Friday, October 30, 2009

Two last break-taking episodes...! Two more weeks to see the stunts and actions! Could 'agimat' save Tiago and his only son Martin from the cruel hands?

Who win between the two rivals Tiago and Vincent? A good versus bad fight awaits!

Last Saturday we all witnessed how Vincent (played by Jayson Abalos) was captured by the police. Max (Ryan Eigenmann character), the former Tiago's team merged with Vincent to capture Tiago. But the reverse thing happened, Vincent was the one trapped by Tiago's plan. Tiago used Max to caught Vincent rather than Max to capture Tiago.

Vincent was then prisoned and Tiago's name was cleared against all allegations.

But the worst thing happened. With the help of Max, Vincent was able to escaped from jail. They burned the police vehicle and killed the police that guarded Vincent.

Vincent outside the jail planned to create a new gang wherein Max is his right-hand man. And of course, Vincent wants his poster son Martin to be with him again. They will take if from Tiago.

As Tiago together with Martin and his new love Norma came back to Cavite to form a new life, Martin was kidnapped by the group of Max. He was returned back to the arms of his former dad Vincent. But this time, Martin was no longer want Vincent. He already knows the truth. He was now loving his true father Tiago and hates Vincent.

What will be the next consequence? Will Tiago able to save Martin? What will happen to the bad guys?

Let us all catch the final two episodes of the first 'Agimat' inheritance. It such another successful remake from the home of No. 1 teleserye maker ABS-CBN! c",)
This Sunday afternoon, will they finally found the one to love? Will it be a successful love story for Melissa and Morrie?

Could it be a sweet or a tragic love story in the end?

Well, this will be the last episode you could see Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby together in a TV series as Your Song Presents: "Someone To Love" says goodbye in our TV screen.

This Sunday, Melissa (Bea) still weeps for the death of his father. On the other hand, Morrie (Sam) continues to show his heartfelt concern to Melissa. However, Brenda (Princess Ryan) causes an incident that will push Melissa to fire Morrie from the company. A confrontation between Melissa and Morrie leads to the latter’s accident.

What will Melissa do next? Will Morrie survive the accident? Will the two end-up together or will they eventually part ways?

This just some of the must-see final chapter of their story. Well, maybe some of you will guess how their love story ended. So, let's all see how destiny leads them!

And finally, I like the theme song they used on this story. It is "Tell Me Your Name" revived now by Christian Bautista. It is originally done by Jose Mari Chan! You will fall inlove with this song...! Another good TV series from our favorite No. 1 Network, ABS-CBN 2...Team Kapamilya! c",)

Who is you bet for this year's PMPC Star Awards for television?

Well, cast your votes for your favorite TV series and TV actors and actresses as the 23rd PMPC Star Awards for TV will reveal the winners on November 29.

So are you excited to know who they are!?

C'mon and let us count them down!

The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), Inc. has finally released the official list of nominees for the 23rd PMPC Star Awards for Television (2009).

The nominees are:

Best Primetime TV Series

Codename: Asero (GMA-7)
Eva Fonda (ABS-CBN-2)
Iisa Pa Lamang (ABS-CBN)
Kahit Isang Saglit (ABS-CBN)
Luna Mystika (GMA-7)
May Bukas Pa (ABS-CBN-2)
Tayong Dalawa (ABS-CBN)

Best Drama Actor

Gerald Anderson, Your Song Presents: My Only Hope, ABS-CBN)
Christopher De Leon (Kahit Isang Saglit, ABS-CBN)
Baron Geisler (SRO Cinemaserye Presents: Suspetsa, GMA-7)
Coco Martin (Tayong Dalawa, ABS-CBN)
Albert Martinez (May Bukas Pa, ABS-CBN)
Diether Ocampo (Iisa Pa Lamang, ABS-CBN)
Jericho Rosales (Kahit Isang Saglit, ABS-CBN)

Best Drama Actress

Claudine Barretto (Iisa Pa Lamang, ABS-CBN)
Agot Isidro (Tayong Dalawa, ABS-CBN)
Angel Locsin (Only You, ABS-CBN)
Angelica Panganiban (Iisa Pa Lamang, ABS-CBN)
Gina PareƱo (Tayong Dalawa, ABS-CBN)
Cherry Pie Picache (Iisa Pa Lamang, ABS-CBN)
Cristine Reyes (Eva Fonda, ABS-CBN)

And in terms of fantasy series, the nominees were:

Best Horror/Fantasy Program

Komiks Presents: Dragonna (ABS-CBN)
Komiks Presents: Flash Bomba (ABS-CBN)
Komiks Presents: Nasaan Ka Maruja? (ABS-CBN)
Komiks Presents: Tiny Tony (ABS-CBN)
Komiks Presents: Varga (ABS-CBN)
Midnight DJ (TV 5)

Added to this, for new comer personalities, Zaijan Jarantila, Maricar Reyes, and Carmen Soo were also nominated respectively!

Hmmmm...seems that the battle for this year is really competitive! What an exciting award this could be! I can't wait and see...!

Are you also excited? Who's your bet!? So let us on see on November...!! c",)

Still, ABS-CBN is the king of the National TV ratings. Top 5 of the TNS ratings were coming from the ABS-CBN shows.

The news program TV Patrol World is still on the top. While the next on its slot were the Primetime Bida teleseryes "May Bukas Pa", "Lovers In Paris", and "Dahil May Isang Ikaw"!

To complete your list, here is the Nationwide TV ratings for October 27:

TOP 20 DAYTIME AND PRIMETIME PROGRAMS NATIONWIDE(October 27, 2009; Taylor Nelson Sofres)

Data and Image Source:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tears poured the whole cast of "May Bukas Pa" last night as the character of Ms. Dina Bonnevie 'Malena' died in the story.

As we all know, Malena in "May Bukas Pa" is the wife of Albert Martinez' character Mayor Enrique who is greedy and cruel to the other cast of the story. She was the main antagonist in the soap who really hates Santino. Infact, she caused the death of Santino's mother Theressa (special played by Chin-Chin Gutierrez).

But on these few days, we saw how Malena changed...from cruel to kind! She now accepted Santino since the miracle child saved his son Rico. Afterwards, she learned to ask for forgiveness in all the bad deeds she done in all the people around her.

As viewers now learned to love the characters of Malena from bad to good, here came the tragedy in the story!

Malena is about to tell the truth to Santino. But as she get along, phone calls and threat were received by Malena coming from the other woman of Mayor, Tilde.

As Malena discovered that the calls and threats were coming from Tilde, she eventually asked Tilde to meet her on the place where Theressa died. Then in that same place, struggle and fighting between the two women happened.

Malena slide and felt in gulod , the same way Theressa died as she fight against Tilde. She was left there bloody and dying!

Too late for Malena, hospital doctors couldn't saved her life. Mayor Enrique as well as the priests asked help to Santino to revert back the life of Malena. But on this very first time, Santino failed to return the life of Malena! "Hindi ko po kayang bumuhay ng patay...", Santino cried!

Santino's failure caused the breakage of friendship between his half-brother Rico. Rico is now very angry with Santino!

Too heavy to handle the dramatic scenes in this episode of "May Bukas Pa". You will really feel the tears and sorrow! Tonight could be the saddest day for them as they bring Malena on her final path!

Well, bring all your handkerchiefs tonight as we watch this No. 1 TV series on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. It's such as heart breaking sorrow in the chapter of this soap. I also commended the background music for this one...Great!!
TNS TV ratings once again. For this period, still the top 3 TV series watched Nationwide were "May Bukas Pa", "Katorse", and "Lovers In Paris" all of them from Primetime Bida.

Well, here are the complete Top 20 list of TNS TV ratings. Thanks to TNS and for the image list! c",)

(October 22-26 2009; Taylor Nelson Sofres)






Data and Image Source:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is fast approaching...! Ghost stories, Halloween themes, and horror episodes on almost all of the TV programs were all seen. Even on radio shows, topics were all ghost and elemental creatures.

So to in-line with our tradition and as tribute to the coming All Saints' Day and All Souls Day, let me allot this page on horror...TV series in the horror genre!

At first drama and love stories, then came the funny cool light comedy in an Asinovela, then a smash Fantasy, action-fight also dominated, now even horror and terror enter the TV series world! Yup, horror series or horror-serye were now popular to all of us!

Where and when it all started? What is the most horrifying and terrifying horror TV series to you? Let's count them down as we enter the horror genre in the Television world!

It was January 2007 when the first Susan Roces Cinema Collection installation "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara" which starred Kris Aquino, Jodi Sta. Maria, Albert Martinez, and Ms. Susan Roces aired on TV. We thought this was the first horror series on TV. But you're right, this is the very first 'serious' and really terrifying horror series on TV. But did you know there comes before it?

Way back 2004 when a horror-fantasy series came on TV. This was "Spirits" under the direction of Chito Rono aired on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. This was starred by some of the Street Boys members Jhong Hilario and Danilo Barrios with Michelle Madrigal, Joseph Bitangcol and some of the Star Magic talents. It was a mini-horror and more on a fantasy type since the youth casts fought for different ghost, monsters, and other creatures.

After "Spirits", horror series take a rest for the meantime. Until in 2007, horror genre on TV re-opens!

Just before the start of "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara", "La Vendetta" on GMA-7's Telebabad started. This was starred by Sunshine Dizon, Jennylyn Mercado, and Jean Garcia. They were sisters in the story. The character of Jennylyn was killed and she was became a ghost in the series that keeps on haunting her killer. Afterwards, Jean's character also died and became ghost. But the horror effect on this story was not that terrifying. They focused on the serial killer who killed almost the whole cast!

Then weeks later in 2007 here comes "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara" which was originally came from a movie. This was the most terrying horror series on TV. You know that I watched the series on a DVD. Yup, I bought a DVD compilation of the series since I have no time watching it on TV because of work!

Then in 2008, the second installation of Susan Roces Cinema Collection was aired. This was "Maligno" which topbilled by Ms. Claudine Barretto with Diether Ocampo and Rafael Russel. Completing the cast were Rio Locsin, Empoy, and the love team of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. This is another terrifying series just like the first Susan's Colection. But this time, it is more brutal and tragic! Killings were really shocking! This was all about a DEvil cult!

And now just recently this 2009, we all witnessed the final Susan Roces Cinema installation "Florinda" which was starred by Ms. Maricel Soriano together with Jay Manalo, Nikki Gil, Roxanne Guinoo, William Martinez, Zanjoe Marudo, and Cherry Pie Picache. At first we thought it was all about ghost haunting of the old lady in the old house. But we all discovered that it was only Cherry Pie who killed almost all the cast but failed to kill Florinda. It was all about killing and murder by an insane mistress!

Well, these were the horror-terror TV series we witnessed on TV. Which of them is your bet? Which is the most horrifying and terrifying for you? Which is the most shocking and breath-taking? Share this with me. It's you choice...! Hope to view more Horror-series on TV since its my favorite! HAPPY HALLOWEEN...!!!! c",)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you watched the final episode? Or you missed the ending?

Well, if you're like me who missed to see the finale of this cool Koreanovela here is now your chance. Yup, I wasn't able to know who between Jake, Jayden, and Ariel, the real dad of Nicole and the final "I Do" of Lizette.

Just like some of you, I wasn't able to catch some of the episodes of this TV series last 2008 due to work. Specially the ending that I really missed! But then, worry no more 'coz ABS-CBN 2 via its Primetanghali block, you will still catch this crazy funny series.

Yeah, they will air again this Koreanovela craze on TV but now on the early afternoon block. If last 2008 on this same BER months, we used to watched them over Primetime Bida, now they will be shown again on the morning.

Hayz...I can't still watched it! I'm still on work in a dayshift. Hmmmm....!

Sharing you a little bit on the story, it was a tale of the 4 barkadas Jake, Jayden, Ariel, and the husband of Lizette who died in an early age. Lizette's husband asked his 3 friends to donate sperm for him since he has no capacity of fertilizing Lizette's egg. Fortunately, as a sign of friendship, they donated sperm for their friend.

Tragic started when Lizette's hubby died in a car crash. But before he passed away, he didn't know that Lizette was already pregnant.

The three friends kept their secrets to Lizette. Lizette didn't even know that one of her husband's friend is one of the daddies of Nicole. When the baby named Nicole came on earth from the womb of Lizette, more exciting adventures and fun also came to life!

Wow, it's such a cool and stress-relieving Koreanovela this series is! It is truly full of laughter, comedies, and fun! You will laugh all the way! You will see how the three dads and one mommy sacrificed for their love only daughter.

So talk no more, let's all witness how the whole story started and ended! From beginning to the end, let's reserve our seats on TV. But don't forget in the end, tell me who's the real daddy among the three...!!! c",)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, here's again another round of the Nationwide TV rating results as provided by TNS.

On the Saturday result, it was the MMK's Maricar episode who grabbed the No. 1 spot. And of course for primetime race, it's an alternate slot for TV Patrol World and "May Bukas Pa" to dominate the No. 1 place. Glad to see Santino back on No. 1 place Nationwide!

So, here is the complete Top 20 Rating results: (Just kindly click the image to enlarge)

(October 17-21 2009; Taylor Nelson Sofres)

Data and Image Source: TNS via

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What if you love a person that didn't love you? You keep on chasing that person, then eventually you realized that you had changed your mind.

But the worst thing goes...what if after years, you discovered that the one who used to love you so much before is now committed to now a nun!? And that you learned to love that person...but now it's too late?

Well, maybe these were some of the things you need to witness in this season's episode of Precious Heart Romances. Could be an answered prayer? Just this week, the reunion tandem of Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenzana was again seen on TV. After their first teamup in Pepper's Episode in Bud Brothers series, again they were paired now in the new episode of this best-selling pocketbook made in TV series Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Somewhere In My Heart".

Kaye will play the role of Femi, a hardworking college girl who continuously love and chase their campus heartthrob Aaron who is played by Guji.

Femi has a huge crush on campus heartthrob Aaron and eventually, they get along well with each other.

They will once again meet in a reunion 10 years after only to find out a shocking revelation – Femi is now a nun! Hmmm...will there still be hope for a second chance on love?
This new season of Precious Hearts Romances is directed by the box-office director of all romantic film Cathy Garcia-Molina. She shares why she enjoyed directing the two young actors, “Totoong tao kasi si Femi, nagkakamali, kumakapit sa patalim, gumagawa ng mga kasinungalingan pero ang laging mahalaga naman is yung redemption after, what you learn after the mistake. Not only her, but also Aaron. Two flawed characters na matututo towards the end.”

And of course, the fans of this new love theme will also get inspired and get crazy with it as they come along with the story. Two different people, one love, and one shocking revelation at the end!

So your Hapontastic craze via ABS-CBN's TV series will be more sweet, crazy, cool, and spicy. More romance will truly blooms on air! Let us once again catch the chemistry blend of Kaye-Guji or better known as "Kayeji"! For four days now running on afternoon TV, the story is truly as exciting and as romantic as we all expect! c",)

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