Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The Walking Dead" is a new US TV series from AMC. It is now one of the hit and most watched TV series in US aside from "Glee"! This is star by Andrew Lincoln as the lead character.

After I shared with you its complete TV series trailer as well as told you its quick synopsis did you know that this new TV series also came from comics?!

Yup, "The Walking Dead" is based upon the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Would you like to see the original comic versions of it?

Well, below are some of the original collection of "The Walking Dead" comics series:

The Walking Dead Comics

The Walking Dead Comics Caricature

The Walking Dead Volume 1 - "Days Gone Bye"

The Walking Dead Volume 2 - "Miles Behind Us"

The Walking Dead Volume 3 - "Days Gone Bye"

The Walking Dead Volume 4 - "The Heart's Desire"

The Walking Dead Volume 5 - "The Best Defense"

The Walking Dead Volume 6 - "The Sorrowful Life"

The Walking Dead Volume 8 - "Made To Suffer"

The Walking Dead Volume 9 - "Here We Remain"

According to Wikipedia, "The Walking Dead" is a monthly black-and-white American comic book series published by Image Comics beginning in 2003. The comic was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, who was replaced by Charlie Adlard from issue #7 onward, although Moore continued to do the covers through issue #24.

The story chronicles the travels of a group of people trying to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse. The series won the 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series at San Diego Comic-Con International. A television series was announced to be in production on August 11, 2009 and premiered on October 31, 2010 on AMC which we have now on TV!

As seen from its TV series trailer and looking at these comic creations, I feel like watching it! It seems that the story is very exciting! And I love the twist. You know, I really love to watch horror theme movies or TV series. And I truly love to collect horror comics starting from my childhood! So sad that I lost those collections!

Did you like this new US horror TV series?! Or would you prefer to read it in these comics rather than watching it?! These comics were really a true work of art! Nice! Hope I can also have those! C",)
It's now time for the zombies to get the spotlight!

Werewolves and vampires were now the hottest and the phenomenal themes in the different TV series and movies. 2010 marks the rise of werewolf and vampire series. We have the "Twilight" series, "Vampire Diaries", and "True Blood". And of course, we have our very own hit "Imortal" starring Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz!

AMC TV series now have the so-called "The Walking Dead" which is a new TV series about zombies! It was developed for television by Frank Darabont and based upon the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

This TV series which just recently started stars Andrew Lincoln ("Love Actually"), Jon Bernthal ("The Pacific"), Sarah Wayne Callies ("Prison Break"), Laurie Holden ("The Mist"), Jeffrey DeMunn ("The Green Mile"), Steven Yeun ("The Big Bang Theory") and Emma Bell ("The Bedford Diaries") as a group of survivors traveling in search of a safe and secure home.

To give you a quick synopsis of the story, "The Walking Dead" TV series tells the story of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse; it follows a small group of survivors traveling across the desolate United States in search of a new home away from the shuffling hordes of the undead. The group is led by Rick Grimes, who was a King County, Georgia sheriff’s deputy in the old world. As their situation grows more and more grim, the group’s desperation to survive pushes them to the brink of insanity. At every turn they are faced with unspeakable horrors, both from those who are dead, and from the scattered remains of a struggling human populace.

And here is the complete full trailer of it! It's amazing! Love to watch this! C",)

What's in the book of Philippine history that we didn't know? Did you know one of Dr. Jose Rizal's anecdote wherein he had a conversation with a vampire?!

Well, this is the third recently launched webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" entitle "A Conversation with Rizal"!

In this latest webisode, two hidden chapters were uncovered! The first one is the Imortal's chapter while the other one is the chapter of Philippine History involving Dr. Jose Rizal!

This webisode depicts how a vampire talked with our national hero. It happened while Rizal is in prison during the time that he will face his death.

Magnus (Jake Roxas), the powerful leader of the vampires convinced Dr. Jose Rizal (Ping Medina) to be with them! He offered an immortal life! A life that will live forever! If Rizal will allow Magnus to bite him, then Rizal will never be gun shot in Bagumbayan anymore!

But our national hero refused the vampire's offer! According to him, it's the destiny, his fate already created a path for him!

Thanks God, Magnus didn't kill Dr. Rizal. Since Rizal rejected his offer, he left him alone in Dapitan!

Now, let's all watch the complete conversation of Magnus and Dr. Jose Rizal in this third webisode! Many thanks again to 1chronicles49 for uploading this video.

What do you think will happen if Rizal accepted the offer of Magnus?! Will Rizal still be alive until now?! C",)

And now were here in the second webisode of "Anino't Panaginip", the hidden chapters of "Imortal"!

If in the first webisode it showcased the young Matteo, this time this second one is all about the young Lia! What is the secret and mystery of this young Lia that even her didn't know?! Let's all discover!

At the young age, Lia loves to play and discover the wild forest. Every afternoon, she go in it and find the beast that threats the safety of the forest. She traces the nail prints of the wild beast in the tree!

One night the young Lia is about to find the real beast in the forest!

After the rain, she woke up from sleep and found herself undress! In the clear water, she saw the face of a werewolf! And got surprised seeing this werewolf!

Actually what she had seen was just his reflection! Yup at the young age, Lia can already transforms into a wolf! That's the uniqueness of Lia from the other werewolves! That's her special power that no one knows!

Well, let's all watch this second webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" entitled "Lia"! Let's all find out the mystery of this young little she-wolf! Again, thanks to 1chronicles49 for uploading this video! Another great hidden chapter! C",)

The phenomenal hit werewolf-vampire fantasy TV series "Imortal" dominates not only the TV world but also the world wide wide!

The official website of "Imortal" in ABS-CBN.com which features the hidden chapters of this hit TV series is now one of the most visited website! For a short span of time, the viewers and visitors of this webisode now reached 3 million! Wow!

"Anino't Panaginip" which shows the hidden chapters of "Imortal" or those special chapters not shown on TV already gave us three untold chapters. Every Friday, new episode is launched!

And the first "Anino't Panaginip" chapter is entitled "Maestro"!

In this first hidden chapter, it showcased the young Matteo (Bugoy Carino) playing hide and seek with his uncle.

Matteo didn't know the secret of the vampires. Just like his previous playmate, it eventually vanished whenever it exposed himself in sunlight. They do this or they kill themselves to escape the pain they encounter!

The young Matteo still didn't know where his playmates go whenever they play hide and seek! Actually, he will not anymore find them!

Here is the first webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" called "Maestro"! Thanks to 1chronicles49 for uploading this video!

On my next post, I will also share with you the next two webisodes! Let's first watch this first one:

After I shared with you the first two short teasers of "Sabel" and after giving you a quick trivia about this new Jessy Mendiola starer, I will now share with you the full trailer of this exciting TV series.

In the first two teasers of "Sabel" many say this new soap will be like "Katorse" which also launched the career of Ms. Erich Gonzales. Yup, watching those two teasers, they really reminded me of "Katorse". And take note, "Katorse" is also a TV adaptation of Dina Bonnevie's movie.

AJ Perez, Joseph Marco, and Jessy Mendiola were the three leading characters of this sexy TV series. This will start this Monday, December 6 replacing "Kokey @ Ako" which will end this Friday!

Last night, ABS-CBN launched the complete full trailer of "Sabel". So now, let's all watch this! It seems another great teleserye to watch. The three main cast were fresh and new faces! Very hot! C",)

Jessy Mendiola returns on TV via the newest Primetime TV series. And this will be her launching TV series!

Jessy Mendiola will play the character of "Sabel"!

"Sabel" is the TV adaptation of classic 1981 movie “Bata Pa Si Sabel” from Regal Films which launched the career of Snooky Serna. This time, this TV revival will also launch the career of Jessy!

We may recall that Jessy was previously stared in the two latest ABS-CBN TV series which paired her with different leading men. This were "Gimik 2010" which paired her with Lance Christopher and Franco Daza and "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" opposite Coco Martin!

Here in her launching soap, Jessy will be paired with AJ Perez and Joseph Marco.

AJ and Josep will reprise the roles of Albert Martinez and Joel Alano in this Joey Gosiengfiao original film.

Tonton Gutierrez, Glydel Mercado, Rita Avila and Raymond Bagatsing completed the rest of the supporting characters.

Here are the two quick teasers of "Sabel"! This will premiere on Monday, December 6 on Primetime Bida replacing "Kokey @ Ako"!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For the second time around, GMA-7 will give us a unique Christmas story via their so-called Christmas-serye'! We may recall that last year, they brought us the very first Christmas-serye or Christmas TV series called "Sana Ngayong Pasko" with a star-studded cast led by Ms. Susan Roces.

If last year their Christmas-serye's genre is a heavy family drama, this time it's a magical light family-drama. And just like the first one, it's another star-studded TV series.

Below are the three main cast of this new Telebabad TV series:

Jillian Ward as The Magic Doll Jillian

Claudine Barretto as Lynette

Wendell Ramos as Nelson

Yup, the Kapuso child wonder Jillian Ward topbills this said new show. After having the afternoon soap "Trudis Liit" which launched the career of Jillian, this time she was moved to Primetime. And she's even in the title role!

"Jillian: Namamasko Po" is derived from Jillian's famous line in "Trudis Liit" saying "Nandyan Na Po..."! And for the first time, she will play as the magical doll. She is a doll assistant of Santa Claus. The comedian Michael V. will have his special role in this new mini-series as Santa Claus!

The Optimum Star and the Queen of TV Drama Ms. Claudine Barretto also joins Jillian. She will play the character of Lynette, the mother of the sick child Dolly! This is the second TV series of Ms. Claudine in the Kapuso network after her guest appearance in "Bantatay"! And this is her third TV project in the said station if we count her drama anthology "Claudine"!

The hot hunk actor Mr. Wendell Ramos will play the character of Nelso, the husband of Lynette and the father of the sick child. He is a dedicated father who works as a TV repairman just to raise his family!

Jillian will meet the sick child Dolly and promised the child to take good care of her parents when she was gone! Then when Dolly died, Jillian will do her promise and ask Santa to allow her to take the place of the lost child. But according to Santa, she needs first to learn the human values before she will sent back to the family of Nelson!

Aside from Jillian, Claudine, Wendell, and Michael V., Carla Abellana and Marian Rivera with Chynna Ortaleza, Mosang, Kiko Rustia and Daniella Amable as Dolly completed the rest of the cast! Isn't another star-studded Christmas TV series?!

This will start tomorrow night, November 29 in GMA-7's Telebabad right after "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown"! Since it's a light-drama family series, it will be pitted against ABS-CBN's "Mara Clara"! Just like their first Christmas-serye, it will be ended after the Christmas season!

Well, are you excited for this new TV series?! Do you like it specially the composition of the casts and characters?! It seems exciting and it assures a lot of surprises to give! Nice! Merry Christmas! C",)
The hit talent artista search of ABS-CBN for the next kiddie superstars finally returns on TV.

Starting this coming Saturday, December 4, "Star Circle Quest For The Next Kiddie Superstar" will start right after the fantasy-anthology "Wansapanataym"! Ms. KC Concepcion will be the new host of this new TV show.

We may recall that "Star Circle Quest" or SCQ is the hottest and the most popular artista search from the Kapamilya network who gives fame and glory to the new comer child stars. Nash Aguas, Quintin Allianza, and Bugoy Carino were the successful products of this artista search. They were now popular child stars of the industry and they really dominate the movie or TV screens.

And now this 2010, the door for the new aspiring kids once more open. And for this year, this talent search was given importance since it will be aired in Saturday Primetime block of ABS-CBN. And it is given a new host via Ms. KC Concepcion!

Here is a quick teaser of this upcoming TV show. Are you excited for this?! Good luck kids! Nice! C",)

It's very hot, sexy, and artistic! This is how we can describe the first love scenes of Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes in this "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" TV series.

The sexy, hot, and yummy bodies of Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes were exposed in this episode! Since both of them were really sexy, they fit one another!

Bernard (Zanjoe Marudo) and Jewel (Cristine Reyes) finally get wed in a beach-inspired wedding. Bernard, Jewel, and the rest of the guest in their wedding were dressed in a sexy Hawaiian-type attires!

This is the happiest moment for the new couple. Love and happiness really filled the air. Even the people around them were really happy for this sexiest couple!

Bernard and Jewel danced together in the tune of love. Love, happiness, and humor serenade their special dance number. Until they fell together in the sand and ended up kissing! And this ignited their many sexy scenes!

After the beach reception, Bernard and Jewel find time together. This is now their romantic moment together. They eat together fruits until rain suddenly fell which let then get wet!

More intense romantic scenes followed. They kissed together, touched each others bodies, undressed each other, before going to their love nest!

And now the so-called "pulo't gata" took place!

Slowly they started their romantic moves in bed. From top to bottom, kisses took place! In a silhouette, you will still see the perfect hot sexy bodies of Bernard and Jewel merging! Ooh-la-la!

And what's the next scene?! Oops...I will cut it here! Let's continue the rest of their hot bed scenes through their videos!

Here is the complete November 26 episode of "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" featuring the hottest love scenes of Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes! Let's all feel the intense feelings of Bernard and Jewel to each other!

These love scenes were very artistic and really full of love. As they say, "madadala ka sa kanila..."! They really made our cold night sizzled with hotness! Nice one! Great! C",)

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