Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's final! Ms. Glaiza De Castro is now the so-called 'new Cinderella'! And the title of her new telefantasya in GMA-7 is finally set!

Her new fantasy series which has a Cinderella-like story is called "Grazilda"! This will be the next exciting TV series in Telebabad block and will probably replace the Mark Herras-Heart Evangelista soap called "Langit Sa Piling Mo" which is now on its third to the last week!

And of course the Kapuso hunk Mr. Geoff Eigenmann will be the new leading man of Glaiza! This will be their very first team-up on a TV series! Definitely, Geoff is Grazilda's Prince Charming here!

With regards to this, GMA-7 releases two teasers of this new soap. It's a quick teasers showing the main story theme.

In these two teasers, the title "Grazilda" is now mentioned. And of course the lead star Glaiza De Castro is shown acting like the modern-day Cinderella! Her prince charming as well as the other cast of the story were not yet shown!

So are ready to see the first two teasers of "Grazilda"?! Well, here they go...! What can you say about the teasers?! C",)

One of the Kapuso top talent Ms. Carla Abellana is set to play the role of Andi in the Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela called "Coffee Prince"!

This said remake is said to hit the Primetime block of GMA-7 in year 2011. Her leading man is not yet announced! Definitely, the Geoff Eigenmann-Carla Abellana tandem will not anymore prosper as GMA network gave them two separate projects. Geoff is now the new leading man of Glaiza De Castro in the upcoming fantasy series "Glazilda"! "Basahang Ginto" will be the last project of Carla and Geoff!

Well if you can't recall the original "Coffee Prince" Korean series, here are some of its original posters:

"Coffee Prince" is one of the top-rated Koreanovela in GMA Telebabad which hit our country way back 2007! I can still remember the theme song of it which was "Because of You" which was revived by Martin Nievera!

It is the story of the girl named Andi who pretended to be a boy so that she can enter the Coffee Shop of Arthur. Arthur is running a coffee shop called "Coffee Prince" since all his staffs were all boys!

Desperately needs a job to sustain her family's needs, Andi enters the shop as a boy! Eventually Arthur fell in love with Andi! Conflicts arise as the destiny of these two people collided!

Honestly speaking, "Coffee Prince" was one of the GMA TV series I loved most! The story is a light-drama full of romance and humor! So 'kilig' the story of it!

Hmmmm...do you think Carla Abellana is perfect for the role of Andi?! If not, who would you suggest?! And if Carla will be playing Andi, then who would you want to play as Arthur?! C",)

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Kokey @ Ako" will be landing so very soon in Primetime Bida! He will come not alone, but with a partner!

Yup, "Kokey @ Ako" will introduce new cool pairs on TV! It's actually three pairs! First the pair of Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro! Second is the so-called 'loveteam ng masa' Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco collectively known as Melason! And third, our alien bidas, Kokey and Kekay! Yeah, Kokey has a partner now!

It's so exciting! Not one but three...! Three new pairs will be watch every night on Primetime Bida! So are you excited to meet them?!

Here is a new teaser of "Kokey @ Ako" featuring the six main characters namely Toni, Vhong, Melai, Jason, Kokey, and Kekay! Let's all meet them and laugh with them! They will surely dominate our Primetime TV habits! Cool! C",)

Erich Gonzales, Empress Schuck, and Andi Eigenmann are now the three new hottest princesses of TV series! They were now so popular and very famous.

As proof of their widest popularity, they were now dominating not only our TV screens but even the print media, endorsements, and TV commercials.

One of their TV commercials is the Pantene Shampoo. Erich, Empress, and Andi were the three additions to the brightest endorsers of this shampoo brand. Their beauties were very much emphasized in this new TVC! They three were very much nice to watch!

So are you ready to revisit the Pantene Shampoo TV commercial of these three young pretty ladies?! Well, here you go:

And of course, I have also with you the video of the launching of these three ladies as the new endorsers of this shampoo. Together with Angel Aquino, Carla Abellana, and Ms. Claudine Barretto, Erich, Empress, and Andi ramp in fame!

Let's watch them all:

Bravo Erich, Empress, and Andi! You three were really so promising! Your stars will further shine the brightest! Keep it up! Nice! C",)
Three newcomers, three new faces, three successful TV series, three domination of new princesses! Erich Gonzales, Empress Schuck, and Andi Eigenmann are now the three new superstars of teleseryes!

It's good to know that these three ladies rise in stardom in a similar way! Before they were really unknown. But after they were launched in their own TV series, they eventually became famous! And of course their first TV series wherein they were in a starring role were truly topnotchers! Great!

Erich Gonzales was first launched in her own teleserye called "Katorse". She was paired there with Ejay Falcon, Xian Lim, and Enchong Dee! Her first starring soap became so successful! Her tandem with Enchong Dee was even loved by people. Therefore afterward, they were further given other more new soaps like "Tangng Yaman", and "Magkaribal"!

Another new princess was launched in a fantasy-drama TV series in daytime called "Rosalka"! This is also the first starring role of Empress Schuck in a major TV series. Two leading men were given to her namely Matt Evans and Felix Rocco! This also marks her rise in stardom as her daytime soap becomes another hit!

The third new princess is also launched in another fantasy-drama TV series. This is in the phenomenal huge hit "Agua Bendita" which is a consistent top-rater both nationwide and in Mega Manila! Even the name Andi Eigenmann is now a very famous name today! Playing a dual role as Agua and Bendita with of course two partners namely Jason Abalos and Matteo Guidiceili is very much loved and appreciated by many people!

They three were now dominating our TV screens! But not only that, TV commercials, endorsements, and magazine covers were now in their hands! Nice! They three were another newborn star products of ABS-CBN! And also another products of TV series!

So for Erich, Empress, and Andi, a great salute to your success! Keep it up! All were really inspired and impressed with the three of you!

Hmmm...if I were to ask you, who among these three new teleserye princesses you like and love the most, who will be your answer?! Who among them is the brightest?! Well, you may speak up your answer in our current survey poll! C",)
A new face of Primetime will finally be seen tonight in GMA's Telebabad! After 24 Oras, action, fight, and challenges will start in the first ever celebrity edition of "Survivor Philippines"!

But, what are the so-called 'major major' things and changes that we will need to witness! Here are some:

The Host

The Female Castaways

The Male Castaways

Hmmm...it really seems exciting! A brand new faces will be seen fighting one another!

I can't really await to see the group of sexy babes versus the hot hunks in this new reality show! Who will emerge the sexiest among them?! Who will become the favorite of the crowd?! It will surely heats our nights! Uhhh...yeah!

And of course, we really await the new Richard Gutierrez here! We can't wait and see how he will handle his new job being the main host of a reality show! Will he also be involved in more actions and fight scenes the way we see him in his different fantasy TV series?! And, will he also compete for sexiness here?!

So exciting! This will gonna be a much anticipating TV shows on primetme! Will this "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" finally save the TV rating performance of GMA Telebabad?! Will it win over "Noah"?! We will have all the answers tonight! Exciting! A great fight awaits...! C",)
The truth finally prevails and all things go back in their respective proper places!

This is how we can conclude the sixth and the final episode of this crazy-cool comedy Sunday mini-series called "Maling Akala" which was brought to us by Your Song Presents!

At first, it smells tragedy during the unfolding of the mystery! But afterward, a good thing follows!

Buena (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) and Yen (Kim Chiu) finally talked to the real Carl Anda (Van Roxas) and revealed the truth! They even tell why they made their pretensions! Carl understands their side and accepts their explanations and apology! Carl even gave money to Buena so that they can pay all their debts!

Together with Carl, Buena pays all their debts! Now they can return to their original own home freely!

But before the happy ending, a tragedy happened! Attorney Mark (John Apacible) gunshot Yen during the confrontation and revelations of their camouflage! Alex Castro's character is about to save Yen but it's too late!

Fast forward, Attorney was finally captured by the policemen! Yen and Buena then returned to their poor but happy life! And of course, it smells romance between the character of Kim Chiu and Alex Castro!

Well, do you enjoy the show?! In short, a happy ending still serves as the consequences in the characters of the story! So, let us all witness the very good happy ending of "Maling Akala"! Another great episode from Your Song Presents! Congtraz! Two thumbs up! C",)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The trade launch of "Bi-Da-Idol" last Wednesday by the Kapamilya network is really full of fun and surprises! Are you ready?!

This was not only served as the launching of the upcoming musical-serye called "Idol" starring Sarah Geronimo, Sam Milby, and Coco Martin which will start on Primetime Bida this September 6 but also served as an official announcement of the new upcoming TV series to watch for!

Besides "Idol", many more exciting new teleseryes are about to begin!

First on the lineup is the most anticipated vampire-werewolf fantasy series "Imortal" starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz! It is set to start this September!

Then another fantasy series with a comedy genre called "Kokey @ Ako" starring Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro is also about to witness! This is said to replace another fantaserye "Momay"!

Then another new installation of Precious Hearts Romances Presents is also set. This is called “Alyna”, a tale of a girl who is facing a dilemma on which person to love. This will be portrayed by Shaina Magdayao!

Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo will again be paired-up but not anymore in a music video, but in a music-theme Sunday afternoon mini-series! Yup, they will be the new stars in the next offering of "Your Song Presents"!

And the big excitement and surprise were got by the historical teleserye called "Mara Clara" when the network announced that they were going to revive it! Yeah after 18 years, "Mara Clara" will have a new face! The big anticipation remains as the casts of the said remake were not yet announced!

Wow, so exciting! We really can't wait on all these great new TV series to watch! The lineup for the next quarter of 2010 is really exciting!

But before we see these new hot stuffs, we will see first the pilot episode of musical TV series called "Idol" which will start next week, September 6, 2010 replacing the phenomenal hit fantasy-drama series "Agua Bendita"! Superb! C",)
It's time for your feedback guys...! Are you ready to cast your votes here in your favorite TV series site?!

We were been together for more than one year now! April 2009 marked the very humble beginning of TV Series Craze. After that, as time passes by, it continuously dominates the internet world! It keeps on rising and rising to the top!

For more than one year, I have share with your different interesting topics and features. TV series updates, your favorite TV series episodes, showbiz news and scoops, trailers, teasers, posters, TV series trivia, TV programs ratings, poll surveys, and everything you need to know about your favorite TV series and beyond!

Now, I like to hear from you! What are your thoughts, comments, and feedback here in your favorite TV series site?! With this, a new poll survey is established!

With the poll survey question that goes: "WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS OR FEATURES YOU LOVE MOST HERE IN OUR TV SERIES CRAZE SITE?", I can hear your feelings and reactions! It's my way of thanking you my avid readers and visitors by offering more new stuffs and more new features on this site!

You may choose two or more answers from my thirteen choices found on the right most side bar!

The survey will end on December 31, 2010. It's because, after the end of the year and during the coming of the new year, another brand new offers from your favorite TV series craze site will be given! Every year, you can expect more and more new stuffs!

So, what are you waiting for?! Vote now and tell me the menus offered by this site you like and love the most?! Thanks and more power to all of us! Enjoy your visit and stay here in TV Series Craze site! C",)
A perfect chemistry between these two young stars is very much seen in their weekly comedy mini-series called "Maling Akala", this month's installation of Your Song Presents!

Though it is a first ever team-up, Kim Chiu and Alex Castro's tandem in this said series is very much appreciated by many! It seems that Alex Castro can now replace Gerald Anderson as Kim Chiu's new perfect partner!

In the story, Alex is pretending to be truly falling inlove with the character of Ms. Kim Chiu! Alex is the son of the attorney played by John Apacible who wants to get the wealth from the Anda family. He instructed his son to let Yen (Kim Chiu) to fall inlove with him so that they can easily invade the family and get the wealth they want! The same thing John's character is doing to Yen's mother Buena (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) who is now falling inlove with him!

But on the last episode which will be seen today, Alex's character seems that truly falling inlove with Yen! He will follow his own feeling and will disobey his father! He will even sacrifice his own life just to save Yen from tragedy!

Because of this, the true colors of father and son John and Alex will finally reveal! Yen then doubts Alex and will hate him rather that accepts his renewed true feeling. And of course, the life of the main characters will now be put on threat as the truth unfolds!

Will there be a chance for the blooming of true love between Alex and Kim's character here? Will Yen forgive Alex? How about the character of Van Roxas? Will he be the third party between Kim and Alex? And how will this cool story ends?!

Well, we will all see later this afternoon as "Maling Akala" will bid farewell right after ASAP XV! This show really created a new tandem to beat, Alex Castro and Kim Chiu! They two were truly perfect as both of them were very cute and good-looking! How about you, do you agree?! Will Alex Castro can now replace Gerald Anderson?! What then will be the name of their new tandem?! C",)
The Saturday night comedy series starring Ms. Ai-Ai Dela Alas and Mr. Aga Muchlach called "Malay Mo Ma-Develop" is starting to be hotter and hotter as two hunks fight for one girl!

The hot hunk ex-housemate of PBB Double-Up Tom Rodriquez will be the rival of Aga Muchlach in the heart of the beautiful Megan Young!

Tom Rodriquez is playing the role of Ted, the current boyfriend of the ex-girlfriend of JM (Aga Muchlach), Bea (Megan Young)!

Though Bea is currently committed to Ted, it seems that the girl is still falling inlove with her ex! On confrontation between JM and Bea, Bea hardly admits that she is not anymore inlove with JM!

Until the roads of the four important persons in this show namely JM, Bea, Ted, and Kringkring (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) collided with one another!

In a party, these four characters unexpectedly met! But a more unexpected incident happened! Ted will be involved in a harassment with JM's sexy secretary (Nina Jose) that will trigger a fight between the two hunks and will create a breakage in the relationship of Ted and Bea!

What will await in the relationship of Bea and Ted?! Will this lead to the reconciliation of the former lover Bea and JM? What then will be the impact of it in the character of Kringkring?! And who will emerge as the sexier between JM and Ted?!

Well, these were just few of the questions and some of the next chapters that we should await in this crazy-cool comedy TV series of ABS-CBN every Saturday nights! Two hunks fighting one another for a one sexy girl! But, what will now happen to Kringkring as the focus of war between these two hot men is only for Bea?! We will wait and see...! C",)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally, the much awaited Celebrity Showdown of the third installation of "Survivor Philippines" will finally begin this Monday on Primetime! The first-ever Celebrity Edition of "Survivor Philippines" is set to fight!

New island, new edition, new faces of the contestants, and of course a new host were some of the things that will be offered by this GMA-7's hit reality show!

Since some of the brightest stars and celebrities were the challengers or the castaways, definitely, another bright star is the host! And since majority of the contestants who will fight for the 3 million grand prize were very, very, hot and sexy, definitely, the host is oh so very hot!

Richard Gutierrez is now the new host of this "Survivor Philippines" Season 3. This is his first major hosting job in Primetime! Another milestone in his career!

Who among the 18 castaways will be very well loved by people? And of course, who among them will be hated too much?! Will they able to prove their tagged titles in this games?! And of course, who will be crowned as the third sole survivor after the 36-day challenge in the midst of an island?!

And talking about its new host, will Richard Gutierrez able to surpass the former host Paolo Bediones?! And how sexy will be the new Richard Gutierrez in this reality show?! Will his sexy abs and muscles be frequently seen?! Well, we will find it all this coming Monday only in GMA's Telebabad! Exciting! C",)

Friday, August 27, 2010

The current hit fantasy series today called "Agua Bendita" starring Andi Eigenmann, Matteo Guidiceili, and Jason Abalos is not the very first "Agua Bendita" series shown on TV!

Yup, actually this said TV series from the comic creation of Rod Santiago was first seen on a Saturday mini-TV series of ABS-CBN called Komiks Presents !

In this mini-series, it was Ms. Shaina Magdayao who played the dual role as Agua and Bendita! Then, it was her former loveteam Rayver Cruz who played as Ronnie! Ronnie's mother was played by Ms. Amy Perez while Dr. Marcial Cristi was portrayed by Raymond Bagatsing!

The role of Paco was not part of this mini-series! Even Dona Amalia or popularly known as Wowa was not seen here!

So again as part of my tribute to the success of "Agua Bendita", I will share with you the first "Agua Bendita" TV series which was shown before on Komiks Presents! Watch this and try to compare and contrast its story to the latest "Agua Bendita" we have today! Did they made a difference?! In this mini-series, Agua finally became a human form! How...?! It's for you to watch! C",)

The phenomenal hit fantasy series today called "Agua Bendita" is now on its second to the last week! The last episodes of it is really getting more and more exciting!

From the start to the very latest episodes of it, this said TV series is capturing the hearts and attentions of televiewers! From Xyriel Anne Manabay who played the young Agua and Bendita to Andi Eigenmann who is now playing the beautiful Agua and Bendita, the TV ratings of it get higher and higher!

Even the theme song of it is really much appreciated! From Aria Clemente who sings the original theme song of it called "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" when Agua and Bendita were still young up to the latest version of it from Ms. Vina Morales, both themes were really very good!

So as we pay tribute to the success of "Agua Bendita", I have here with you the the full version of "Agua Bendita" theme song called "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" as sung by Aria Clemente! But it is not only a song! The important episodes of it from the beginning to the latest were shown in the music video! So we will realize how the story and plot of it developed!

Are you ready now to look back on the previous episodes of this hit fantaserye before the series ends next Friday?! Well let's all watch the important episodes of "Agua Bendita" the same time as we listen to its original theme song! Nice one! C",)

The so-called charming and lovable angel sent by heaven will finally bid goodbye tonight in GMA Telebabad!

A smooth heart-warming and kind-heart ending is expected tonight!

We will see how a loving daughter will sacrifice all that she have just for the sake of her mother as the querobin Anglica (Barbie Forteza) will exchange her feathers just to save her mother Melissa (Angelika Dela Cruz)!

A struggle will also be seen between the forces of good and evil! But in the end, still a happy ending is expected! A most-awaited marriage is also awaiting!

From the start to the end, this light fantasy series of GMA-7 seems like following the path of "May Bukas Pa" and "Momay" not in the TV ratings they got but in the style they have! It seems it is like "May Bukas Pa" as different stories portrayed by the different guest stars were showcased! Then it is also seems as "Momay" in the story plot when a died child who eventually became an angel was sent back to earth for a certain mission to guide her love ones! Hmmm...!

But then, still an originality was also seen in this TV series when an angel was focused in the story! They also got the acceptance of TV viewers for its short span of airing on TV!

Now on its finale, viewers will wait and see how the story will be concluded! Will an angel still remains as angel?! Let's all reserve our seats on our TV screen tonight in Telebabad for "Pilyang Kerubin" finale! Good luck! C",)
A very great transformation...! From a simple 'boy-next door' type to a very hot sexy stud now! Oh...!

This is how the main character of "East of Eden" played by Song Seung Heon undergone! Yup, do you know that the wholesome guy who played the role of Johny before in the hit Koreanovela "Endless Love (Autumn of My Heart)" is now Dong-chul of "East of Eden"?!

Well, let us all see his beautiful great transformation below:

Johny of "Endless Love"

Dong-chul of "East of Eden"

Way back in 2003, we first saw this Korean actor Song Seung Heon playing the Mr. Nice Guy character of Johny in the first "Endless Love" series called "Autumn of My Heart". He is the leading man of Jenny in this said soap.

He looks clean, nice, and very corporate in this Korean drama. And being handsome and looking great, people easily got captivated with Johny! This is one of the reasons why this first Asianovela of GMA-7 on Primetime eventually became a huge hit! Viewers very much loved the characters of Jenny and Johny! Johny then became the crush of many! His other TV shows and movies were very much followed! His "Endless Love" look was also seen playing a cameo role in the movie "So Close"!

After 7 years, the former Johny is once again seen on Primetime TV series! But now, he has a totally different look!

A Wholesome Boy Next Door Johny

A Very Hot Stud Dong-chul

Johny is now Dong-Chul of the latest Telebabad offering called "East of Eden"! At first we didn't recognize that he is the former Johny who we all used to love! He now comes with a totally different appearance! He's so very hot and sexy! The former nice and neat guy is now a dirty hot stud!

Song Seung Heon is now the main character of "East of Eden"! If in "Endless Love" he played a boy next door type in a light-drama romance theme TV series, today is a hot sexy guy full of action as he plays the revengeful Dong-Chul in a heavy-drama filled with action Koreanovela!

And if in "Endless Love" wherein the story revolves around the romantic story of Jenny and Johny, here in the "East of Eden", less romance is seen as the story was focused on actions and revenge!

Well, how do you like the new look of Song Seung Heon now?! Which do you like better, the Seong Seung Heon playing Johny before or the new Seong Seung Heon playing now as Dong-Chul?! Did you appreciate his great transformation?! He's so very hot now! Great one Song Seung Heon! Uhh-lala! C",)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time is nearer and nearer! So very soon, we will finally witness the much awaited and the much anticipated biggest fantasy TV series of the year called "Imortal" featuring Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz!

With regards to this, another trailer of this said TV series is recently launched! In this new trailer teaser, the other characters in the story were shown. You will be able to get to know the other casts besides Angel and JLC!

And in this new trailer, you will see how the story of it will go! How the story will start and how the plot will run is also seen!

And as the so-called "Imortal" fever spread, this coming September 1, the official website of this fantaserye will be up! But this coming Sunday on ASAP XV, it will be officially launched!

So are you ready to see this exciting new teaser?! Of course we are so let us all watch this! Great, great, great...! Superb! C",)

After two years of having a sexy-serye called "Eva Fonda", Ms. Cristine Reyes is now back on Primetime with another sexy series! But this time, the sexiness and hottest was doubled as Cristine is paired up with a counter sexy leading man in the person of Zanjoe Marudo!

Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes is now one of the hottest and most seductive pairs in Martha Cecilia's "Kristine"!

Playing as Jewel Fortalejo and Jaime De Silva respectively, Cristine and Zanjoe were the two most awaited and most watched pair in this said TV series.

On the recent episodes of "Kristine", we all witnessed the meeting of Jewel and Jaime. Actually they met accidentally in the market ramble in the province of Paso De Blas!

To attain the goal of Jewel in the province, she forced Jaime to pretend that they were a married couple! In one house, they stay together!

Besides their camouflage sweetness in front of the people, when they were together, a love-hate tandem exist between the two! Their cool team-up was very much appreciated by many!

Actually this is not the first time that Cristine and Zanjoe played together! In the recent seasons of the gag show called Banana Split, Zanjoe and Cristine played the spoof of Jhun Pyo and Jan Di! So cool!

Now, avid viewers were looking forward for a much sexier characters of Cristine and Zanjoe! They were oozing with steam hotness! Putting them together really created a burning fire in our cold nights! So don't miss the hotness between these two pairs only here in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Kristine"! Sooo hot...C",)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One week to go and we will finally witness the first celebrity edition of "Survivor Philippines"!

Since it is a celebrity edition, definitely the host of it is also a hot celebrity! And it is in the persona of the hot Kapuso hunk Richard Gutierrez! But how did this Kapuso leading man prepares for this big challenge in his career?!

Well, besides doing rigid trainings and hosting, the image itself of Chard also underwent major changes!

As you can see, Chard changed his hairdo! Yeah, Richard Gutierrez even undergone a semi-bald hairstyle! For the first time, we will witness a brand new Richard Gutierrez looks!

Are you excited to see Richard's new hairstyle? Will a flat-top look fits Chard's face?! Well, we will see very, very soon in GMA Telebabad! Richard sincerely dedicates himself for this first-ever great challenge in his life! And everybody is really looking forward on it! Great one Chard! C",)

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