Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting tonight, a new childstar will be introduced by the Kapamilya network. She is Mutya Orquia and will portray the title role of "Mutya".

As we all know, ABS-CBN is very successful in giving birth to the newest child superstars. It started with Zaijan Jaranilla who played Santino in the hit inspirational TV series "May Bukas Pa". Then followed by Xyriel Ann Manabat who portrayed the child Agua and Bendita in another phenomenal hit fantaserye "Agua Bendita". Then came Bugoy Cariño, a 2009 SCQ Grand Questor who now appears in different TV series like "Tiagong Akyat", "Imortal" and "Buhawi Jack".

Now these three brightest kids of the Kapamilya network will have a new member. She is a 4-year old newest Kapamilya discovery. Let see how Zaijan, Xyriel, and Bugoy welcome this newest child wonder!

Here are the short video clips of the three child superstars welcoming their new member:

Zaijan Jaranilla:

Xyriel Ann Manabat:

Bugoy Cariño:

The kids were all excited! Tonight a new child wonder will rise!

They say, "Mutya" is the new "Marina". But this time, a child will portray the character of a half-human half-mermaid.

It was 2004 when we first witnessed the story of mermaids in the first-ever fantaserye on Philippine television via "Marina" wherein Ms. Claudine Barretto played the title role. After 7 years, the new generation of mermaids now with mermen will once again be seen! And everyone is really excited for this!

So, let's all reserve our seats infront of our TV screens starting tonight right after "Noah" for the coming of "Mutya"! Nice! Another thumbs up! c",)
One of the most exciting new fantasy series of ABS-CBN this 2011 is "Mutya". It will premiere tonight in Primetime Bida right after "Noah".

But before we witness this promising phenomenal hit TV series, let's first get to know the main characters of it!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the new characters that we will going to love every night! There are:

Mutya Orquia as "Mutya"

Precious Lara Quigaman as "Cordelia"

Alfred Vargas as "Prinsipe Irvin"

Ahron Villena as "Zale"

Nina Jose as "Nerissa"

"Mutya" is based from the Komiks creation of Pablo S. Gomez. It is all about the story of a little girl named "Mutya" who has a mermaid-like tail because his father is actually a merman! Because of her unique appearance, her grandmother moved her away from her real mother!

Aside from the characters mentioned above, other casts were:

Jairus Aquino as "Aries"

Malou Crisologo as "Octupina"

Sandy Andolong as "Madam Delilah"

Ogie Diaz as "Romell"

Jayson Gainza as "Tonyo"

Tess Antonio as "Ester"

Pen Medina as "Haring Merrick"

Gary Lim as "Lolo Sheldon"

So get ready to splash starting tonight with a brand new story under the sea! The mermaids now with the mermen will once more conquer our TV screens! Exciting!

We're looking forward for the success of this new TV series! Keep it up and more power! Thanks to ABS-CBN for giving us another new tale like this! Thumbs up! c",)
After being one of the "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" castaways in GMA-7, the hunk actor Ahron Villena now plays the character of a merman in the upcoming ABS-CBN's fantaserye "Mutya"!

Ahron will play the character of Zale, the merman who is also the cousin of Prinsipe Irvin (Alfred Vargas). At first he will love by many viewers since his character here is kind and good-hearted. By later on, through the influence of the villain Nerissa (Nina Jose), he will be turning bad!

Actually the Kapuso network had promised Ahron to give him TV series project right after "Survivor Philippines". They were planning to pair Ahron to Carla Abellana and Marian Rivera. But after the end of the said reality show, Ahron received no projects! Thanks God that Kapamilya network offered him to be part of "Mutya" that's why he immediately return to his home network!

After being the grand winner in the ABS-CBN's "You're The Man" pageant-reality contest in "Magandang Tanghali Bayan (MTB)", Ahron starred in the different Kapamilya TV series like "Hiram" and "Lobo". Afterwards in the three "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" episodes namely "Bud Brothers", "Somewhere in My Heart", and "Love Me Again"!

But according to some sources, Ahron is really a Kapuso! GMA-7 only allows Ahron to do "Mutya". But after this TV series, he will return to the Kapuso!

Do you think its better for Ahron to return to the Kapuso network after "Mutya" or stay in the Kapamilya for his next projects?! Will ABS-CBN give another project to Ahron after "Mutya" to prevent him from returning to Kapuso?! Well, we'll wait and see! By now we were all excited to see Ahron playing the character of a merman together with Alfred! And expect that Ahron being a merman will have many topless scenes showing his hot sexy yummy body! c",)
TV5 now releases the full trailer of their so-called first ever big drama-serye on Primetime, "Babaeng Hampaslupa"!

This said TV series is topbilled by three of the countries leading lady of the three generations. They were Alice Dixson, Susan Roces, and Alex Gonzaga!

Well, let's all watch the complete full trailer of "Babaeng Hampaslupa" Here:

Aside from the three mentioned names, other casts of this exciting TV series were Jay Manalo who will portray the leading man of Alice and Bing Loyzaga who will be the main villain. Alwyn Uytingco and Martin "Mart" Escudero will be Alex' leading men!

This TV series seems a comeback of the former stars. Aside from Alice Dixson and Ms. Susan Roces who were making their TV series comeback, former Senator Freddie Web, Julio Diaz, Susan Africa, Vandolf, and Celso Ad Castillo were also part of the story!

Hmmm...Susan Africa will have two new TV series from two rival networks! One is this soap from Kapatid station while the other one will be "Green Rose" from the Kapamilya wherein she will play as the mother of Jericho Rosales!

"Babaeng Hampaslupa" is set to premiere next Monday, February 7, 2011 at 9pm right after "Wiling Willie"!

What can you say about this new teleserye? It seems that TV5 is now ready to fight in terms of Primetime TV series. This will be pitted against GMA-7's Telebabad and ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Do you think they can now able to defeat their rivals?! Hope that this new TV series will not have the same fate undergone by their previous "My Driver Sweet Lover"!

But still, we're loving forward for the success of this new TV series! Keep it up TV5! More to come! c",)
What do you think makes this newest TV commercial of the Primetime Drama Princess Kim Chiu extraordinary?! Well, look closely at the images!

At first look, it seems that this TVC is just an ordinary TV commercial. But looking closely, Kim Chiu shows his extraordinary talent!

Yup, Kim shows her skill called contortionist. This is the ability to bend or flex body parts. As you can see in this commercial, Kim bends her legs to her head while talking to someone over the phone and while eating the Goya Twists Pretzel!

This said skill was first shown by Kim during her stint in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 1. She even showed it in her previous Bench Uncut billboard!

This only proves that Ms. Kim Chiu is really talented! She can sing, dance, portray different roles either drama or comedy, and can twist her body just like this! Great one Kim! Definitely, no question why she is now hails as the brightest young star of this generation!

Well, let's see to ourselves this amazing TV commercial of Goya Twists Pretzel featuring the extraordinary skill of Kim Chiu! c",)

Anne Curtis is very visible in different TV commercials and endorsements nowadays. Her latest and most controversial endorsement is the SMDC which is said that she replaces Marian Rivera!

Now her newest TVC is the Olay Natural White. This is a beauty facial cream. The said TV commercial perfectly fits Ms. Anne Curtis since she owns one of the most beautiful faces in the Showbiz world!

We may recall that Erich Gonzales is also last year's endorser of Olay. Even Empress Schuck also becomes part of it! Now, it's Anne's turn!

Truly, Anne Curtis is really blessed this year! Aside from having lots of TV commercials and different endorsements, she even have an upcoming TV series project called "Green Rose" pairing her with the two hot hunks Jericho Rosales and Jake Cuenca! And of course, she even have a movie with Luis Manzano entitled "Who's That Girl"! Nice one Anne!

Now let's all watch this beautiful new TV commercial of Ms. Anne Curtis:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ms. Angel Locsin tweeted last week that new posters of "Imortal" will be released. And here you go!

Yup, these are the two new TV series posters of the phenomenal hit action-fantasy-epic-romance series "Imortal"!

The Star Cinema Advertising and Promotions Managing Director named Roxy Liquigan uploaded these two new pictures. ABS-CBN will formally launch these two new posters next week! Exciting!

Actually "Imortal" is now of its 2nd Season! And according to the management of this TV series, more exciting and breath-taking scenes will be witnessed! The character of John Lloyd Cruz as Mateo will finally transform into a vampire! And of course, more battle is about to happen between the vampires and the werewolves! Jomari Yllana portraying the vampire Roman and the father of Mateo will also return in this phenomenal hit TV series that's why he is already in the second poster!

These two new posters of "Imortal" really speak thousand words! They depict the next exciting chapters in "Imortal"! Everybody really praises the recent episodes of it! Truly excellent and surprising! Superb! And all were really wishing to extend this TV series until December 2011!

Again and again, another great job for ABS-CBN for producing this kind of teleserye! The whole "Imortal" team is really the best! Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz really show their best in portraying their respective roles! Two thumbs up! Great, great, great! c",)
The two lead stars of the upcoming Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela "Green Rose" will going to shoot some of the important scenes in Korea! Actually Jericho Rosales is already there three days ago and his leading lady Anne Curtis will follow him!

Echo even advised Anne to bring thick Northface-like jackets, gloves, and earmuffs since the weather in Korea is extremely cold! The scenes together in Korea of Anne and Echo is about to take!

As per Anne, the Korea's side is the major part of Echo's story in the said new soap. That's why Jericho was the first to go there!

Echo and Anne will portray the characters of Jerome and Angela, the two main stars in the TV series "Green Rose". Alessandra De Rosi and Jake Cuenca will be their main villains.

Echo and Anne were both excited for this new TV series. According to them, the whole production team of this big TV series project really gave their best to produce a very good outcome. And viewers will really appreciate their hard works for it!

It's good to know that when ABS-CBN remade a certain Koreanovela, they really took some of the scenes from Korea! Just like their Pinoy adaptation of "Only You" starring Sam Milby, Diether Ocampo, and Angel Locsin in 2009, some scenes were really fresh from Korea! Nice!

"Green Rose" will start this coming February 2011 replacing "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" which is already now on its second to the last week! We're really excited for this new TV series! Thumbs up! c",)
It seems that ABS-CBN will put together the three hit noontime shows namely "Wowowee", "Eat Bulaga", and "Magandang Tanghali Bayan (MTB)" into one powerful new noontime show. It is because the Kapamilya network is now cooking a new noontime show putting together the hosts of these three previous hit noontime shows.

Randy Santiago, John Estrada, Toni Gonzaga, and Mariel Rodriguez will be the four main hosts of these newest Kapamilya noontime show. This said new show has no title yet!

We may recall that these four celebrities already proven their skills in terms of hosting different noontime variety shows. Randy Santiago and John Estrada together with Willie Revillame before hosted "Magandang Tanghali Bayan (MTB)". Mariel Rodriquez is Willie Revillame's co-host in "Wowowee" while Toni Gonzaga is a former 'dabarkads' host of "Eat Bulaga"!

The acceptance of John Estrada and Randy Santiago to host this new noontime show of ABS-CBN really made their friend Willie Revillame got mad on them. Willie even announced on his variety show "Wiling-Willie" his sentiment and bad feelings against John and Randy. Willie even back-out from being John's best man in his upcoming wedding with Priscilla Meireles!

This new noontime show will premiere next month replacing "Showtime". "Showtime" then will return in its 10:30am original timeslot!

What can you say about this new variety show? Are you excited for this one?! Do you think it can beat "Eat Bulaga"?! How about its title, can you suggest a good title for this new show?! c",)

Friday, January 28, 2011

After "Rosalinda", "SRO Cinemaserye", "The Last Prince", and "Basahang Ginto", real-life lover Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana will be reunited in the upcoming fantaserye of GMA-7 called "Magic Palayok"!

"Magic Palayok" is set to replace Raymart Santiago's "Bantatay" which is about to air its final episode on February 25, 2011. Since the previous daytime soap of Carla and Geoff in 2010 called "Basahang Ginto" was able to top the daytime race not only in Mega Manila but also in Kantar Media’s national TV ratings, the Kapuso management decided to bring their tandem back on the Primetime block.

Geoff and Carla were separated for a while when Geoff was being paired with Glaiza De Castro in "Grazilda" while Carla with Dennis Trillo in the episode of Sunday afternoon romance mini-series called "Love Bug Presents: The Last Romance" !

Do you think its better for both Geoff and Carla to be paired again or its good that they two will have new partners?!

And talking about this new series "Magic Palayok", another fantaserye?! Viewers observe, "fantaserye na naman...?! Puro na lang fantaserye ang GMA!" Yeah, it seems that all the GMA's TV series Primetime lineup were all fantaseryes (except for the Koreanovela "The Baker King")! If one fantaserye will end, another fantaserye will replace it! Do you notice that in 5 new TV series lineup of Telebabad for 2011, 4 out of 5 were all fantaseryes?! Only the "I Heart You Pare" of this lineup is not a fantasy series!

And how about the said remake of "Coffee Prince" which is said to be given to Carla Abellana this 2011?! Will it be better for Carla this "Magic Palayok" than the "Coffee Prince"?! c",)
Finally, its Jackie Rice's turn to star in her first major role in a teleserye. Jackie is the lead star in the upcoming afternoon TV series "Sisid"!

"Sisid" is an upcoming daytime soap opera that will be putted on GMA-7's Haponalo/Dramarama block. This will replace Kris Bernal's soap "Koreana" which is about to end sometime in February. JC Tiuseco, Ian Batherson, and Dominic Roco will be the three leading men of Jackie.

Yup, this is the first starring role of Jackie in a formal TV series. We may recall that Jackie's roles in the different TV series before were all supporting. Even in her last project in 2010 which is "Ilumina", Jackie just played as a villain of Rhian Ramos.

On various GMA TV series like "Encantadia", "Fantastikids", "Love to Love", "Princess Charming", "Fantastic Man", "Dyesebel", "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang", "Kung Aagawin Mo ang Lahat sa Akin", "Ikaw Sana", "Darna", "Bubble Gang", and "Panday Kids", Jackie just only played supporting roles. She was only given a chance to lead in a TV program through drama anthology like in the "Jackie Rice Life Story of Magpakailanman" in 2006 wherein she gave life to her own life story and also in 2010 via the Sunday afternoon weekly mini-series "Dear Friend Presents: Tisay".

After being the StarStruck 3 Ultimate Female Survivor, its really time for Jackie to have a lead role in a TV series. Looking forward for this new show!

Do you think "Sisid" is another fantaserye? Or it's a heavy drama? Or maybe as its title suggest, it's a sexy-serye?! What do think?! C",)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Different rumors were now spreading like wild fire that the Kapamilya hunk actor and the so-called 'Universal Leading' will be switching network. At first, it was reported that he will soon be a Kapatid!

On the recent news, there were also speculations that Derek is chosen by the Kapauso network to be Marian Rivera's leading man in her upcoming fantaserye "Amaya". According to the different sources, Derek is perfect for the role!

Since Derek has no project anymore in the Kapamilya network, many were considering his transfer. His last TV series in ABS-CBN is the fashionserye "Magkaribal" which ended in November 2010. His last movie with the said network is the Star Cinema's MMFF entry "I Love You Goodbye" last December 2009. After these two last projects, nothing follows!

But in the very recent reports, Derek already clarified that he will not switch network! "There is no truth to that, I am under contract with ABS-CBN and I am very happy. And I am the type of person who fulfills his obligations before anything else", Derek explains!

With these words of Derek, definitely he will further stay as a Kapamilya! There is no truth about that said rumors! Hmmm...but what will be the next projects of Derek in the Kapamilya? He is not even part of the upcoming new TV series of the said network. But knowing ABS-CBN that truly prioritizes their talents, I'm pretty sure that lots of exciting new projects are awaiting Derek!

But how about Marian Rivera?! Who will now be her leading man since four Kapamilya hunks already declined the offer?! Diether Ocampo, Rafael Rossel, Zanjoe Marudo, and now Derek Ramsey were said being offered to be Marian's leading man in "Amaya" but all declined the tempting offer! Do you think its better that Derek accepts the offer and be a new Kapuso transferee? How about being a Kapatid? Or maybe it's still good for him to stay as Kapamilya?! c",)
After we witnessed the the full trailer of "Mutya", time now to see its official TV series poster!

Yup, above is how the official TV series promo poster of "Mutya" looks like. It's simple but it's meaningful!

Through "Mutya", we will once more see the different beautiful under water scenes. Most of the scenes here in the upcoming fantaserye were taken under the sea and not in studio! It really reminded me of the previous phenomenal hit and the first-ever fantaserye on TV, "Marina"! It's very realistic!

ABS-CBN's newest child star discovery named Mutya Orquia will be the lead star and portrays the character of "Mutya". Ms. Precious Lara Quigaman will be the mother of "Mutya". She is a simple and kind human in the story.

Meanwhile, two former Kapuso hunks returned to Kapamilya network. They were Alfred Vargas and Ahron Villena who will both play the characters of the male mermaids! Alfred is the Prince of the Sea and the father of Mutya.

It seems another exciting fantasy series! This will premiere this coming Monday, January 31, 2011 right after "Noah"! Yup, it will reprise the timeslot of "Noah" once it ended on February 4, 2011! This is also from the creator of the former phenomenal hits namely "May Bukas Pa" and "Agua Bendita"! So, everybody is really expecting it to be another top-rating phenomenal hit! Yeah! Sea you! C",)
Finally, ABS-CBN already showed the much-awaited full trailer of their incoming Primetime fantaserye "Mutya"!

"Mutya" is another fantasy series wherein the story revolves around the mermaids and sea creatures. Seeing the trailer, it reminds me of their phenomenal and first-ever fantaserye on TV, "Marina"! But this time, the mermaid is not a woman. Rather, it is a man in the person of Alfred Vargas. And lead star is a new child star named Mutya Orguia!

Well, let's first watch this very exciting full trailer of "Mutya":

"Mutya" is another creation of the comics master Pablo S. Gomez. It is about the kind, playful and helpful mermaid Mutya who with her powers, helped cure a blind girl named Lagring.

The Komiks version of it was published in "Pinoy Klasiks" from 1978 to 1983. The original story is written by Pablo S. Gomez and is illustrated by Louie D. Celerio

Now on its TV series version, the child mermaid "Mutya" will be portrayed by ABS-CBN's newest discovery, Mutya Orquia. Ms. Precious Lara Quigaman plays the mother of "Mutya"!

This also marks the return of the hunk actor Alfred Vargas in the Kapamilya network. Here, he plays the character of the sea prince, father of "Mutya" and of course the love interest of Precious. He is also the love interest of Ms. Nina Jose who also portrays the princess of the sea! Both Alfred and Nina were mermaids while Precious is an ordinary human!

This is also the return of another hunk actor Ahron Villena to the Kapamilya network after being a castaway in the celebrity edition of "Survivor Philippines" in the Kapuso channel. He will also play another male mermaid! So, expect more topless Ahron and Alfred in this newest fantasy series!

Also included in the cast were Jason Gainza, Ogie Diaz, Jairus Aquino, Malou Crisologo, Pen Medina, Sandy Andolong, Gary Lim, and Tess Antonio. It is directed by Erick Salud and Jojo Saguin.

"Mutya" will premiere this coming Monday, January 31, 2011 in Primetime Bida right after "Noah"! Well, are you excited for this?! Definitely! C",)
After "Mara Clara", the next 90's hit teleserye of ABS-CBN to be revived soon is "Mula Sa Puso"!

Yup, the Kapamilya network is now on the planning stage for the remake of this hit teleserye which really changed the Primetime. "Mula Sa Puso" is the first TV series of Ms. Claudine Barretto and this teleserye launched her career and put her in great stardom! The late Rico Yan is Claudine's leading man in this said soap.

With "Mula Sa Puso", the love team of Claudine and Rico becomes so popular. They even got many box-office Star Cinema movies together because of this TV series.

And aside from Claudine and Rico, Ms. Princess Punzalan also rose in stardom being the Best Kontrabida in the world of TV series as she portrayed the character of the wicked auntie Selina! She even got the Best Drama Actress award in the Star Awards for Television because of this teleserye. Her bombing tactics to kill her enemies also became so popular!

"Mula Sa Puso" aired on TV from 1997 to 1999. It is the first teleserye aired on Primetime block (since "Mara Clara" originally started on daytime)! It even got the Best Drama Series award in the different award giving bodies. And because of its phenomenal hit, it even became a blockbuster movie just like "Mara Clara"!

It was not yet announced the new stars that will reprise the characters of Via and Gabriel who were originally played by Claudine and Rico. Even the character of the evil Selina was not yet disclosed!

Well, if I were to ask you, who would you like to portray the characters of the new Via and Gabriel? And of course, who do you think will play the character of the 'Primera Kontrabida' Selina who was originally and successfully done by Ms. Princess Punzalan?!

I'm sure this will gonna be another big hit just like "Mara Clara"! Looking forward for this remake! Great! C",)
It's such a dream come true for Roxanne Guinoo who is now the loving wife of Angelo Elton Yap. Many were really inspired with their beautiful wedding that took place in Sanctuario De San Antonio in Makati last Sunday, January 23, 2011.

Roxanne is very beautiful in her wedding dress. She's like a princess! She's such a pretty bride!

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Roxanne Guinoo-Yap in her white wedding gown by Lito Sy:

Roxanne is now 24-year old while his Filipino-Chinese businessman husband Angelo Elton Yap is 21-year old. Elton is the cousin of the TV host and eventologist Tim Yap who is also present in the ceremony who also served as the host during the wedding reception!

Once more, the principal sponsors were the Diamond star Maricel Soriano, Dra. Vicki Belo, Boy Abunda, and Direk Rahyan Carlos who directed "Florinda". We may recall that Roxanne is a part of Maricel Soriano's horror-serye "Florinda" which aired in Primetime Bida last 2009!

The secondary sponsors were Regine Angeles, Mariel Rodriguez, and Charlene Gonzalez.

Other celebrities spotted during the ceremony were Toni Gonzaga, Angelica Panganiban, Ara Mina and Jomari Yllana. South Border and Kris Lawrence performed and serenaded the wedding couple and guests!

Again congratulations and best wishes to this newly wed couple Roxanne and Angelo! C",)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's "Mara Clara" which is the remake of the 90's hit teleserye of the same title is also another top-rating hit teleserye today! It dominates the different TV ratings both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide!

The original "Mara Clara" is topbilled by Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Gladys Reyes. It is the longest teleserye in the history of Philippines television which lasted for 5 solid years! It started in 1992 and ended in 1997! And during that period, it's really a huge hit!

It even launched the career of Juday and Gladys. With this soap opera, Judy Ann Santos is hailed as the "Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera". On the other hand, Gladys Reyes is also crowned as the " Best Primera Kontrabida" following the footsteps of Ms. Bella Flores!

With the legacy of "Mara Clara", it is now called as the "Ina ng Pinoy Teleserye"!

In 2010, ABS-CBN who originally aired "Mara Clara" in 90's launched their remake of the said soap. This time, two newbie teen actresses namely Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes reprise the characters of Mara and Clara respectively!

Though they were very new in the industry, their version of "Mara Clara" makes another legacy! It is a consistent top-rating TV series both nationwide and in Mega Manila. They even became the talk of the town! And both Kathryn and Julia were appreciated and now rose in fame!

Just like the love team of Juday and Wowee De Guzman before who originally played Mara and Christian, Kathryn Bernardo and Albie Casino's love team and who were now the new Mara and Christian also become famous and got many fans!

With the two versions of "Mara Clara" then and now, our new TV series craze poll opens! Our poll survey question now goes, "Which is your Favorite Mara Clara Version, the original Judy Ann Santos-Gladys Reyes original version in the 90's or this newest Kathryn Bernard-Julia Montes version in the modern age?!"

Well start casting your votes! You may chose either "Mara Clara" 90's Original Version or the new "Mara Clara" 2010 remake! You may vote on our voting area on the right side panel! Good luck! C",)

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