everybody is now getting hooked with this Primetime Bida hit TV series "Mara Clara"! As its episodes get more and more intense and breath-taking, its TV rating continuously soar even higher! Wow!

Last Tuesday, February 22, 2011, it captured its all-time high Nationwide TV rating of 38.7% ! This is the intense episode wherein Alvira (Dimples Romania) discovered the bad deeds of Clara (Julia Montes) to Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) right after her confrontation with Susan (Mylene Dizon). Clara reached his full rebel that why her father Gary (Jhong Hilario) used his iron hand to discipline his daughter!

"Mara Clara" even defeated its rival program "Machete" which only recorded a 15.1% rating according to Kantar Media! They now put Aljur Abrenica's former ka-loveteam Kris Bernal in hope that she can pull up its ratings!

Another intense episode has been witnessed last week in this hit "Ina Ng Pinoy Teleserye"!

Del Valle family conducted a despidida party for Mara. All the friends and former family of Mara were invited. The group of Desiree (Kiray), Mara's two bestfriends, her mother and Lola Lupe (Gina Pareno), as well as Christian (Albie Casiño) came! Clara with an evil intention also joined the party!

Unknowingly, Gary has an evil plan to Mara. He is planning to kidnap the Del Valle heiress. Clara will be the way to capture Mara!

But before the actual kidnapping incident, Amante (Bobby Andrews) saw the pictures of Alvira and Gary sent to him through a white envelop. This led to another fight between him and his wife Alvira!

As Amante and Alvira were having their fight, Clara walked out from the scene. Mara then followed Clara and forced the bad girl to admit that she is the mastermind of all those things!

Eventually, Clara released her own identity! Another fight between Mara and Clara took place!

While they are having their catfight, kidnappers came. Since two girls were there, they also decided to also capture the other girl who is Clara! Now, both Clara and Mara were kidnapped!

On this week's episode, Del Valle finally discovered that Mara was kidnapped! Gary even knew that his daughter was also kidnapped! At the end, they will found out that Gary is the mastermind of this kidnapping. Gary even decided not to let go Clara to get more ransom money! Now, both Mara and Clara were kidnap victims!

Will Clara know that her father is the real mastermind of their kidnap?! What then will she do after knowing it?! And who's life will be put on danger since a time bomb is set to explode on these two girls?!

Wooohhhh...!!! A very intense and breath-taking episode! These were just some of another must-see scenes in the more exciting next chapters of the No. 1 phenomenal hit TV series, "Mara Clara"! We really can't wait and see these new twists in the life of Mara and Clara! Another two thumbs up! Great, great, great! c",)
One of the reasons why the daytime fantaserye of the Kapuso network called "Alakdana" is a top-rating soap is because of this newbie actor-model! He is one of Louise Delos Reyes' leading men in the said show. He is no other than...Alden Richards!

At first look, we may mistakenly identify him as Hero Angeles since he has a resemblance with the said SCQ actor. But actually, he is more handsome than him!

In "Alakdana", he plays the character of a kind guy with a physical disability. His role is very much appreciated by many. He is now the newest 'crush ng bayan'! But what more did we need to know about this newbie hottie?!

Well, let's move our spotlight now to the newest heartthrob, Alden Richards!

Richard Faulkerson Jr. is Alden Richards in real life! is a 19-year-old commercial model from Sta. Rosa, Laguna. He is taking up Business Administration in De La Salle Canlubang.

Prior to his appearance in some TV commercials, Alden joined and won some pageants like Ginoong Sta. Rosa in 2009 and Ginoong Laguna in 2010.

He auditioned in GMA’s reality artista search StarStruck V and ABS-CBN’s reality program Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. Although he made it to the shortlist of both programs, he failed to enter the final cut.

After being rejected by the two reality talent search, Alden did not lose hope as he auditioned for the role of Joma, one of Louise Delos Reyes‘ leading men in "Alakdana". It's good to note that he was the only one who walked-in to audition for the role as the four others who auditioned came from GMA’s youth-oriented program "Tween Hearts".

After winning the role, Alden signed a 5-year contract with GMA Artist Center!

"Alakdana" is a very good exposure for this newest hottie. But aside from this, we are wishing for more TV shows for this hot guy. And we expect to see him more in different TV commercials or endorsements!

Nice one Alden! Good luck and more power to your career! Keep up the good work! c",)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Marina", "Dyesebel", or "Mutya"! These are the three mermaids who truly captivated our hearts! They are the three fantaserye characters that lead us to the three different stories under the sea!

Who among these three mermaids you like and love the most?! "Marina", "Dyesebel", or "Mutya"?! Who is your bet?! It's time now to cast your votes!

Since a TV series about mermaids really becomes a huge hit, we decided to open a new poll survey! "Marina", "Dyesebel", and now "Mutya" are all phenomenal hit TV series! But the question goes, which among these three is truly the best?! Which could be crown as the true queen of the sea as they hit our TV screens with their amazing under the sea stories!

Claudine Barretto's Marina

Marian Rivera's Dyesebel

Mutya Orquia's Mutya

"Marina" which is so-called the first-ever fantaserye on Philippine television become a huge phenomenal hit way back 2004. This triggered the rise of different fantasy series in the different TV stations. Without "Marina", do you think we can still have "Mulawin", "Krystala", "Darna", or "Grazilda" today?! "Marina" was portrayed by the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto!

Because of "Marina" and since fantaserye or telefantasya is very click, GMA-7 decided to launch their very own mermaid TV series. They gave us their TV series remake of Mars Ravelo's another famous creation "Dyesebel"! This time, it was Marian Rivera who gave life to it. It was aired last 2008 and they say dominated the TV rating games!

Now in Primetime Bida, another fantasy TV series about mermaids was born! This time a childstar plays the character of a mermaid! ABS-CBN's newest discovery, the new child wonder Mutya Orquia now portrays the role of "Mutya". This is based from Pablo S. Gomez comic series. Just liker the first two mermaid stories, "Mutya" is another phenomenal top-rating hit!

Now who is really the best among "Marina", "Dyesebel", and "Mutya"?! You may now start casting your votes in the right side panel of this website! Good luck mermaids! Who do you think will swim on the top?! c",)
The Kapamilya hunk actor and leading man Mr. Jericho Rosales will have his first Hollywood movie! He will be the lead actor in the upcoming international movie called "Subject: I Love You"!

Jericho Rosales will portray the role of a Filipino computer programming genius responsible for the “I love you” virus that wrought billions of damage in year 2002. He created the virus to track down the American girl, played by Briana Evigan ("Step Up 2: D Streets", "Sorority Row"), that he met when the latter visited the Philippines.

Here is a quick teaser of this said new Hollywood film as well as a sneak peek from the movie producers and directors. Let's all watch these:

A Short Movie Teaser:

The Producers, Director, and Crew About the Movie:

Wow! Nice one Mr. Jericho Rosales! Great, great, great!

Jericho Rosales is now a well-known actor worldwide! His great acting is now recognized internationally after his hit TV series like "Pangako Sa'yo", "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" and "Kahit Isang Saglit" were shown in different countries. His two TV series namely "Kahit Isang Saglit" and "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" were even acclaimed internationally!

Also starring in the romantic dramedy movie are Dean Cain ("Lois and Clark") and Dante Basco ("Take the Lead", "Biker Boyz") and also our very own Gary Valenciano and Joel Torre.

This said film is directed by Francis dela Torre and is set to be shown later this year!

Two thumbs up! This film truly deserves a well-round of applause! Congratulations Jericho, Gary, and Joel! Filipinos were now recognized worldwide! c",)
The much-awaited movie of the Pop Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo and the Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson is finally set! Sooner, we will finally see their first ever tandem in the big screen!

Originally, the title of their movie is "Just The Way You Are". But now, the title is changed to "Catch Me, I'm In Love"! Probably this will be the final title of this light drama romance-comedy film from Star Cinema!

As promised, I will share with you some of the movie stills from this exciting new movie. And here they are! Here are some of the sweetest scene promo pictorials of the Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson movie. Let's feel in love over and over again with Sarah and Gerald via their most kilig photos:

Gerald Anderson will portray the character of a rich guy in this movie. Sarah Geronimo on the other hand will play as a simple girl. Their difference in life status will test their romance!

Aside from Gerald and Sarah, part of the supporting casts were the veteran stars Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Mr. Christopher De Leon. They are the rich parents of Gerald in the said movie.

PBB Teen Housemates will also be reunited in this movie. Joining Gerald are former PBB teen housemates Fred Payowan and Josef Elizalde. David Chua and Dino Imperial were also part of the casts. These guys will be Gerald's group of friends!

So are you excited for this newest romantic movie from Star Cinema?! Do Gerald and Sarah have a perfect 'chemistry'!? Will you even support Gerald now that he is separated with onscreen partner Kim Chiu?!

"Catch Me, Im In Love" is said to be shown this coming March. It's another offering of the one and only maker of blockbuster films, Star Cinema! Good luck Gerald and Sarah! Another promising love team! Two thumbs up! c",)
The so-called Golden Boy and the Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson goes so hot and sexy in his latest pictorial with his upcoming movie with the Pop Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

This new movie from Star Cinema is originally named as "Just The Way You Are". But now, the title is changed to "Catch Me, I'm In Love"! We're not sure if this title will be changed or will it be the final one!

Gerald Anderson already had his pictorial for this said movie. And here are some! Let's take a quick glance on this very hot pictorial of Gerald Anderson for his new movie with Sarah. Here they go:

As you can see, Gerald is very sexy and yummy! Gerald now got the sizzling perfect and fitted body to die for! His abs and muscles were truly amazing!

Yup, on his movie with Sarah, expect to see more topless and naked Gerald Anderson. An example of it is their 'putikan' scene with Sarah. Gerald and Sarah swam together in the muddy soil! Gerald is topless on the said scene showing his very sexy abs! Many truly appreciate the yummy hot abs of Gerald! Great!

On the said movie, Gerald plays the character of a rich guy. Sarah on the other hand will be just a simple girl!

On my next post, I will share with you some of the movie stills in the first ever Gerald-Sarah tandem. By now, let's enjoy feeding our fantasies with the sizzling yummy sexy photos of the hunk Gerald Anderson! Nice one Gerald! Two thumbs up for your great body and hotness! c",)
"Magic Palayok" is the newest fantaserye of the Kapuso network that will premiere this coming Monday reuniting the loveteam of Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann!

After we watched its complete full trailer and knew how the story of it will go, time now to know the characters that will handle this "Magic Palayok"! Who are the bidas and who will be the kontrabidas?!

Here is another teaser of "Magic Palayok" featuring the different characters around it! Let's all watch this:

Angelie Nicole Sanoy who previously portray the character of Jik-jik in "Grazilda" is said to be the title role. Since GMA-7 management got amazed by her performance in "Grazilda", they immediately gave another project to this little girl. And this is it!

Carla and Geoff who will play as Pilar and Jude are two of the main casts. Once more, they will portray two characters of opposing status. Carla is a poor cook while Geoff is a rich restaurant manager.

Aside from them, below is the list of the five main characters of "Magic Palayok". Let's take a quick glance on them:

Ms. Cherie Gil once more plays the main villain in the story as she took the role of the wicked Yvonne! Cherie previously played the character of a villain in another fantaserye "Grazilda" together with her real-life nephew Geoff Eigenmann. Actually "Magic Palayok" is the reunion TV series project of Geoff Eigenmann, Cherie Gil, and Angelie Nicole Sanoy after "Grazilda"!

Former Kapuso sweet star Chynna Ortaleza now plays the character of a villain. Together with Ms. Cherie, they will put bitterness in the life of the lead casts!

Aside from these five main stars, Ms. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski will have a special role in this TV series. She will be the mother of Angelie. This marks her showbiz comeback after many inactive years in showbiz. Mikee took the role after Claudine Barretto refused the said character. Yup, Mikee's character was first offered to Ms. Claudine!

Well, are you excited for this new TV series?! Do you think it will be a top-rating one?! We'll see! Good luck Carla, Geoff, Angelie, and to the whole casts! c",)
Starting this Monday, we will finally taste the good delicious taste of life as GMA-7 launch their newest fantaserye, "Magic Palayok"!

"Magic Palayok" once more reunites the real-life love team Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann! This will also reunite Geoff will his real-life auntie Ms. Cherrie Gil and with the newest childstar Angelie Nicole Sanoy. Both Cherrie and Angelie were Geoff's co-stars in the previous Telebabad fantaserye "Grazilda"! Angelie is the child sidekick who played the character of Jik-jik in the said fantaserye!

Here is the full trailer of "Magic Palayok"! Let's all watch it first:

"Magic Palayok" replaces Raymart Santiago's fantaserye "Bantatay". Its timeslot will be before "24 Oras". But it is not part of GMA's Telebabad block. Rather, it is under their Dramarama block!

Aside from the comeback tandem of the main stars, "Magic Palayok" also marks the showbiz comeback of Ms. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski! She will portray as the mother of Angelie.

So are you ready to taste a brand new genre of fantaserye?! Do you think it will be a top-rating TV series?! We'll see! Good luck Carla and Geoff! c",)

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