Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too hot to handle...!!! As time passes by, these two young stars become hotter and sexier!

Now that there were part of a fashion themed TV series, will Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales become more sexier this time? Will they become more seductive than expected?!

In their previous hit soap opera "Tanging Yaman", we all witness the different sexy scenes of Erich and Enchong better known as Enrich or Cherie as a love pair. They made many inspiring sexy scenes as a pair specially in the beach episode. Individually, they even exposed their sexy hot bodies that really made everybody inspires.

Well honestly speaking, they really have the guts to show! Deny it or not, they are really hot and sexy. They were naturally blessed with a body to die for! As you can see, Enchong Dee is a really hot young hunk with muscles and abs! And of course, his leading lady Erich Gonzales is truly a sexy babe. With her fitness and slimness, she will be a promising next FHM's sexiest!

Now that they were part of the recently started fashionserye "Magkaribal" where they both play glamorous models, will we expect a more body exposures from them?! Can we witness sexier and hotter Enchong and Erich with or without clothes?!

Definitely, we will! Enchong and Erich were really sexy, hot love team today! Seeing them as a pair or as an individually actors, they were really possess a hot property! Keep it up Enrich! C",)
"Before They Were Stars"! This is the current theme of this month's edition of the No. 1 widest selling ABS-CBN entertainment magazine which features their different teleserye stars.

Yup, this edition is extra ordinary. It's because they showcased the faces of the different Star Magic talents from their previous looks up to present. As you can see, the gray or the black and white pictures correspond to the young photos of the stars!

Look at them, who could imagine that Piolo Pascual is very thin during his teenage years! John Lloyd Cruz shows a great resemblance to me when I was a teener with his young photo. Sam Milby is still cute even though he was a little boy before! Of course, the 'Golden Boy' Gerald Anderson is still handsome during his younger years. For Diether Ocampo, nothing more difference with his before and after looks! Maybe his muscles and body grow!

And talking about the leading ladies, Bea Alonzo is very cute in her childhood. Same with Shaina Magdayao with a cute little cheeks when young! There is a great change for the 'Bidang Kontrabida' Angelica Panganiban. She was too young at the picture, but now a really grown lady! Same with Kim Chiu, a cute little girl with braced before but now another gorgeous lady! And of course Kristine Hermosa then and now is really beautiful!

Want to see more stars in their childhood days?! Well, we can with this new StarStudio edition. We will be surprised with the other more looks of our favorite TV series stars! C",)
Eight days to go and the TV series called "ang teleseryeng lalabag sa batas ng pagmamahal" will finally bid goodbye! But before if finally face its final curtain, more and more tragedies, challenges, and different surprises are about to witness!

Earlier, it was the character of Frank (Albert Martinez) passed away as he was gunshot by the gang of his father, Supremo (Ronaldo Valdez).

Now the major question in the mind of the avid televiewers and from the Kimerald fanatics, will Robbie (Gerald Anderson's character) will the next to die?!

Determined to know the truth in the mysterious killing of his parents way back from his childhood year, Robbie decided to camouflage himself as an organ donor. He really undergone the surgical operation to unveil the real truth.

But in the hospital, he will have an encounter with Ringo (Coco Martin) right after the operation. Weak and bloody, he will still fight the known brother of his wife Gwen (Kim Chiu).

But then the most awaiting part is the scene where Robbie was unconsciously lying and his wife Gwen keep on crying on him! Will Robbie really die in the story?

Well if in their previous hit soap "Tayong Dalawa", we all cried as Kim Chiu's character Audrey died because of an illness, will in this new series "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" Gerald Anderson's role as Robbie on the other hand will die?! Will it be another tragic ending for the Kimerald couple?!

Hmmm...we will all see if their love story will last forever in this new soap! But even though if Robbie will die, still the story of this soap is really remarkable. Kimerald created another mark in the history of Philippine television via this another hit TV series KTM! The sad thing is, this said TV series that we all love is about to end! Robbie, Gwen, Ringo, together with the other casts will finally say goodbye to all of us! But still they will end holding the victory! Good luck KTM and Kimerald! Another awesome project! C",)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After five years and for the second time around, the country's young superstar and TV series all time favorite heroine Ms. Angel Locsin is the 2010 FHM's Sexiest Woman! Great! =)

Like I have said, it is the second time for Ms. Angel Locsin to be hailed as the sexiest woman since she first grabbed the title last 2005. We may also noted that in that year, Angel was so famous and the talk of the town as she flew as the sexiest "Darna" of this generation!

The voting period last for about two and a half month (from April 1 to June 15). And almost 4 million votes were generated! Awesome!

At first Angel was on the third place and Marian was on top. Then eventually, Angel gradually climbed to second place until she captured the No. 1 spot from Marian Rivera. Marian then was dropped to No. 2 until she finally stayed at No. 3! And now it's official, Angel Locsin is this year's FHM's Sexiest Woman!

The Imortal star received a total of 284,156 text and online votes. Last year’s leader, Ms. Cristine Reyes, came in second with 227,390 votes. On the other hand, the Kapuso queen Marian Rivera settled for third with 218,742 votes!

To see the complete Top 10 Sexiest Women for 2010 list, here you go:

1. Angel Locsin
2. Cristine Reyes
3. Marian Rivera
4. Iwa Moto
5. Angelica Panganiban
6. Katrina Halili
7. Regine Velasquez
8. Valerie “Bangs” Garcia
9. Ehra Madrigal
10. Jackie Rice

Meanwhile, Marissa Miller is adjudged the FHM global winner by the FHM International Network.

Wow, we're really proud of you Angel Locsin! You are totally blessed! You really deserve for this title! No one can ever replace the only one Angel in the world! New exciting TV series, new movie, new endorsements, many commercials, billboards, and magazine covers...definitely no one can put down the good Angel! She's the ever brightest star today! As they say, "no one can put a good woman down...!"

Congratulation to the 2010 FHM's Sexiest Woman, Angel Locsin!!! C",)
Everybody got hooked on the first episode of this so called first fashionserye on TV, "Magkaribal"! In this beginning, it told the childhood tragic story of the sibling Gelai (young Bea Alonzo) and Victoria (young Gretchen Barretto).

Bea Alonzo, Enchong Dee, and Angel Aquino were the first main casts that were shown in this pilot episode since the rest of the initial story was a flashback!

How the childhood life of Gelai and Victoria became miserable?! Well, let's see in this pilot episode! The pilot was really nice! Two thumbs up! Let us now see it to ourselves! C",)

Monday, June 28, 2010

The rating of this No.1 TV series continue to soar! Higher and higher it got now its highest rating so far since it started last February.

After having its 42.6% rating nationwide (TNS) last June 23, "Agua Bendita" reached another high rating of 43.4% last Friday night. Great!

Also last Friday, the ending of the fantasy series "The Last Prince" only placed fourth as it was defeated by its rival "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"!

Meanwhile the "Unite At The Big Night" finale of "PBB Teen Clash of 2010" placed second as "MMK" was on the No. 1 spot last Saturday. And on Sunday, the GMA-7's TV special called "GMA At 60: The Heart of Television" was defeated by the 5TH Year Anniversary of "Pinoy Big Brother" called "High Five: The Pinoy Big Brother Fifth Year Anniversary" which serve as the reunion of all the ex-housemates from the different seasons.

Well, here is the complete list of the Top 20 top rating TV programs provided by Kantar Media (formerly TNS):

Top 20 TV Programs Nationwide
(June 25 to 27, 2010 by Kantar Media Group)

June 25, 2010 – Friday:

June 26, 2010 – Saturday:

June 27, 2010 – Sunday:

Data Source: Kantar Media (formerly TNS)
A new battle on Primetime TV will start tonight as two new TV series will pilot their first episodes on two rival networks!

What are these two new teleseryes to begin tonight? Well, they are:

The First Fashionserye on TV

Another Pinoy Remake of a Koreanovela

Two new own made Filipino TV series are about to witness! What will you prefer? Will you love to see a new breakthrough on Philippine TV via a new fashionserye or will you still like the Philippine version of the former hit Koreanovela?

On ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida, a brand new fashionserye called "Magkaribal" will start its first ramp right after "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo". New combination of the most beautiful and the most glamorous stars in showbiz namely Gretchen Barretto, Bea Alonzo, Angel Aquino, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, and Derek Ramsey will portray a brand new roles!

On the other hand, another Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela called "Endless Love 1 (Autumn in My Heart)" will pilot in GMA-7's Telebabad right after "Pilyang Kerubin". Starring Marian Rivera playing the role of Jenny, Dingdong Dantes as Johny, and Dennis Trillo playing the character of Andrew in our very own version of "Endless Love". It's another Dongyan (Marian-Dingdong) tandem plus Dennis Trillo on TV!

Who will you bet? Which of these two new series is the most exciting to watch? Which of the two will win in the TV rating game?! Well, it's your choice! We will later see the winner and the loser of this new exciting battle in the history of Philippine TV! C",)
The home of remarkable teleseryes, ABS-CBN will make another breakthrough in the history of Phiiippine TV tonight as a new breed of soap opera called fashionserye will begin! This is the much-awaited TV series entitled "Magkaribal", the rival of beauty, fame, and fashion!

Gretchen Barreto, Bea Alonzo, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, and Derek Ramsey top the main characters!

To give you a quick outlook of its story, "Magkaribal" revolves around the lives of two women, Victoria (Gretchen Barretto), the most glamorous woman in the fashion industry and Gelai (Bea Alonzo) the simple seamstress who will become Victoria's rival not only in popularity but also in love.

Derek Ramsey is the man whom Victoria and Gelai would fight for. But the role of Enchong Dee will also fall in love with Gelai. Erich Gonzales playing the role of Chloe in the story is the lonely daughter of the beauty queen character of Ms. Angel Aquino. Eventually, Chloe will meet the character of Enchong!

All is set for the beginning of a big fashion show-like TV series tonight. A new battle now in terms of beauty, fame, love, and glamor is about to witness! Who is your bet?! Are you pro-Gretchen Barretto playing the role of a fighter and revengeful Victoria?! Or are you favoring Bea Alonzo playing Gelai, a simple but glamorous girl?! Well, we all all see it tonight in Primetime Bida right after "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! Can't wait and see...!!! C",)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

James Raid, the Dashing Dude of Australia with a total votes of 19.75% was hailed as this season's PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner!

Together with a thousand audiences, the proclamation of the big winner was held in the event called "Unite at the Big Night" in Ynares Sports Complex June 26, Saturday night.

The competition between James and the Sympathic Leader of Korea Ryan Bang was really tight! All expect that Ryan win grabbed the victory. But all were surprise when the name of Ryan was called as the second big placer giving the big winner to James!

Well the competition between these two teen-ternational housemates were really close since Ryan got a total votes of 18.7% too near to the votes got by James!

Meanwhile Fretzie Bercede followed Ryan with a total votes of 15.99%. Next to them were Devon Seron with 15.74% votes, Ivan Dorschner with 15.14% votes, and Bret Jackson with 14.68% votes. If you will notice, their votes were really close with eac other!

To count the total prizes received, James took home P1 million cash, a condo unit worth P3 million, a water-refilling franchise worth P1.5 million, an Asian trip for two, and a 46 inch LCD television.

On the other hand, the rest of the winners from second to sixth big winner got a cash prize and a Sony Vaio laptop each.

The winning of James Reid is another remarkable record in the history of PBB as he was a teen-ternational housemate! Congratz James! C",)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Sunday afternoon is now turns into a most romantic and most 'kilig' day with these new young love triangle on TV. Jessy Mendiola, Lance Christopher, and Franco Daza are now the three young stars that putting 'kilig' in our bored weekend.

This generation's youth-oriented show "Gimik 2010" via Your Song Presents is now centered with the love triangle of Jessy, Lance, and Franco. Who will be the only man in Jessy's heart? Who will win in the sporty game of love, the yummy hunk Franco or the boy-next door type Lance?!

As the original cast of this hit youth-oriented show turned over the center of the story to the newbies Jessy, Franco, Lance, and the rest of the G-Boys, the TV series becomes more click specially to the teenagers, youngsters and to everyone feeling young at heart!

In the recent episodes, Franco the ex-boyfriend of Jessy is trying to do everything to win the girl back. But since Franco was the reason why Jessy had a conflict with her daddy and mommy, Jessy now feels nothing with Franco. Her heart is now seeing the boy who always on her side through ups and down in the person of Lance.

At first the two boys fighting for a one girl become a close friend. But after Lance found out that Franco was the ex-boyfriend of Jessy, the conflict between these two hunks intensify!

Lance go with Jessy in Cebu to see Jessy's mother. At first Jessy's dad is so angry with him and with Jessy. But after Lance appreciated the artwork of Jessy's father in their house architecture, Jessy's dad is now good with Lance!

Now that Jessy's father accept Lance, will there be a chance for Lance to be the new boyfriend of Jessy?! Then how about Franco? And how far will the competition between these two hunks go just for the love of one lovely girl?! Who will chose then by Jessy...?!

Well, let's all witness the new chapters in the love triangle of Jessy, Lance, and Franco in the most 'kilig' youth-oriented show today, Your Song Presents "Gimik 2010"! If I were to ask you, who is your bet, Lance Christopher or Franco Daza for you and for Jessy's heart?! C",)
Replacing the fantasy love story of Lara and Almiro in "The Last Prince" which just recently ended, here comes our very own "Endless Love" remake.

This is the Pinoy version of the 2003 hit Korean series called "Endless Love 1 (Autumn of My Heart)" which tells the undying romance of Jenny and Johny. Since birth, Jenny and Johny were meant to fall in love. Formerly, Johny is the known kuya of Jenny. But after knowing the truth in the mystery of Jenny's life, Johny and Jenny's sibling love turns into a romantic affair!

Even death didn't break the love between Jenny and Johny. Jenny will die because of a cancer or an incurable disease. Johny also die due to an accident! Death also brings them together!

Marian Rivera will now play he Pinay Jenny while Dingdong Dantes takes the role of Johny. Meanwhle, Dennis Trillo will portray the role of Andrew, the man who also fall in love with Jenny!

Now the question goes, will "Endless Love" can save the dying perfprmance of GMA-7's Telebabad in the TV rating game?! Will this new TV series remake is the only hope for GMA's Primetime? Can it able to defeat the very strong teleseryes in the Kapamilya network?! Well, let's see! It's a total challenge for this new TV revival! C",)
On Monday, another new TV series is about to begin in GMA-7's Telebabad. This is the Philippine adaptation of the first hit Koreanovela on GMA-7 called "Endless Love 1 (Autumn in My Heart)" .

In this remake, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes will assume the role of the lead cast Jenny and Johny. They were joined by Dennis Trillo playing the role of Andrew that will put a love triangle in the story.

So have you already imagine how this remake will flow? Did it really looks like the original one? What will be the major difference between the original and the revival?! Well let's see with this TV trailer...!

Friday, June 25, 2010

After having its highest Nationwide TV records of 42.1% last April 9, 2010, once again the Kapamilya fantaserye "Agua Bendita" vested its own rating.

Last June 23, 2010, this hit TV series reached the highest Nationwide ratings so far of 42.6%! Wow!

This is the complete Top 20 TV programs for the said date:

Top 20 Nationwide TV Program Ratings
(Kantar Media)

Wednesday - June 23, 2010

This rating was conducted by the Kantar Media which is formerly TNS!

It's good to note that this Kapamilya TV series continuously increases its TV rating peformance. From having a mark of 37.7% on its pilot episode last February 8, 2010. Then it became a highest 42.1% last April 9. Now it made another historical record of 42.6%! Great!

Now the question goes, will it surpass the highest rating made of "May Bukas Pa" last February 5, 2010? If it's that the case, then "Agua Bendita" will truly the phenomenal hit TV series today! No doubt, no questions ask!

So again and agan, congratulations and good job "Agua Bendita"! Keep it up! C",)

(Data Source: Kantar Media/TNS)
Tonight will be the last episode of the fantasy series that tells all the fairy tales we used to love before! This will be the last day for the "The Last Prince"!

Will Prince Almiro (Aljur Abrenica) who is now the newly crowned King of Paladino defeated the evil Bawana?!

On the recent episodes of this GMA-7's Telebabad fantaserye, Bawana (Bianca King) transformed to a more powerful fire-emitting dragon. Almiro fights thoroughly with his wedded-wife Bawana to save Paladino and his true love Lara (Kris Bernal).

But in the midst of fighting, Lara's wedded husband (played by Carl Guevarra) was shot to death. Before he dies, he returned Lara to her true love Prince Almiro!

Now Lara, her child, Almiro, and the whole palace were all facing danger in the killing arms of Bawana. Total war was set between good and evil!

Now, will Almiro wins victory over Bawana? Will his love for Lara prevail 'till the end?! Will there be a second chance to their love story?! And of course, is the finale of "The Last Prince" a 'happy-ending' just like in the fairy tales?!

Well we gonna see it on all tonight on Telebabad! In the real life battle, with this fantaserye finally defeat its rival "Agua Bendita" on its last round?! C",)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the recent 41st Box-Office Entertainment Awards of the Guillermo Mendoza, the Kapamilya network ABS-CBN sweeps almost all the major awards! TV series, movies, and its stars consistently grab the recognition!

Well, after I shared with you the list of the Kapamilya winners, here's now the TV plug of the network showing the list of the winners.

So let's take a look on this! C",)

Kapamilya network is continuously conquering the Mega and the Metro Manila territory. After they lord the National TV rating, it consistently steal the throne from its rival GMA-7!

Here is a news article from Pilipino Star Ngayon regarding this exciting TV rating race. It reads:

Kapamilya Nakuha Na Ang Mega Manila

MANILA, Philippines - Nanguna ang ABS-CBN Corporation sa national, Mega Manila at Metro Manila TV ratings sa isinagawang survey ng Kantar Media (dating Taylor Nelson Sofres o TNS) kamakailan.

Nilamon ng ABS-CBN ang kalabang network nang pumalo ito sa average national audience share na 44 percent laban sa 30 percent ng GMA mula Hunyo 1-14

Panalo ang ABS-CBN sa Mega Manila sa 35% audience share. Makikitang pataas ang audience share ng ABS-CBN mula 35.2 percent noong Hunyo 2009, samantalang bumagsak naman ang GMA ng 7 puntos mula sa audience share nilang 40 percent noong Hunyo ng nakaraang taon.

Malayo rin ang lamang ng ABS-CBN sa tahanan ng mga taga-Metro Manila sa audience share na 38% vs GMA na may 30%.

Samantala, labing-apat sa overall top 20 programs na pinapanood nationwide mula Hunyo 1-14 ay mula sa ABS-CBN.

Wala pa ring makatalo sa numero unong teleserye sa bansa na Agua Bendita (39.5%) habang maganda naman ang pasok ng bagong Kapamilya soap na Momay sa ika-9 na puwesto sa rating na 25.7%. Nanguna tuwing weekend ang Pilipinas Got Talent. Ang finale nito na ginawa noong Hunyo 6 ay humarurot sa rating na 43.8%

Pagdating naman sa balita, mas maraming Pilipino ang nanonood sa TV Patrol World (33.2%) laban sa 24 Oras (22.2%). Noong nakaraang halalan, nanguna ang TV Patrol World sa national TV ratings noong Mayo 10. Nakakuha ito ng 31.5% rating at tinaob ang kalabang 24 Oras.

Kasama rin sa overall weekday and weekend Top 20 ang Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo (34.9%), Maalaala Mo Kaya (34.2%), Rated K (29.2%), Agimat presents Elias Paniki (27.5%), Rubi (27.2%), Sharon (23.7%), Goin Bulilit (23%), Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 (Weekday) (19.1%), Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 (Saturday) (18.5%) at Kapamilya Sunday Blockbuster (18.3%).

Maliban sa pamamayagpag sa ratings game, humakot ng iba’t ibang awards ang ABS-CBN. Hinirang na TV News Station of the Year ang ANC, Radio Station of the Year ang DZMM, at Broadcast Journalist of the Year si Ricky Carandang sa 2010 Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) Journalism Awards.

Kinilala rin ng World Economic Forum si Karen Davila bilang isa sa Young Global Leaders ng 2010 habang ang senior reporter naman na si Nina Corpuz ay ginawaran ng Media For Labor Rights Prize ng International Labour Organization (ILO) ng United Nations.

(Article Source:

Nice one Kapamilya! Keep this up...!!! C",)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 is now the everybody's much awaited and much anticipated teaser trailer of the high-class fantasy series this year. After you see its promo poster, it's now time to witness the hi-tech teaser trailer of the first-ever Angel Locsin-John Lloyd Cruz TV series called "Imortal"!

It seems that we were watching an international movie teaser. The settings, the effects, and the flow were really great! I like the facial expressions of Angel and John Lloyd in this teaser. The transition of their faces really depicts that their role were extra-ordinary. Who's the vampire? Then who is the werewolf?!

As you can see, the young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin is very much suited for the role. Her eyes that eventually turns into a wild creature is really convincing! Of course I love the way she runs just like the way she did in "Lobo"! And of course the face of her leading man John Lloyd Cruz as well as the way he acts convinced us that he will portray an extra-ordinary role here!

Woooh...can't wait and see?! Well, let's all watch this exciting TV teaser:

Great one! The teaser itself suggests a brand new concept! Definitely, this could be another new thing on Philippine television! The trailer really teased the audience. With this teaser, they really add more and more excitements to the TV series addicts!

Just like you, I am also excited to see this new project from the one and only action-fantasy young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin together with the Box-Office King Mr. John Lloyd Cruz! Two thumbs up...!!! C",)
If there's a soap opera or what we call now as a teleserye, definitely there is a music attached with it! Yup, in every TV series, there is a corresponding theme song for it. Tell me a soap opera or a teleserye without a theme song, do we have?! In fact, the titles of many of our TV series were all derived from a hit song!

Well, these could be some of the reasons why Star Records released a compilation of the Kapamilya teleserye theme songs. Actually this is an album that summarizes the history of 60 Taon ng Pinoy Soap Opera. Since this year is the 60TH celebration of our very own made Filipino soap opera, besides giving brand new TV series on TV, ABS-CBN via their Star Records then released an album as a tribute for the celebration of the Philippine soap opera history.

The album contains different theme songs of the different hit ABS-CBN telenovelas from the good old years up to our present generation. Still you may hear from this album the theme song of "Mara Clara", "Esperanza", "Mula Sa Puso", or "Pangako Sa'yo". Of course the present generation's hit theme songs like "Tayong Dalawa" for the TV series of the same title, "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" for "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" for "Agua Bendita", "Nandito Lang Ako" for "Momay", and "Lupa" for "Rosalka" were also included.

Hearing these theme songs, seems that you are reminiscing the different TV series that you have loved before. Those were the days will suddenly flashes on your mind and in your heart! Great one Kapamilya. You only proves that you're really the foundation and the maker of the best TV series in the history of TV! Keep it up...! C",)
This is the latest edition of the Yes Magazine wherein the teleserye Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu is in the cover!

Yup, Kim is in the cover of the 100 Most Beautiful Stars edition of this magazine for 2010 since she is No. 1 in the list.

Well for this year, Kim Chiu is really blessed. She got another successful TV series which is "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" right after the phenomenal hit "Tayong Dalawa"! Then in the start of the year, she had a blockbuster movie again with her leading man Gerald Anderson in "Paano Na Kaya". These lead them to be hailed as the Prince and Princess of Philippine Movie and TV in the recently concluded Guillermo Mendoza Award. What more, she already dominated the commercial and endorsement world! And for magazines and billboards, Kim is always there!

And now in this Yes Magazine's list, Kim is a topnotcher! Are you convince?!

According to the editors of this magazine, the battle between Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo is so tight! But in the end, Kim got the victory placing Sarah Geronimo on the second spot.

Following Kim and Sarah on the list were John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. Well seems that these brightest stars lead the Yes Magazine's list! It's good to see!

Now if you were to ask, are you satisfied with this year's Yes Magazine's result?! Definitely it's a Yes, Yes, Yes...!!! C",)
Nice Kimmy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This year, the Kapamilya Drama Princess and also the Princess of Philippine Movie and TV Ms. Kim Chiu is the Most Beautiful Star in YES Magazine! Out of their 100 Most Beautiful Stars list for 2010, Kim Chiu is the topnotcher!

Kim is also the magazine's cover for this year carrying the banner of being the Most Beautiful Star!

Well, to know the complete YES Magazne's 100 Most Beautiful Stars for 2010 list, here you go:

1. Kim Chiu

The A-Listers
2. Sarah Geronimo
3. John Lloyd Cruz
4. Angel Locsin
5. Judy Ann Santos
6. Marian Rivera
7. Dingdong Dantes
8. Piolo Pascual
9. Richard Gutierrez
10. Gerald Anderson

The Second Coming
11. Claudine Barretto
12. Jolina Magdangal

13. Armida Siguion-Reyna
14. Gina Pareño
15. Tessie Tomas

The Inimitables
16. Christopher de Leon
17. Albert Martinez

The Apprentices
18. Jason Abalos
19. Shaina Magdayao
20. John Prats
21. Lovi Poe

22. Jocas de Leon
23. Rhian Ramos
24. Anne Curtis

Masters of Ceremonies
25. Ryan Agoncillo
26. Vhong Navarro

The Noontime Sirens
27. Pauleen Luna
28. RR Enriquez

The Crooners
29. Chris Cayzer
30. Geoff Taylor
31. Jay-R

The Kid Contingent
32. Cha-cha Cañete
33. Izzy Canillo
34. Bugoy Cariño
35. Zaijian Jaranilla
36. Buboy Villar
37. Iking Maguindayao

The Tandems
38-39. Aljur Abrenica & Kris Bernal
40-41. Matt Evans & Melissa Ricks
42-43. Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales
44-45. Billy Crawford & Nikki Gil

The Tweeners
46. John Manalo
47. Barbie Forteza
48. Joshua Dionisio
49. Jake Vargas

The Peter Pans
50. Michael V
51. Ogie Alcasid

The Leads
52. Sam Milby
53. Derek Ramsay
54. Geoff Eigenmann

The Heroines
55. KC Concepcion
56. Kristine Hermosa
57. Angelica Panganiban
58. Cristine Reyes
59. Carla Abellana
60. Toni Gonzaga
61. Bea Alonzo
62. Heart Evangelista

The Breakthroughs
63. Coco Martin
64. Mercedes Cabral
65. Ina Feleo
66. Sid Lucero

The Newbies
67. Jackie Rice
68. Ron Morales
69. Rayver Cruz
70. Bangs Garcia
71. Andi Eigenmann
72. Paulo Avelino
73. Guji Lorenzana
74. Matteo Guidicelli

The Imports
75. Daiana Menezes
76. Akihiro Sato
77. Daniel Matsunaga

Grace Under Fire
78. Katrina Halili
79. Maricar Reyes

The Mothers
80. Vina Morales
81. Angelika de la Cruz

82. Sharon Cuneta
83. Vic Sotto

The Characters
84. Sunshine Dizon
85. Iza Calzado
86. Jodi Sta. Maria
87. Maja Salvador

The Sophisticates
88. Agot Isidro
89. Dawn Zulueta

The Survivors
90. Jean Garcia
91. Eula Valdez
92. Lorna Tolentino
93. Amy Austria
94. Lotlot de Leon
[Agot Isidro and Dawn Zulueta are also in this category]

Ladies in Waiting
95. Alessandra de Rossi
96. Bianca King
97. Isabel Oli
98. Glaiza de Castro
99. Iya Villania

Take Note: Apparently, both Agot Isidro and Dawn Zulueta were listed in two categories – “The Sophisticates” and “The Survivors” making the number of stars in this list 99 instead of 100.

Meanwhile if Ms. Kim Chiu is on the No. 1 spot, her partner, the hot hunk and the action-drama prince Mr. Gerald Anderson took the No. 10 spot! Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz, and Angel Locsin places second, third, and fourth respectively!

Well to Ms. Kim Chiu, congratulation! You're really one of the best! TV, movie, commercials, magazine, billboards, grabbed it all! Great one Kimmy! =)

And of course, to all the stars included in this list, congratulations! Keep it up! C",)

"Imortal", the biggest upcoming fantasy-series in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida featuring the first-ever tandem of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz is about to dominate the Philippine TV.

Sooner, ABS-CBN will release its beautiful trailer. Yup, I already seen it and it was really superb! I like the special effects on it!

But before that trailer, have you ever see its TV series poster?! Well if not yet, here's your chance!

Yeah, this is one of the TV series photos and one of the promo poster of the much-awaited "Imortal"!

As you can see, Angel and John Lloyd both depict their roles. Hmmm...who between Angel and John Lloyd is the vampire? And of course, which of them is the werewolf?!

Wow, it looks exciting ha! Can't wait and see this...! I think this will be the greatest TV series of the young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin! The trailer, the photos, the pictures all were really good! They truly captivate the human eye!

And with this photo, it only proves that Angel and John Lloyd were really pitted for their respective roles. Their chemistry as a tandem is really much awaited! Perfect 'chemistry' a they say!

So let's all wait and watch this truly good upcoming TV series! Two thumbs up Angel and Lloydie...!!! C",)
Another first will once again open on TV. This time it's a combination of romance or love story and a comedy! And this called rom-com, short for romance-comedy. rom-com new on TV or just the title was revised?

On its first offering and for the first time, the Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Ai-Ai De las Alas and the original heartthrob Mr. Aga Muchlach were being paired with a rom-com called "M3" or "Malay Mo Ma-develop"!

"M3" unlike the other TV series is a comedy series shown weekly. This is not a series that you can watch everyday. But the story is continuous.

The story is about the man (Aga) who become broken-heartted with his previous girlfriend. Until he met a new woman in the person of Ai-Ai. Then the next thing now goes malay nating ma-develop...! =)

This said rom-com is directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (the one who directed Kubrador, Pila Balde) and the sitcom is set in Tagaytay. Hmmm...looks exciting huh! C",).
Drama and variety! Well, these were the two genre of TV programs which caught the attention of the viewers! Saturdays and Sundays were all for Kapamilya! Yup, as "MMK" and "You Got IT" made it on the top spot, no one can deny the supremacy of the ABS-CBN shows!

Since we were celebrating Father's Day, the latest episode of "MMK" is about fatherhood. It was topbilled by Cogie Domingo who is making his comeback via this Kapamilya drama anthology.

And though the grand final round of this phenomenal talent search was already concluded, PGT's "You Got It", a musical variety reunion of the talent show's contestants lead the Sunday race.

So here we go with the latest 20 topnotcher programs:

Top 20 Nationwide TV Programs
(June 18-20, 2010, TNS)

June 18, Friday

June 19, Satuday

June 20, Sunday

(Data Source: Taylor Nelson Sofres via
The Kapamilya network swept the major awards in the 41st Box Office Entertainment Awards.

The brightest stars of the network shine the brightest as they grab this prestigious award.

So are you ready to know them?! Here's the list:

Box Office King & Queen – John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo (You Changed My Life)

Film Actors of the Year – John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano

Film Actress of the Year – Ms. Vilma Santos

Prince of Philippine Movies & TV – Gerald Anderson

Princess of Philippine Movies & TV – Kim Chiu

Promising Male Box-Office Star for Movies & TV – Coco Martin

Promising Female Box-Office Star for Movies & TV – Angelica Panganiban

Promising Love Team of the Year – Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales

Male Concert Performer of the Year – Martin Nievera

Male Recording Artist of the Year – Gary Valenciano

Female Recording Artist of the Year – Nina

Promising Male Recording/Performer of the Year – Jericho Rosales

Novelty Singer of the Year – Willie Revillame

Dance Group of the Year – ASAP Supahdance

Film Producer of the Year – Star Cinema

Scriptwriters of the Year – Raymond Lee/Senedy Que/Olive Lamasan

Film Director of the Year – Cathy Garcia Molina

TV Program of the Year – May Bukas Pa

TV Directors of the Year – Jojo Saguin/Jerome Pobocan

Bert Marcelo Award – Pokwang

Comedy Box Office Queen – Ai-Ai delas Alas

Global Achievement by a Filipino Artist – Brillante Mendoza

Global Achievement by a Filipino Artist – Gina Pareño

Congratulations Kapamilya! You're really certified the best and the brightest!!! Keep this up...! More to come! C",)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's been 4 days ago after the voting for the Philippines' Sexiest Women poll closed. In the very latest poll result, it was Ms. Angel Locsin who still lead in the No. 1 spot. But it was surprising to see that her rival Marian Rivera dropped at No. 3! Cristine Reyes steal the second position from Marian!

After the closing of the votes last Tuesday, June 15, 2010, the result is still unknown! Everybody really awaits for this most exciting revelation of the year! Will still be Angel, Cristine, and Marian on the top 3 of this FHM's Sexiest Women?!

Seeing the latest top 3 result, it so glad that these three ladies were all popular TV series leading ladies. And take note, all of them have an incoming new TV series!

Yeah, they all have an incoming new soaps to watch! Angel Locsin is the lead star of the much-awaited Kapamilya fantaserye "Imortal" pairing her with John Loyd Cruz. Cristine Reyes also has a new Kapamilya teleserye called "Kristine Series" with Zanjoe Marudo as her leading man. And again and again, Marian Rivera is paired with her real-life rumored boyfriend Dingdong Dantes in the upcoming Koreanovela remake called "Endless Love (Autumn in My Heart)"!

Coincidence is this?! Haha...! But still the major question in all our minds is "Who will be the 2010 FHM Sexiest Women in the Philippines?" And of course she will be part of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World! C",)
"Magkaribal", the so-called first-ever fashion-serye on TV is about to shown on our primetime TV this coming June 28. Yup, this will replace the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 which is going to be concluded this coming Saturday.

And since it is about to shown, more and more promos were launched. After the ramp-like teaser, then pictorials, and a fashion-week like presscon, now they release a fashion poster!

And this is how "Magkaribal" poster looks like! Very nice and beautiful! Seems that a big fashion event is about to happen on TV! They really put into the minds of the viewers a fashion show rather than a TV series! Great, another new thing was then created! =)

Well, take a look at this beautiful poster! Too sexy, too gorgeous! So exciting to see...!!! C",)
The second quarter of 2010 is already taking place. And as the new quarter comes in, expect that brand new TV series are yet to come! More and more teasers of new TV series were already shown in two giant networks.

Well since we are on the new season, time now to cast your votes! It's another battle of your favorite existing and incoming TV series in terms of poll survey! Are you ready? Voting is now officially open!

Our new poll survey question goes: "Which of these new and existing TV Series excites you most and really certifies a big hit?!"

And our choices are:

Agua Bendita

Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo



Langit Sa Piling Mo

Pilyang Kerubin


Endless Love (Remake)

Encantadia (The Second Saga)

Captain Barbel



Kristine Series


Green Rose (Remake)

Kokey @ Ako



Which of these is or are your choice/choices?! Yup, you can choose multiple items since these TV series were not directly pitted against each other. Meaning, some were part of Primetime while others from noontime and each of them have a different time slots so you can vote as many as you want!

And also you may notice that these TV series were a combination of the upcoming soaps versus the existing ones! Yeah, I include the existing ones since they may be shown together or concurrently with the upcoming ones!

Well let us see if "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" still will win in this second batch now that it is being pitted with new ones. Or maybe new teleseryes will emerge as the new hit knowing that many promising powerful soaps are yet to begin like "Noah", "Encantadia", "Magkaribal", and "Imortal", etc...! We will all see...!

You may vote on the upper right side of the page! Good luck teleseryes...! May the best soaps win! C",)
Finally the dream project of these two hottest stars today prosper! Before it was just a rumor, but now it's a reality!

The 'Ultimate Heartthrob and Leading Man' Mr. Piolo Pascual and the 'Miracle Boy' Zaijan 'Santino' Jaranilla are finally together in the upcoming huge fantasy series in ABS-CBN called "Noah"!

In this TV series, Piolo will be playing the role of Mikael, a police who will lose his son in an accident that changed the course of their lives eventually. Searching, Mikael will meet the little boy (Zaijan) who was raised in the wild forest.

It was a great shift in the characters for both Piolo and Zaijan. Known for being a drama leading man, Piolo will now shift to fantasy. Though we already seen him in the former hit fantaserye "Lobo", this is Piolo's second fantasy TV series right after the "Lovers In Paris" remake. Then after being a popular miracle boy with an angelic face in the former indisputable hit inspirational series "May Bukas Pa", Zaijan's role will now shift to a little boy who grew and raised in the wild forest!

Beside Piolo and Zaijan, the other cast that will join them according to the reports were Kristine Hermosa, Carmen Soo, Diether Ocampo, and Jolo Revilla.

Showing very soon in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, everybody is really happy to see the comeback of Papa P. together with Santino on TV via this one big project. And they all assure that this is another big hit on TV! Wow, I am also excited to see this! Can't wait to see...Hehe! C",)

(Photo Credits:

Friday, June 18, 2010

This coming Monday, another new movie remake will be seen on TV. And this is another crop from the comic king Mr. Mars Ravelo. After "Darna", "Dyesebel", "Captain Barbel", "Lastikman", and many comes "Trudis Liit"!

It will be shown via GMA-7's Dramarama under their Sinenovela. It will replace their other Sinenovela offering which is "Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak" featuring Dennis Trillo and Jennelyn Mercado.

The new "Trudis Liit" will now be portrayed by Jhyllianne Warde. But did you know that in the original movie version, it was the 'Star For All Season' Ms. Vilma Santos assumed the role?! Well, take a glance on the images below:

The Original "Trudis Liit" Movie Poster

Little Vilma Santos Portraying the Role

Gov. V. is Little V. Before!

Yup, these were the memorabilia of Ate V. when she portrayed the role of "Trudis Liit"! Vilma Santos is a former childstar and I think this was her first movie! Ms. Lolita Rodriguez and Mr. Luis Gonzales were also in the said classic movie. And of course, this was produced by the Sampaguita Pictures.

Like I've said, today it is Jhyllianne Warde who will take the role of Trudis. Jhyllianne Warde is the little girl who was discover from the Promil TV Commercial. She was the little girl in that Wheyth Promil Pre-School who was singing ala Diva! And now "Trudis Liit" is her first TV project.

So starting this Monday, two Mars Ravelo's masterpieces will be seen back-to-back on Dramarama. These are "Basahang Ginto" and "Tudis Liit"!

Hmmm...will Jhyllianne Warde be pitted against Xyriel Anne Manabat?! Well, will see! And if that's the case, who will you like between the two?! C",)

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