Thursday, February 10, 2011

Definitely, this hottest afternoon Latinovela on ABS-CBN which started last January 3, 2011 called "Malparida" is another sexy hot one! This now truly puts our afternoon in sizzling hot fire!

As proof, here are two of the most steamy love scenes of two main casts in this telenovela. These are the passionate bed scenes of Juana Viale portraying the character of Malparida Renata and the hunk Gonzalo Heredia playing her love interest Lautaro!

Well, since its a Latinovela, we can expect more and more daring scenes! Just like the previous telenovelas we had watched like "Rubi", "Pasion De Amor", and "El Cuerpo", "Malparida" really quenches our sex satisfaction! It truly risen up our temperature!

"Malparida" is really fitted for welcoming Valentines day! Too passionate! With this hot Latin sexy-serye, it's a V-day with a bang! ..."maraming putukan..."!

So are you ready to reach the peak of your climax every afternoon?! Well, let's all watch and witness this sizzling hot Latinovela in ABS-CBN! I really can't wait and see these daring hot scenes! Ooh-lala...! C",)

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  1. i guess,,bawal ganito sa phil tv,,diba?MTRCB will not allow this in daytime or else sa gabi ito na alas 10 ng gabi,,,,mmmmmm..we love latin tv series,,..sana sa latin america pinapalabas ang mga tv series natin like this,,diba,.

  2. hanga ay ang sulsol ng Gonzalo Heredia ay tunay madamdamin at napaka sexy nakita ko ito online at ito ay napaka ganda tanawin ... lahat ng ito ay ang simula. Sa pamamagitan ng ito amazing akit ay isang


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